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You Must Remember - Alistair Begg

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Lessons From the Past - Alistair Begg

A Study in Jude: Contend for the Faith - Alistair Begg • 41m

Up Next in A Study in Jude: Contend for the Faith - Alistair Begg

  • You Must Remember - Alistair Begg

    “Did God really say that?” Such challenges to God’s word began in the garden of Eden and continue to this day. In his letter to the early church, Jude identified telltale signs of false teachers who distort the truth, cause division, and lead others astray. Walking us through Jude’s warnings, Ali...

  • Keep Yourselves - Alistair Begg

    In every generation, the church will encounter those who oppose the things of God. Jude therefore urged believers to contend for the faith and to keep themselves “in the love of God.” Alistair Begg reminds us that this “keeping” is not mysterious or isolated; rather, it is an exhortation to the r...

  • Mercy - Alistair Begg

    In the closing portion of his letter, Jude reminded his readers of the scoffers who would come, encouraging believers to deal mercifully with “those who doubt.” Explaining Jude’s exhortation, Alistair Begg addresses how we should care for these three types of doubters: with the first group, kindl...