Featured Films & Series

Films and series from featured ministries that are available to all.

  • The Essential Church


    When COVID-19 restrictions force Grace Community Church to close its doors indefinitely, the Los Angeles-based congregation takes a courageous stance and sues the government. This feature-length documentary explores the Church’s unwavering determination to exercise its constitutional rights and e...

  • The Holiness of God - R.C. Sproul

    1 season

    The Holiness of God examines the meaning of holiness and why people are both fascinated and terrified by a holy God. This series closely explores God's character, leading to new insights on sin, justice, and grace. The result is a new awareness of our dependence upon God's mercy and a discovery o...

  • What is Reformed Theology? - R.C. Sproul

    1 season

    There is something healthy about returning to one’s roots. When it comes to evangelical Christianity, its roots are found in the soil of the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation. Just as the Reformers protested the corrupt teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, so today evangelicalism itself ...

  • Chosen By God - R.C. Sproul

    1 season

    Many people reject Reformed theology or Calvinism because they believe it teaches that God drags people kicking and screaming into the church against their will. This, however, is a gross distortion of the biblical doctrine of election, which is grounded in God’s love for His people. In this seri...

  • An Earnest Plea to Charismatics - The Ancient Paths

    Christ Presbyterian Church calls on Charismatics to examine their faith in the light of God's Word and of history. This video is not meant as a condemnation, but a sincere plea to true believers to be good Bereans and a sincere plea to nominal believers to seek true conversion. Christ Presbyteria...

  • The Failure of Eastern Orthodoxy - The Ancient Paths

    In the wake of the chaos we see in broader American Evangelicalism, many become disillusioned. To such people, the truths claims of Eastern Orthodox Church seem to make a lot of sense. This documentary seeks to explore these claims in light of Scripture and the fuller context of Church History. D...

  • New Age to New Heart - Doreen Virtue, Jenn Nizza, & Jac Marino Chen

    1 season

    Why did a professional psychic, a new age teacher, and an occultist practicing ritual magic renounce it all to follow Christ?

    With first-hand understanding of deception, three ex-New Agers expose the hidden dangers of the New Age and equip Christians to stand firm against this present darkness a...

  • Adventures with Ranger Joe

    2 seasons

    Join Ranger Joe and Bobby on their state park adventures as they work and learn about God's word together.

  • What Is It? - Living Waters


    You were you from the moment of fertilization—a unique human being who will never be repeated in all of human history. Abortion is one of the most hotly debated and complex topics in the world. Hitting the streets with common-sense reasoning, Mark Spence, Ray Comfort, and Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne us...

  • Hymnology - Songs of Praise

    4 seasons

    Melding beautiful melodies with eternal truth, learn the historical stories and drama behind hymns that focus on God, His Word, and the Gospel story. Hymns of Grace exist to assist believers in their corporate and private worship of God. The mission of Hymns of Grace is to provide resources that ...

  • The Room For Nuance Podcast - Sean DeMars

    23 items

    A long-form video podcast committed to exploring complex biblical topics without compromising theological integrity.

  • Breaking Bethel - Jesse Westwood

    14 items

    Jesse Westwood "breaks down" the years he spent at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and additional time he spent in Bethel affiliated churches. Brought up in the Charismatic movement, Jesse thought everything Bethel had to offer was normal Christianity. Years later, he reached the bottom of...

  • Theocast - Rest in Christ

    56 items

    Encouraging weary pilgrims to rest in Christ. We facilitate simple conversations about the Christian life from a reformed perspective through our weekly podcasts, primers, books, articles, and educational material.


  • The Humble Skeptic Podcast - Shane Rosenthal

    37 items

    If faith is blind, then what makes one belief better or worse than any another? And if it's just a leap in the dark, why should anyone feel obligated to believe anything at all? On this podcast, Shane Rosenthal asks many questions of this kind as he talks with authors and scholars from all over t...

  • The Enneagram: What's True? What's False? Does it Matter?

    2 seasons

    The Enneagram is a spiritual tool that is revolutionizing Christian theology around the world. But…what spirit is behind the tool?

    Justin Peters - Trading Sola Scriptura for Prima Scriptura
    Dr. Ron Huggins – Enneagram Genesis: In Search of Enneagram Origins
    Don Veinot – The Enneagram, Disciples...

  • Wield the Sword - Pastoral Courage in Perilous Times

    1 season

    We have confessed the Bible as inerrant. We have held the Bible to be sufficient. We have spoken of the authority of Scripture. But we have not wielded that Word right here in the world God made.

    The inerrant Word sits encased in glass on the mantel, well-lit and plenty sharp. But it is time for...

  • The Lovesick Scribe Podcast - Dawn Hill

    72 items

    What began as an outlet for blogging and sharing insights as a follower of Jesus Christ has expanded to a podcast. Join Dawn Hill, a former "prophet" in the New Apostolic Reformation/hyper charismatic movement, as she discusses the Bible in relation to these topics. Be encouraged to grow in lovin...

  • John Knox - As Told by Littles

    He was known for his fiery preaching and love for the Bible. But there’s so much more to the story of John Knox! Join us on a journey of gospel boldness in this fun re-telling about the Scottish reformer. This film was an official selection at the Atlanta Christian Film Festival in 2023.

    Don't ...

  • John Calvin - As Told by Littles

    See the French Reformer like you've never seen him before. Though John Calvin’s story cannot be summed up in five points, Five Solas Media was able to do it in 20 minutes. This film won the National Religious Broadcasters’ Best Short Film award in 2021.

    Don't forget to check out the other As To...

  • Martin Luther - As Told By Littles

    What in the world is a theses? Does it have anything to do with a Diet of Worms? Can you be good enough to get to heaven? Find out the answers to these questions in this fun and inspiring short film about the life of Martin Luther (As Told By Littles).

    Don't forget to check out the other As Tol...

  • The Bride of Martin Luther - As Told by Littles

    What do a dozen nuns on the run, a rogue monk, and the Reformation have in common? Discover the true story of how Martin Luther met his bride, Katharina von Bora - AKA Katy Luther. This films won the National Religious Broadcasters’ Best Short Film award in 2022.

    Don't forget to check out the o...

  • The Word Unleashed - Tom Pennington

    14 seasons

    The Word Unleashed features the teaching of Tom Pennington, Pastor-Teacher of Countryside Bible Church in Southlake, Texas. https://www.thewordunleashed.org/

  • By What Standard? God’s World, God’s Rules - Founders Ministries


    In 1979 the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) formally entered into the “Battle for the Bible” that was raging within North American evangelicalism. Over the next 15 years, the SBC was returned to its historic commitments on the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture. Many of those who resisted...

  • Gospel Life Rally

    14 items

    Many today see abortion as a political or social issue, in conflict with the gospel. This should not be! The Gospel Life Rally will teach us how to re-frame the issue in light of our knowledge of Jesus and His desire to save the lost and protect the innocent. Our goal is that you will be encourag...