• The False Prophets of Jeremiah's Day - Chris Rosebrough

    Jeremiah was sent by God to pronounce judgment upon Judah and to offer a way of escape for those who would listen. But at every step, Jeremiah found himself at odds with the popular false prophets who promised peace and prosperity for Jerusalem. It's easy to see why they were popular. In the same...

  • What is a False Christ? - Chris Rosebrough

    A false Christ isn't simply one who claims to be the one and only Saviour of the world, but can also be one who comes claiming for themself a special anointing from God and a corresponding authority to speak and act on God's behalf. Christ means "anointed one" and the visible church is full of pe...

  • I Found it Necessary - Alistair Begg

    Alistair Begg kicks off the 2013 Basics Conference from the small, but powerful book of Jude. Countering conventional notions that the book of Jude is primarily a book for contentious preaching, Alistair takes us into the heart and mind of the brother of Jesus, Jude who gives not a letter of cond...

  • Check Your Heart - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    In this episode, we talk about love. Our defense of the gospel should be grounded in a love for the lost, but too often our speech becomes prideful, quarrelsome, and unloving. Sean walks us through scripture on this subject, and we talk about the healthy skepticism we should all have of our own h...

  • What is a True Pharisee? - Freedom: Episode 2 - Costi Hinn

    If you have been saved by God, you will share truth and expose error. But false teachers will attempt to silence you, labeling you a “Pharisee.” In this episode, Costi uses scripture to reveal the marks of a true Pharisee, and encourages those who are passionate about God’s truth to press onward.

  • Testing the Spirits - John MacArthur

  • Should We Call Out False Teachers? - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    Sometimes social media posts lead to teachable moments. In this episode, we respond to the accusation that Christians who call out false teachers by name are being arrogant, judgmental, or unbiblical.

  • How NOT to Shipwreck Your Faith - Chris Rosebrough, Steve Kozar, & Amy Spreeman

    Pastor Chris Rosebrough teams up with Steve Kozar and Amy Spreeman to tackle dangerous doctrines that have harmed Christians for decades in Evangelicalism such as the "Dream Destiny" doctrine and the "Purpose Driven Life". These false teachings make Christianity all about you and leave needy soul...

  • Justin Peters Interview with Steve Kozar

    Steve Kozar and Justin Peters talk about discernment ministry and other matters that will be an encouragement to those who used to be deceived by false teachers.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrIDVvJqh7Y

  • Clouds Without Water II - Justin Peters Ministries

    2 videos

    This seminar is a fair, comprehensive, biblical critique of the modern Word-Faith
    and New Apostolic Reformation Movements. It allows people to see and hear for
    themselves what the Prosperity preachers are actually teaching. Word-Faith/N.A.R.
    theology dominates Christian satellite and cable tel...

  • Strange Fire: Truth Matters Conference (2013)

    18 videos

    Strange Fire, part of Grace to You’s Truth Matters conference series, evaluates the doctrines, claims, and practices of the modern charismatic movement, and affirms the true Person and ministry of the Holy Spirit. https://www.gty.org/library/topical-series-library/325