Eschatology: The Doctrine of Antichrist - Emilio Ramos

Eschatology: The Doctrine of Antichrist - Emilio Ramos

The doctrine of antichrist is a controversial and often puzzling topic in Christian theology. Here we discuss the broad sweeping issues related to the doctrine of antichrist, including many of the central texts and biblical themes that describe antichrist’s rise, reign and inevitable defeat.

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Eschatology: The Doctrine of Antichrist - Emilio Ramos
  • Doctrine of Antichrist (Part 1) - Eschatology - Emilio Ramos

    The Bible says that there have been many “antichrists” who have gone out into the world, and yet there is an antichrist the Bible focuses on as the main sinister figure of the end-time world system that rebels against God. Here we briefly consider how scripture presents the theology of antichrist...

  • Doctrine of Antichrist (Part 2) - Eschatology - Emilio Ramos

    Persecution is something that has been prevalent in the world from the dawning of time and Scripture promises that persecution will endure to the end of this present evil age. Here we consider antichrist’s ambition to take control of the world, persecute the Church, and sit in the temple of a God...

  • Doctrine of Antichrist (Part 3) - Eschatology - Emilio Ramos

    The New Testament teaching on antichrist is nothing new. Rooted in the Scriptures of the Old Testament, New Testament authors like Paul draw on Old Testament theology to describe the rise, reign and destruction of the antichrist. Here we discuss the pivotal importance of the second coming of Jesu...