Cessationist - Kickstarter Trailer

Cessationist - Kickstarter Trailer

Our friends at Broken Stone Studios are kickstarting a new film on the topic of cessationism. We're happy to promote this film (and encourage your support of it!) because this is a position that is often misunderstood or misrepresented. As AGTV followers you may be thinking, "Won't this film essentially be a copy of "American Gospel: Spirit & Fire"? We don't believe it will be. While AG3 will overview the differences between the positions of cessationists and continuationsts on the gifts of the Spirit, we hope to focus the docuseries on doctrines and practices related to the New Apostolic Reformation movement. We believe that both groups across this divide can agree that these beliefs related to the gospel, and person and work of the Holy Spirit are unbiblical.

"Cessationist" (Kickstarter description):
On any given week, countless Christians gather and participate in strange practices they believe are true expressions of the power of God. From speaking in tongues to attempting to raise the dead, Charismatic Christians believe they are participating in modern miracles. But are these miracles real? Are the Apostolic sign gifts in operation today? The creators of Calvinist, Spirit & Truth, and Logic on Fire have teamed up to make a new documentary to answer these questions.

Cessationist will lovingly and carefully answer this important question by exposing the errors and building a positive case for the real work of the Holy Spirit today. Les, David and Tim seek to not only attack the "low hanging fruit" but to engage with the best arguments the Charismatic movement has to offer. The film will also lift high the true gift of the Holy Spirit: the application of the work of Christ to God's people.

Learn more about this beautiful truth, and share it with those who need to hear it, by funding Cessationist today.

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Cessationist - Kickstarter Trailer