Anchored North

Anchored North

We are next generation evangelists, using media and evangelism to reach the lost with the gospel in a way that has never been done before. Just as a missionary goes abroad to reach the unreached, Anchored North is going to the mission field of the internet to reach the 1.6 billion online video viewers with the gospel and connect them with local churches.

Anchored North
  • Honest Discourse - Anchored North

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    Honest Discourse is a new, ongoing series featuring authentic and respectful conversations between individuals who have differing viewpoints surrounding hot topics.

    It's our conviction that God will powerfully use this series to set an example for more loving, truthful, and life-changing interac...

  • I Deserve Hell - Mark Spence's Story - Anchored North

    I Deserve Hell is Mark Spence's story like you've never heard it before.

    Do you ever think about the bad things you've done in your life? After organizing a heist to steal hundreds of jeans, Mark's plans were abruptly impeded and changed. Once he reflected upon and understood the evil intention...

  • The Ugly Truth About the Prosperity Gospel - Anchored North

    In high school, Costi Hinn began to doubt everything he knew about faith, healings, and Benny Hinn Ministries. Though he enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, it wasn’t enough to keep him from asking questions that caused rifts in the family.

    Why won't our family heal those in our lives who are sick? Why...

  • Ray Comfort's Story - 10 Out Of 10 People Die - Anchored North

    10 Out Of 10 People Die is Ray Comfort’s Christian testimony like you’ve never heard it before.

    When will I die? How will I die? These are questions everyone asks. You can die at any moment. Someday, you will die and in an instance be placed in front of a Holy God who will hold you accountable ...

  • Former Gang Member Now Pastor - Emeal Zwayne "E.Z." Testimony

    Former gang member now pastor - Emeal Zwyane EZ Testimony

    WATCH a bonus clip not included in the video:

    This video tells the story about EZ's search for status and acceptance. From joining the Crips gang at fifteen years old to signing highly coveted co...