• American Gospel: Christ Crucified

    When Christians say, “Jesus died on the cross for your sins,” what does that mean?

    American Gospel: Christ Crucified explores the divide between conservative and progressive Christians as they debate the meaning of the cross of Jesus Christ, answering some of the Bible’s most difficult questions...

  • How Bethel Teaching is Ruining People’s Faith - Steve Kozar and Jesse Westwood

    Steve Kozar interviews Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Alumnus, Jesse Westwood. Jesse spent years as a committed follower of the teachings of Bethel Redding. In this video, he describes what it was like to live under the demands of the teachings and the difficult journey of rebuilding his ...

  • Evangelical Deconstruction - E.117 - The Just Thinking Podcast

    In Colossians 2:8, the apostle Paul exhorts believers to not be taken captive through philosophies and deceptions that are rooted in the traditions of men. Deconstruction, a philosophy that has its origins in Marxism, is one of those deceptions. And yet, there are those within evangelicalism toda...

  • Why Are So Many People Deconstructing Their Faith? - Core Live - 12/31/21

    Why are so many people deconstructing their faith? Call us with your questions on the Bible and the Christian life now at 833-843-2673. Check out our free offer for AGTV viewers:

  • Why Are Our Kids Deconstructing Their Faith? - Core Live - 9/17/21

    Why are our kids deconstructing their faith? We answer this listener question and your calls on this Friday afternoon. Call us now 833-843-2673. Check out our free offer for AGTV viewers: