Building a Christian Mind: The Existence of God

Building a Christian Mind: The Existence of God

Building a Christian Mind: The Existence of God
  • Creation and God's Existence - Don Green

    In an ongoing series on cultivating a renewed mind, Pastor Don Green begins a series within the series, laying out various proofs from Scripture of God's existence. God's first witness to all men is His creation. All of the complex and beautiful facets of the universe testify loudly to His existe...

  • The Canon and God's Existence - Don Green

    If witness of creation is enough to leave all men without excuse, how much more should we pay attention to the Holy Scriptures? God has given us, in His Word, all that we need to truly know Him and trust Him.
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  • Conscience and God's Existence - Don Green

    Feeling convicted of sin is a uniquely human experience because God's law is written on our hearts. What we do when we are convicted is vitally important. We can either ignore our conscience and numb the feelings of conviction or we can run to God. He delights to forgive sinners who trust in His ...

  • Christ and God’s Existence - Don Green

    Creation, Canon, Conscience and Christ. Pastor Don Green has been laying out the different ways in which God has revealed Himself to humanity. Jesus is the ultimate revelation of God the Father and our response to Him is of chief importance.

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  • Conversion and God’s Existence - Don Green

    Another testimony to God’s existence is the radical transformation He brings about in the the lives of sinners. Only God could take the lovers of sin and evil and transform them into lovers of truth and righteousness. Only He can take His enemies and make them His beloved children.

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  • Atheists and God's Existence (Psalm 14) - Don Green

    Atheists exist because of human depravity, not because there is insufficient evidence for the existence of God. The foolish say in their heart that there is no God. They do not want to be confronted by the One who makes them accountable for their actions.

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