American Gospel: Spirit & Fire

American Gospel: Spirit & Fire

Updates on the third and fourth films in the AG series: American Gospel: Spirit & Fire

American Gospel: Spirit & Fire
  • Spiritual Mapping - E.5 - Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory? - Jim Osman

    Spiritual mapping is the practice of identifying Satan's hierarchy, naming demons, and doing battle against them. Some teach that this is necessary to claim cities, regions, and nations for Christ. In this episode we look at the practice and the biblical texts used to support it.

    This episode fe...

  • In Memory of James Bynum - AG3: Spirit & Fire

    James Bynum, one of our interview subjects for "American Gospel: Spirit & Fire," went home to be with Christ in February 2021. This is a preview of some of his interview, describing his 2014 encounter with people outside of a Benny Hinn event.

  • Itching Ears: Doreen Virtue's Testimony - Truth for Life

    Doreen Virtue spent 22 years in the New Age as a best-selling author and teacher, until the Lord used a Truth for Life sermon to pierce her heart and lead her to saving faith.

  • American Gospel: Spirit & Fire - Announcement

    AGTV subscribers will be the first to see the next films in the AG series: "American Gospel: Spirit & Fire" (Part 1 & 2). Available at the end of 2021.