• Demon Slayers, Warlocks, and Witches: Oh My! - BEZELT3

    Greg Locke is quick to boast in his powers as a demon slayer, but the problem is that he claims to cast demons only out of Christians. This opens up a major can of theological problems.

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  • Altar Calls: The Lingering Stench of the Anxious Bench - BEZELT3

    Do you understand how altar calls became a thing? Do you know who Charles Finney was? God has brought some of His children to faith in altar call situations, but the concept is not Biblical and has caused a lot of damage over the years.

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  • The "Disney-fication" of the Church - BEZELT3

    The leadership of "Church by the Glades" has no issue with "Disney-fying" the Church. The pastor twists Acts 17 into an excuse for using worldly entertainment in worship. Christ's Church is to be a place set apart from the world...a place where the saints worship by devoting themselves to the tea...

  • Lou Engle: All That Glitters Is Not Gold - BEZELT3

    NAR prophet Lou Engle is obsessed with revival. He is a leading "revivalist" known for gathering thousands in huge stadiums to call down revival. But the revival he works tirelessly to create is counterfeit.

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  • The Strange Fire of Ryan LeStrange - BEZELT3

    Self anointed and appointed "Apostle Prophet" Ryan LeStrange is a slick salesman. Everything he's selling is fake. Fake healings, fake tongues, fake impartations. Mark and avoid this strange fire and help others see the issues.

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  • The Situation Is Dire When A Revival Is Based On Fire - BEZELT3

    Charismatic leaders today work hard to create expectation of revival and call on Christians to work harder to make it happen. But who brings revival? The people of God or God Himself?

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  • The Toronto Blessing 2021: The Oily Residue of a Counterfeit Revival - BEZELT3

    The Toronto Blessing: It was quite the thing back in 1994 with animal noises and people rolling on the floor. Incredibly, there are those who are desperately trying to keep the flame alive. They completely ignore the words of Jesus, "An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign...

  • The Cure for a False Sense of Entitlement - BEZELT3

    Sin is a far worse disease than cancer and its results are eternal. This is the testimony of a pastor with late term cancer fixing his eyes on Jesus, the one who provided eternal cure from sin in Himself. In an age of entitlement, we must remember the truly awful fate we deserve. Truly all our tr...

  • A Seven Mountain Hot Mess - BEZELT3

    Banning Liebscher of Jesus Culture and Bethel Redding wants young people to know they are “game changers” and that the 7 mountains of society are waiting on them to realize their potential. If self important burdens like this have been placed on your shoulders, you’ll want to watch this analysis....

  • Are You A Second Class Christian? - BEZELT3

    Pentecostals and many Charismatics believe that baptism in the Holy Spirit is subsequent to conversion and is conditional based on the total surrender of the individual. Does this view pass the test of the whole counsel of God's Word? No, we receive the Holy Spirit in the new birth and it is a fr...

  • A Total Confusion Of The Two Kingdoms - BEZELT3

    What do you get when you blend American nationalism, Entertainment and God? You get a 4th of July civil religion spectacular that embraces something that is anything but Christian.

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  • The Meaning of Bill Johnson's Communication - BEZELT3

    Have we misunderstood Bill Johnson in his teaching on Kenosis? In other words, when Johnson teaches that Jesus laid His divinity aside, are we misunderstanding him? No, Johnson still believes that Jesus did not do miracles as God but limited Himself to give us an example of how to do miracles our...

  • Bill Johnson's Theology of the Renewed Mind Puts Him in a Bind - BEZELT3

    To say that the Gospel of the Kingdom is the ability to heal all sickness all the time and actually pull it off are two entirely different things. The Covid Virus is a big problem for Bill Johnson and Bethel Church and its NAR steeped teachings.

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  • The Truth About the New Apostolic Reformation - BEZELT3

    The "super apostles" of the New Apostolic Reformation movement don't need Scripture to legitimize their authority. They just tell dramatic, sensational stories about "supernatural encounters" that have no basis in truth. But it sells. Flee from such men. They go beyond Scripture, miles and miles ...