The Whole Counsel

The Whole Counsel

A weekly podcast about who God is and how to live in light of Him. Dr. John Snyder, of Christ Church New Albany and author of the Behold Your God study series, and Chuck Baggett, co-pastor of Christ Church New Albany, discuss the realities of God and how we are to worship, learn, and live in light of who God is. They often use writers and authors of the past for help.

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The Whole Counsel
  • 10 Shekels and a Shirt (Paris Reidhead) - The Whole Counsel

    In this concluding episode of 10 Shekels and a Shirt, Paris Reidhead takes a deep dive into what is wrong with a man-centered gospel. John also shares his first exposure to this sermon and how God used it in the early life of Christ Church New Albany.

    For the text of the sermon and show notes, v...

  • The Atonement (Solomon Stoddard) - The Whole Counsel

    When it comes to the atonement of Christ's death, we are again presented with the importance of grasping the bigness of God, our sin, and His love. But what is the atonement and how can the death of one man atone for all the sins of every Christian in history? These are weighty questions deservin...

  • Finishing Well - The Whole Counsel

    A few months ago we recorded a special episode with our friend Joel Tiegreen. Joel served as a missionary to the country of Turkey for five years. While there he was diagnosed with cancer. In the discussion, we asked how we could pray for Joel and he asked that we pray he would finish his race we...

  • Divine Love (John Witherspoon) - The Whole Counsel

    "God loves you." That statement, divorced of the knowledge of the character of God or depth of man's depravity, is empty. But after spending time learning who God is and seeing Him as He presents Himself in Scripture, and contrasting His pure holiness to our rebellion and wickedness, it has an in...

  • Benefits and Dangers of Reading Old Writers - The Whole Counsel

    Anyone who has been around The Whole Counsel long enough will know we love reading from the old writers and preachers. We believe there are incredible benefits to reading from men and women who were particularly gifted by God to speak truth into their times.

    But as much as we love reading them,...

  • Dead Works - The Whole Counsel

    Salvation is no easy feat for man. In fact, it is impossible for man to save himself. It is a work only God can do. But that begs the question, Why is it so hard for a man to be saved? Why is it impossible for man to save himself?

    John and Chuck dissect the sermon The Righteous Are Scarcely Sav...

  • The Heinousness of Sin - The Whole Counsel

    Why does sin bother the Christian? It is because God gives His children an understanding of the ugliness of sin that an unbeliever simply cannot grasp. David's prayer, "Against you and you only have I sinned." is incomprehensible to one who does not understand sin.

    Presenting a biblical picture...

  • Total Depravity - The Whole Counsel

    Few doctrines have been so misunderstood or abused as that of total depravity. However, it is an important truth we must wrestle with in order to understand biblical salvation.

    In this week's episode, John Snyder and Chuck Baggett highlight a sermon preached by Gilbert Tennent titled "The Wretc...

  • The Law of God - The Whole Counsel

    In this week's episode, John and Chuck discuss a sermon preached by Samuel Hopkins on the Law of God from Romans 7:7. What is the Old Testament Law? It is an expression of God's character. It is perfect, infinite, authoritative, and beautiful to the believer. It is hated, despised, and ugly to th...

  • The Character of God - The Whole Counsel

    This week John and Chuck dive into the first sermon from the book Salvation in Full Color. Preached by Timothy Dwight, the sermon focuses on the character of God. The duo share why salvation and Christianity must begin with who God is, and therefore who Jesus is.
    To read the text of the sermon an...

  • Salvation in Full Color - The Whole Counsel

    In this inaugural episode of The Whole Counsel (previously The Behold Your God Podcast) John introduces several of the changes to the podcast. We are in a new location, we have a new cohost (welcome Chuck Baggett) and we have a new sound. But lots of things are staying the same. We are still disc...

  • Introducing A Practical Guide to Family Worship - Behold Your God Podcast

    Order A Practical Guide to Family Worship here:

    In this episode of the Behold Your God Podcast, Ryan Bush leads us through the first session of the new project by Media Gratiae: A Practical Guide to Family Worship.

    Also a special note: Thi...

  • Revisiting Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically - Behold Your God Podcast

    We wanted to take a few weeks to present a series of special episodes highlighting the teaching from various products produced by Media Gratiae. Some of these you may be aware of. Perhaps you have even gone through the one of more of these studies yourself. If so, we pray these will serve as a sp...

  • Jesus Did Not Come to Improve Old Religion - Behold Your God Podcast

    As we did last week, we want to present you to a sermon Dr. John Snyder preached at Christ Church New Albany. These two messages are specifically given to draw out hearts to Christ and to see anew how He makes reconciliation with God the Father possible for us.

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  • He Made Room for Us - Behold Your God Podcast

    For the next two weeks are presenting two sermons John preached at Christ Church New Albany. We feel these sermons are timely and will serve you better than turning them into podcast episodes. We hope you benefit from them as much as we have.

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  • Suffering Well with Joel Tiegreen - Behold Your God Podcast

    John speaks this week to Joel Tiegreen. Joel served as a missionary to Turkey for several years until he received a terminal diagnosis of cancer. John talks to Joel about his suffering and the Lord's kindness in it.

    Joel served for five years as a missionary to Turkey. He fully expected to die i...

  • Compel Them To Come In III - Behold Your God Podcast

    Teddy and Jeremy finish their conversation about the Charles Spurgeon sermon "Compel them to come in." The emphasis of this discussion is the progression of argument Spurgeon makes in his pleading sinners to come to Christ.

  • Compel Them to Come In II - Behold Your God Podcast

    Teddy continues talking with Jeremy Walker this week about Charles Spurgeon's sermon "Compel Them to Come In."

  • Compel Them to Come In I - Behold Your God Podcast

    As we look toward the holiday season, many believers will be having meals with unbelieving loved ones. How do we approach them with the gospel? This week begins a new series where Teddy talks with Jeremy Walker through a sermon by Charles Spurgeon where obeys the command to compel strangers to th...

  • The Church II: More than a Story - Behold Your God Podcast

    This week Teddy is back with Dr. Jeffrey Johnson. Last week the two shared stories from making The Church Project. This week they discuss the importance of understanding the history of the Church.

    Show Notes -​

    The Church: Pillar and Ground of the Truth -

  • The Church I: More Than a Project - Behold Your God Podcast

    This week, Teddy James talks with Jeffrey Johnson, author and presenter of The Church, about filming The Church, the beginnings of the project, and the gift of Christ's Bride.

  • Presenting the Gospel to Children V - Behold Your God Podcast

    This week we finish our series on presenting the gospel to our children. We have discussed how to speak the whole counsel of truth on a child's level, but now we focus on on how to cope with and respond to children who reject the gospel.

    Original video:

  • Presenting the Gospel to Children III - Behold Your God Podcast

    Scripture says Jesus was grieved when the disciples prevented children from coming to Jesus. In this week's episode, John and Teddy discuss a sermon by Edward Payson where he details several ways parents can intentionally and unintentionally prevent their children from coming to Christ.

    Show Not...

  • Presenting the Gospel to Children IV - Behold Your God Podcast

    This week we continue our series-within-a-series in discussion how we can present the gospel to our children. For help in this episode we are looking to Philip Doddridge's and his writing, "Teaching Children about God."

    Original video: