• The Nature of the Word - E.3 - The Rule of Faith - Adriel Sanchez

    In Episode 3 of ‘The Rule of Faith’ Pastor Adriel teaches about the importance of rightly believing in Jesus. Jesus wasn’t merely a good teacher, or a moral influencer, he is the eternally begotten Son of God, of the same substance with the Father. You’ll learn in this episode how to respond to t...

  • What is Christianity? - Paul Washer - AG Uncut

    Paul Washer explains Christianity and the gospel in this uncut 9 minute interview.

  • Jesus is the Stairway into Heaven - E.6 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

    This sixth episode is unique because it covers some of the Old Testament foundations of Christ’s ascension. It begins with the Tower of Babel story from Genesis 11, then moves to Jacob’s dream in Genesis 28, and then it ends with a conversation between Jesus and Nathanael found in John 1:43-51. I...

  • The Incarnation of the Word - E.4 - The Rule of Faith - Adriel Sanchez

    In Episode 4 of ‘The Rule of Faith’ Pastor Adriel handles the mystery of the Incarnation. Is Jesus a divine, or human person? How do the two natures of Christ exist in one person? Why did God the Son come down from Heaven? Pastor Adriel addresses these questions and more as he continues this seri...

  • Why is Jesus' Departure Good News? - E.7 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

    Would you rather have Jesus above you in heaven or beside you on earth? In John 16:5-14 Jesus explains why His ascension is good news for His disciples and the rest of the world. The big idea of this final episode is that it is better for Jesus to be above you than for Him to be beside you.

  • Hebrews III: The Offering of the Body of Jesus - The Whole Counsel

    This week, we return to our series on Hebrews with Jordan Thomas. We spent the first episode on the first chapter of the epistle and the second contemplating the command to look upon Jesus. In this third episode, John and Jordan take a look at Hebrews 10 and Jesus' bloody, complete, and perfect s...

  • What is the Way to Worship? - E.5 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

    Since Jesus ascended into heaven, what should we be doing now? Should we also be try to “ascend” up to God? This episode looks at Hebrews 10:19-25 because this passage clearly teaches that Jesus’ ascension opened up the only way for humans to meet with God for worship.

  • What is the End of Jesus’ Journey? - E.4 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

    Where is Jesus right now and why did He ascend into heaven? This episode examines Ephesians 4:1-16 in order to answer these two questions. This study will show how the gift of the Holy Spirit maintains the unity of the church and fills the world with the presence of Jesus. Even though Jesus’ resu...

  • Humiliation is the Path to Exaltation - E.3 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

    One of the earliest summaries of the gospel can be found in Philippians 2:6-11. This episode studies this passage and shows how the descent and ascent of both Jesus and Paul provides a helpful summary and pattern for every person who follows Christ. In sum, we cannot claim Christ’s victory withou...

  • A Human is in Heaven - E.2 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

    One of the ways we can distort the gospel is when we only focus on what happens to people after they die. This episode looks at Jesus’ resurrection and ascension from 1 Corinthians 15 and argues that Christ’s ascension emphatically affirms the goodness of the material world and proclaims that the...

  • The Gospel - E.1 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

    After Jesus ascended and poured out the Holy Spirit on His followers Peter stepped up and preached the gospel (Acts 2:14—36). This first episode provides an overview of the biblical gospel and the biblical foundations for the rest of this teaching series.

  • The Light of Jesus' Resurrection - Steven Lawson (G3 2021)

    Steve Lawson reminds us of all the glorious implications of the resurrection of Jesus Christ to the Christian Faith and the Christian life.

    Original Video:

  • The Excellency of Christ - David Miller (G3 2021)

    Jesus is the final and climactic revelation of God, revealing the Father and fulfilling all His Word. David Miller leads a meditation on the Person of Jesus Christ in Hebrews 1:1-4.

    Original video:

  • A Child is Born - Alistair Begg

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    Most of us know Handel’s oratorio chorus Messiah, and at Christmastime, we are delighted by the sounds of its most famous song, the “Hallelujah” chorus. But did you know that this song can only truly be sung after an earlier set proclaims, “For unto us a child is born”?

    The words for this song a...

  • The Ultimate Prophet, Priest, and King - Grace to You TV

  • Servant Songs V: Isaiah 50 - The Whole Counsel

    If you were to describe the coming Messiah, where would you begin? Isaiah begins in a strange place. He starts with the effective ministry of Jesus. He compares the perfect Servant of God with the failing servant in Israel. He contrasts the suffering of Israel due to their sinfulness and Jesus' s...

  • Servant Songs III: Isaiah 42 - The Whole Counsel

    John continues his focus on the Servant Songs of Isaiah this week, honing in on Isaiah 42. Remember that we are to behold the servant, as we discussed last week. But what about this Servant makes Him worthy of beholding? Man has measured Him and found Him to be worth nothing. But the Father's mea...

  • Servant Songs IV: Isaiah 49 - The Whole Counsel

    This week we are continuing our series through the Servant Songs of Isaiah. The song in Isaiah 49 is unique because in it we get a glimpse of the internal thoughts of Jesus Christ, His prayers to the Father, and the Father's response to Him. There is great deal we can learn about how to pray, how...

  • Servant Songs VI: Isaiah 53 - The Whole Counsel

    In this final servant song, God gives us a shocking description of His perfect servant. He tells us, through the prophet Isaiah, that although His servant is of infinite worth and glory will be esteemed by worthless men as worthless. He will be rejected by man, but His sacrifice will be accepted ...

  • But God - Alistair Begg

    Every person is spiritually dead as a result of sin, but the bad news of our condition magnifies the wonder of what God has done for us in Christ Jesus. Alistair Begg explains that because we are united with Christ, we have died to sin with Him, and God has made us spiritually alive. He has raise...

  • Servant Songs II - The Whole Counsel

    There are commands that bookend the Servant Songs: look. We are to behold the coming Christ. While this command is sweet, it is necessary for our spiritual life. We must not look to this as something extra, as a desert to an already filled life. This is as necessary to us as food and water. It is...

  • Servant Songs I: Context and Backdrop - The Whole Counsel

    Chuck is still on vacation and rather than moving forward with Salvation in Full Color without him, we decided to start a short series walking through the Servant Songs of Isaiah. This week John gives important information that we need to have before going into the specific chapters.

    Original vi...

  • We Preach Not Ourselves - The White Horse Inn - #920

    If Christless Christianity is the problem of our time, what's the solution? Preaching Christ and him crucified! On this program the hosts discuss the importance of Christ-centered preaching, and contrast this approach with the typical presentation of me-centered messages that one regularly hears ...

  • Did Jesus Claim to be God? - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    In this episode, we discuss the divinity of Jesus, and explain how scripture does more than offer us proof-texts for this fundamental truth. We also look at how the earliest heresy in the Christian church serves as evidence that Jesus' first followers viewed him as God.