Famine in the Land - Rick Becker

Famine in the Land - Rick Becker

The prosperity gospel, word of faith heresy and the teachings of the New Apostolic Reformation have led to a spiritual “famine in the land.” We examine popular teachers and teachings in the visible church and compare them to the word of God. Our intention is to promote sound doctrine and discern truth from error.


Famine in the Land - Rick Becker
  • Uncovering the Bevere's False Teachings - Famine in The Land

    The Beveres need to be marked and avoided because of their numerous false teachings, such as word of faith theology, the prosperity gospel, dominion theology, toxic submission teaching, and other teachings that lead people astray.

  • Itching Ears - Spirit & Fire (Clip)

    There's a man-centered “gospel” that says that Jesus died because you were so valuable. He saw the "gold" underneath your sin and was motivated by your worth or value to save you. Another way that this is said is, "The cross isn't a revelation of your sin, but a revealing of your value." Some eve...

  • I Realized I Had Been Deceived When... - Famine In The Land

    Two years ago I asked this question on our Facebook page:
    If you have come out of the New Apostolic Reformation, Word of Faith, and the prosperity gospel movement - what was the first thing that made you question your belief in these teachings? Many folks responded, and in this episode, we'll loo...

  • Recovering From the NAR | Back to the Bible - Famine In The Land

    Going back to the Bible is essential when recovering from any form of deception. Deception involves the distortion of the scriptures, so we must know how to read the Bible in context. The scriptures are a sure foundation and a safeguard against error.

  • The Grip Of The Cult-Like New Apostolic Reformation - Famine In The Land

    In this episode, I explore the similarities between the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and cults. I'll give a few reasons why people are attracted to the NAR, and why so few escape the movement. Some who have had their eyes opened to this deception, linger far too long, so we'll look at their ex...