A Survey Through Church History - W. Robert Godfrey

A Survey Through Church History - W. Robert Godfrey

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Many Christians know little about the history of the church. As a result, they're missing a testament to God's steadfastness over the centuries. In this monumental study series, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey sheds crucial light on church history, demonstrating God's promise to build and preserve His church so that "the gates of hell will not prevail against it" (Matt. 16:18). Across seventy-three messages, learn why having a working knowledge of church history remains relevant for our personal lives today, and for the church as a whole.

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A Survey Through Church History - W. Robert Godfrey
  • Introduction to the Middle Ages - P2:E1 - A Survey of Church History

    Episode 1

    Our word "medieval" comes from the Latin terms medium and aevum, which mean "middle age." Neglected by some and romanticized by others, the period of the Middle Ages is important for understanding the triumphs and struggles of Christians in Europe and the Mediterranean world during the thousand-y...

  • Justinian & Gregory - P2:E2 - A Survey of Church History

    Episode 2

    Emperor Justinian I and Pope Gregory I stand out as two of the most significant figures in the centuries of transition that marked the early Middle Ages. As the vestiges of Roman culture and institutions continued to fade or be reinvented, the inhabitants of the Mediterranean world looked for lea...

  • Gregory, Missions & Islam - P2:E3 - A Survey of Church History

    Episode 3

    Around 600, as Gregory I labored in Rome for the growth and development of Christianity in Western Europe, an Arabian trader named Muhammad began to wrestle with religious questions and arrive at answers that were very different from the teachings of the Christian church. Though neither knew it, ...

  • Paths to God: Theologies - P2:E4 - A Survey of Church History

    Episode 4

    The early centuries of church history stand out as a time of striking unity. It is unrealistic to look upon this time as a golden age of Christianity due to the many challenges it faced from both within and without. Yet, for several hundred years the church in the Roman world managed to maintain ...

  • Church Power & Dissent - P2:E5 - A Survey of Church History

    Episode 5

    As the Middle Ages progressed, the Roman Catholic Church became one of the most powerful institutions in Western Europe. People responded to the church's growing influence in a number of ways. Many supported the church, considering it to be God's ordained means of governing medieval society. Cert...

  • The Crusades - P2:E6 - A Survey of Church History - W. Robert Godfrey

    Episode 6

    Few incidents in the history of the church are as controversial as the Crusades. The tragic loss of life that resulted from this movement has, sadly, discredited the Christian faith in the eyes of many. Today, Christians are sometimes uncertain about how they should view or react to this chapter ...

  • Innocent III - P2:E7 - A Survey of Church History - W. Robert Godfrey

    Episode 7

    So far we have studied several notable events and movements that took place in the high Middle Ages. In addition to being an era of significant social, political, and cultural developments, this era also marked an important chapter in the theology, practices, and influence of the church. In this ...

  • Monasticism & Scholasticism - P2:E8 - A Survey of Church History

    Episode 8

    For nearly two millennia, many Christians have chosen to express their piety through ascetic living. Though the roots of monasticism existed long before, the sixth-century monk Benedict of Nursia is considered to be the founding father of the medieval monastic movements. Benedict's charter, known...

  • Theologians - P2:E9 - A Survey of Church History - W. Robert Godfrey

    Episode 9

    Medieval Scholasticism is often seen today as being speculative and of little practical value. In some cases, this critique may be warranted. However, this movement nevertheless helped to create an environment of thoughtful reflection and study that nurtured some of the greatest thinkers of the M...

  • Popes & Councils - P2:E10 - A Survey of Church History - W. Robert Godfrey

    Episode 10

    As the Middle Ages progressed, certain issues remained unresolved. Second to none in terms of its importance to the medieval church was the question of the pope's authority. During the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the papal office faced unique challenges from secular authorities, from riva...

  • Great Scholastics - P2:E11 - A Survey of Church History - W. Robert Godfrey

    Episode 11

    The thirteenth and fourteenth centuries represented an era of significant change in the Medieval world. In the East, these centuries witnessed the final decline and collapse of the Byzantine Empire. Meanwhile, institutions in the West continued to develop and flourish. While European monarchs lab...

  • Mysticism & the Renaissance - P2:E12 - A Survey of Church History

    Episode 12

    As the Middle Ages continued to wind down in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, a diverse array of movements continued to exercise influence inside and outside the church. Amidst the backdrop of great Scholastic thinkers, other leaders appeared, advocating a vision of the Christian life that...

  • Forerunners of the Reformation - P2:E13 - A Survey of Church History

    Episode 13

    As the church continued to consolidate its power and define its beliefs, it did not always act and speak with one voice. In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, certain churchmen began to speak out against the corrupt practices and unbiblical doctrines that had become increasingly common withi...