Biblical Theology

  • The Mountain of God - Dr. Lane Tipton

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    Biblical Theology is the study of how all of Scripture goes together and points to Christ. In this rich exploration of the mountain theme of Scripture, Dr. Lane Tipton explores various mountain narratives in scripture, From Eden to mount Moriah, and how they each uniquely point us to the redempti...

  • What is Biblical Theology? - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    Sean and Russell discuss Biblical theology, how it differs from systematic theology, and how having a good biblical theology lends to the defense and confirmation of the gospel.

  • Narratives - Emilio Ramos

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    The narratives of the Bible are themes and stories that contribute to the great overarching plan of redemption. Each narrative is full of rich meaning and application. Narratives is a short film series that draws out the far reaching implications of God's story for our modern context.

  • Storyline: Bible Connected - Emilio Ramos & Jai Navarez

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    A podcast on Biblical theology with Emilio Ramos & Jai Navarez

  • The Genesis - Biblical Theology with Emilio Ramos

    1 season

    The Genesis is a rich study in the field of biblical theology. Biblical Theology is concerned with tracing central biblical themes throughout all of Scripture. In The Genesis we will look at the prologue section of the book of Genesis (Chapters 1-3) and explore the many redemptive themes that it ...

  • The Good News Story

    1 season

    The Good News Story is a history-spanning narrative of redemption from Genesis to Revelation that aims to deepen participants’ love for God’s Word, His Son, and His mission.

    Series’ host Murray McLellan (Grace Fellowship) unpacks the unfolding story of the Gospel in seven scenes, focusing on the...