Christ and Kingdom - Emilio Ramos

Christ and Kingdom - Emilio Ramos

Christ and Kingdom is a weekly program ranging from theology to polemics as well as evangelism, apologetics and important cultural trends affecting the Christian Church today.

Christ and Kingdom - Emilio Ramos
  • Russia, Ukraine, and Biblical Eschatology - E.6 - Christ and Kingdom

    With everything going on with Russia and Ukraine, there’s been much talk in Christian circles about eschatology—the study of end times. What is a biblical view of eschatology? How does God’s Word properly inform our understanding of the end times, and how do we understand today’s events in relati...

  • John MacArthur, C-4 and January 16 - E.1 - Christ and Kingdom

    The first episode of Christ and Kingdom, a new series by Red Grace Media, and hosted by Emilio Ramos, covers John MacArthur's invitation to preach on Canadian legislation C-4 on January 16th. What will Canadians do in the face of persecution and how do we prepare?

  • Revelation 13 and Evangelism - E.2 - Christ and Kingdom

    Can microchip implants be a literal fulfillment of the Mark of the Beast? Ray Comfort has some interesting insights and uses for the Mark of the Beast, especially when it comes to evangelism. Emilio Ramos then also shares his thoughts on the Mark of the Beast and the implications it has for our l...

  • Should Christians Listen to Jordan Peterson? - E.3 - Christ and Kingdom

    Many Christians listen to Jordan Peterson since much of his philosophy aligns with conservative truth... but does this mean that Christians should be listening to him? Emilio Ramos dives deeply into this topic to help Christians understand whether or not Jordan Peterson is someone they should con...

  • Jordan Peterson's Recent Biblical Insights - E.4 - Christ and Kingdom

    Jordan Peterson had a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, where he outlines some new ideas he’s discovered about the Bible. But are his newfound insights biblical? Emilio Ramos explores his words in depth in this new episode of Christ and Kingdom.

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  • The Incoming Challenges are Worse Than You Think - E.5 - Christ and Kingdom

    Emilio Ramos recaps key topics of The New Apologetics of which you must remain mindful, while also touching on important subject matter regarding Christ and Kingdom. The world continues to change and the road ahead is much more complex than what Christians are commonly used to.
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