Angels & Demons

  • The Generational Curse Fallacy - Long for Truth

    Are you having trouble getting married? Do you struggle with chronic illness? Are your finances constantly dwindling? Perhaps it's because you have a generational curse. Join us as we debunk, from the Scriptures, the fallacy of generational curses.

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  • Alexander Pagani Fraudulent Generational Curses Teaching - Chris Rosebrough

    Alexander Pagani is a self proclaimed apostle who teaches that Christians are suffering from generational curses. Not surprisingly, he’s written a book containing the secret to breaking these curses in your life. Pastor Chris demolishes this false doctrine by untwisting the Scriptures and preachi...

  • Demon Slayers, Warlocks, and Witches: Oh My! - BEZELT3

    Greg Locke is quick to boast in his powers as a demon slayer, but the problem is that he claims to cast demons only out of Christians. This opens up a major can of theological problems.

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  • Angels in the Spiritual Outfield - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    Angelic visitations and visions are routinely claimed by leaders and followers in the hyper charismatic movement. These claims at times are sensational and awe inspiring to a captive audience. Some leaders in the New Apostolic Reformation rely heavily on angelic visions for guidance to the masses...

  • Angels in the Charismatic Movement: A Huge Distraction - Long For Truth

    In this video, we look at the overemphasis today's church has with angels, from unbelievable angelic encounters to unbiblical teachings.

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  • Kris Vallotton Meets Michael the Archangel? - AG3: Spirit & Fire (Preview)

    Kris Vallotton of Bethel Church, claims that Michael the Archangel appeared by his bedside in wrestling tights, and in a bad mood. But does this description of an angelic encounter match the description of angels that we see in Scripture?

  • Demon Possession & Sanctification - E.6 - Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory?

    Modern spiritual warfare experts teach that exorcisms are something Christians should be performing today. Others believe that exorcisms are essential for our growth in sanctification. Are these things biblical? In episode 6, we take a look at what the Bible says about exorcisms and Christian san...

  • Spiritual Mapping - E.5 - Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory? - Jim Osman

    Spiritual mapping is the practice of identifying Satan's hierarchy, naming demons, and doing battle against them. Some teach that this is necessary to claim cities, regions, and nations for Christ. In this episode we look at the practice and the biblical texts used to support it.

    This episode fe...

  • Do Christians Need Demons Cast Out of Them? - Chris Rosebrough

    Are indwelling demons the reason behind all of our problems in the Christian life? Many in the Charismatic movement believe so. In this episode, Pastor Chris Rosebrough responds to a teaching by Isaiah Saldivar, a self professed “demon slayer.” Many people have been abused by this erroneous pract...

  • The Curse of Generational Curse Teaching - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    Ancestral spirits in the bloodline. Generational curses. Word curses. These types of beliefs and practices are perpetuated in areas of the Charismatic movement. Professing believers are instructed to seek deliverance for demons attached to bloodlines, said to be causing sin in one's life. Is this...

  • Do Demons Possess People Today Like They Did in the Gospel Accounts?

    Do Demons Possess People Today Like They Did in the Gospel Accounts?
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  • Legion - P8 - True and False Spiritual Warfare

    Jeremiah Johnson uses the Legion narrative in Luke 8 to claim that demons lose power when we call them out by name and that we need to know the names of demons to control the spirit world. This is false spiritual warfare based on pagan beliefs. In this program we refute his teaching by taking a c...

  • The Host of Heaven - P13 - True and False Spiritual Warfare

    In this episode we discuss the sons of God and the host of heaven from Deut 32:8,9 and Acts 7:42. All unbelievers are under the host of heaven, which includes Satan and his demons, while all believers are under Christ. Having been delivered from the host of heaven we need to stand in the gospel,...

  • Can Christians Be Demon-Possessed? - Long for Truth

    In this episode, Daniel interviews Dawn Hill, who has experience in the hyper charismatic practice of deliverance (exorcism). They respond to Isaiah Saldivar's "25 arguments for Deliverance Ministry" and go to Scripture to find out what it says regarding Christians and the power of demons. Is the...

  • The Religious Spirit of the New Apostolic Reformation - Long for Truth

    According to the NAR, the "Religious Spirit" is an actual demon that hates doctrine and tries to squelch out the "new wine" of the New Apostolic Reformation. In this video, Daniel and Robin look to the Scriptures to see if what the "apostles" of the NAR say about this so-called demon is Biblical....

  • UFOs, Fallen Angels, and the Nephilim - Core Live - 10/17/22

    UFOs, Fallen Angels, and the Nephilim: Are the Weird Things in the Bible Associated with Paranormal Things Today?
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  • Authority Over Angels ? - P14 - Dishonoring God in Spiritual Warfare

    We begin this episode with a quote from John Dawson, in which he claims that we must speak “authorization for action on the part of angels.” We call this over-realized eschatology. Christians today do not have authority over angels. We go on to discuss the dominionist misuse of the Tower of Babel...

  • The False Apostles and Fake Angels of the Lakeland Revival - Long for Truth

    Major leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation came to Lakeland to lay hands on Todd Bentley and put their apostolic stamp of approval on the movement. The abysmal lack of discernment of Bill Johnson, Che Ahn, John Arnott and others is just one more reason to reject their claims to spiritual auth...

  • Do Angels Visit People Today? - Core Live - 12/03/21

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  • Do We Really Have Guardian Angels? - Core Live - 9/15/21

    Do we really have Guardian Angels? We answer this listener question and your calls on this Wednesday afternoon. Call us now 833-843-2673. Check out our free offer for AGTV viewers:

  • “Take Me to Your Leader” - S3:E1 - Road Trip to Truth

    Look! Up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Chinese “weather balloon.” What is a Christian supposed to do with unidentified flying objects?