American Gospel - Chapter & Verse

American Gospel - Chapter & Verse

3 Seasons

The American Gospel films are now available to watch as individual chapters or episodes, which are ideal for small group study. We encourage you to also watch the extended roundtable discussions which provide answers to common objections, as well as biblical context for scriptures used to support gospel distortions.

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American Gospel - Chapter & Verse
  • Moralistic Preaching - Chapter 1: Christ Alone

    Episode 1

    Moralistic preaching is preaching the commands of scripture and nothing else. When you assume that people understand the gospel, or you believe that Christians don't need to be reminded of the gospel, you're left with a "be like" or "be good" message which leads to pride or despair. Only the gosp...

  • Word of Faith - Chapter 2: Christ Alone

    Episode 2

    The Word of Faith movement (the prosperity gospel) appeals to man's natural sinful desires by promising health, wealth, and happiness to those who come to Christ. This message of "Jesus +" is attractive, but it leaves a person unprepared for the suffering that the true gospel promises.

  • You Will Be Like God - Chapter 3: Christ Alone

    Episode 3

    One of the central distortions of the Word of Faith movement is the deification of man, and demotion of Christ. Man becomes a "little god" and Christ becomes a mere man with the Holy Spirit, who emptied Himself of divinity, or divine nature.

  • Prosperity in Suffering - Chapter 4: Christ Alone

    Episode 4