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Films and series from featured ministries that are available to all.

  • The Word Unleashed - Tom Pennington

    13 seasons

    The Word Unleashed features the teaching of Tom Pennington, Pastor-Teacher of Countryside Bible Church in Southlake, Texas. https://www.thewordunleashed.org/

  • The Lovesick Scribe Podcast - Dawn Hill

    14 items

    What began as an outlet for blogging and sharing insights as a follower of Jesus Christ has expanded to a podcast. Join Dawn Hill, a former "prophet" in the New Apostolic Reformation/hyper charismatic movement, as she discusses the Bible in relation to these topics. Be encouraged to grow in lovin...

  • Breaking Bethel - Jesse Westwood

    12 items

    Jesse Westwood "breaks down" the years he spent at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and additional time he spent in Bethel affiliated churches. Brought up in the Charismatic movement, Jesse thought everything Bethel had to offer was normal Christianity. Years later, he reached the bottom of...

  • The Humble Skeptic Podcast - Shane Rosenthal

    15 items

    If faith is blind, then what makes one belief better or worse than any another? And if it's just a leap in the dark, why should anyone feel obligated to believe anything at all? On this podcast, Shane Rosenthal asks many questions of this kind as he talks with authors and scholars from all over t...

  • The Enneagram: What's True? What's False? Does it Matter?

    2 seasons

    The Enneagram is a spiritual tool that is revolutionizing Christian theology around the world. But…what spirit is behind the tool?

    Justin Peters - Trading Sola Scriptura for Prima Scriptura
    Dr. Ron Huggins – Enneagram Genesis: In Search of Enneagram Origins
    Don Veinot – The Enneagram, Disciples...

  • Wield the Sword - Pastoral Courage in Perilous Times

    1 season

    We have confessed the Bible as inerrant. We have held the Bible to be sufficient. We have spoken of the authority of Scripture. But we have not wielded that Word right here in the world God made.

    The inerrant Word sits encased in glass on the mantel, well-lit and plenty sharp. But it is time for...

  • By What Standard? God’s World, God’s Rules - Founders Ministries


    In 1979 the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) formally entered into the “Battle for the Bible” that was raging within North American evangelicalism. Over the next 15 years, the SBC was returned to its historic commitments on the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture. Many of those who resisted...

  • Gospel Life Rally

    14 items

    Many today see abortion as a political or social issue, in conflict with the gospel. This should not be! The Gospel Life Rally will teach us how to re-frame the issue in light of our knowledge of Jesus and His desire to save the lost and protect the innocent. Our goal is that you will be encourag...

  • Through the Eyes of Spurgeon


    The lives of millions of Christians around the world have been changed through the ministry of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. But how much do those of us who esteem him so highly really know about Charles Spurgeon, the man?

    What were the events that shaped his life and made him the man who would be kn...

  • Cessationist - Kickstarter Trailer


    Our friends at Broken Stone Studios are kickstarting a new film on the topic of cessationism. We're happy to promote this film (and encourage your support of it!) because this is a position that is often misunderstood or misrepresented. As AGTV followers you may be thinking, "Won't this film esse...

  • Upholding Christian Ethics - 2022 Ligonier National Conference

    25 items

    The holy character of God is the absolute standard of right and wrong. And He has spoken. Therefore, to reject Him and abandon His Word is to undermine the foundation of morality. How can Christians live with integrity as we engage a world where God is hated, immorality is celebrated, and the tru...

  • Right Now Counts Forever - 2021 Ligonier National Conference

    2 seasons

    With our glorious future in view, Christians do not have less of a stake in the present, but infinitely more. As R.C. Sproul so often reminded us, right now counts forever.

    On March 18–20, 2021, Ligonier Ministries hosted its 2021 National Conference, celebrating fifty years since the ministry’s...

  • Life Is Best

    1 season

    Lives are at stake. Souls hang in the balance. Some Christians are engaged in the battle, most are not. Life is Best will thoroughly equip you to be a pro-life apologist and join the fight for lives and souls. Compelling, dramatic, raw, and thoroughly Biblical, Life is Best will prepare you to en...

  • Persecution - Wretched TV


    American Christians have never before been confronted with so much animosity. As the threats continue to mount, it is prudent to ask the question we never imagined we would have to ponder: “How does a born-again believer live in a culture that increasingly hates us?” What does God want? God wants...

  • The God Who Speaks
    Movie + 17 extras

    The God Who Speaks

    Movie + 17 extras

    There is a war raging around us – in society, in our churches, and in our homes. It is not a battle over marriage, race, or the sexual revolution. Rather, it is a battle for the truth. Is God real? Does He speak, and if so, how would we know? While many churches are faithfully proclaiming the tru...

  • On The Shoulders of Giants - Wretched TV

    Let Todd Friel take you on a six country European tour that will introduce you to the great reformers who are your Christian ancestors. These men and women were too good for this world. And yet, they were strangled, quartered and even burned to death so that we could have the truth.

  • What Hath Darwin Wrought? - Todd Friel


    "What Hath Darwin Wrought?" investigates the shocking history of "social Darwinism" in America and Europe, including the eugenics crusade against the "unfit," the euthanasia movement, Nazi genocide, and current efforts to devalue the lives of the handicapped.

    Is social Darwinism a logical applic...

  • Christ and Kingdom - Emilio Ramos

    10 items

    Christ and Kingdom is a weekly program ranging from theology to polemics as well as evangelism, apologetics and important cultural trends affecting the Christian Church today.

  • Narratives - Emilio Ramos

    1 item

    The narratives of the Bible are themes and stories that contribute to the great overarching plan of redemption. Each narrative is full of rich meaning and application. Narratives is a short film series that draws out the far reaching implications of God's story for our modern context.

  • The New Apologetics - Emilio Ramos

    9 items

    the new apologetics exist to confront the challenges facing the church in the 21st-century by responding to the emergence of globalism, futurism, transhumanism, pagan spirituality and sexuality with a robust theology that is rooted in the eschatological superstructure of Scripture and the theolog...

  • The Good News Story

    1 season

    The Good News Story is a history-spanning narrative of redemption from Genesis to Revelation that aims to deepen participants’ love for God’s Word, His Son, and His mission.

    Series’ host Murray McLellan (Grace Fellowship) unpacks the unfolding story of the Gospel in seven scenes, focusing on the...

  • Wretched TV

    1 season

    Wretched TV is hosted by Todd Friel. On the show you will see and hear live witnessing encounters and discussions of tough theological issues and various topics in the Christian community. Select episodes from the more than 2,000 episodes of Wretched TV.

    Why is “Wretched” so fitting for us?
    • ...

  • Redeeming Productivity - Reagan Rose

    2 seasons

    This is Redeeming Productivity, a podcast where we talk about technology, techniques, and theology in the light of the Bible, to help Christians get more done and glorify God in how they do it.


  • Strange Fire: Truth Matters Conference (2013)

    18 items

    Strange Fire, part of Grace to You’s Truth Matters conference series, evaluates the doctrines, claims, and practices of the modern charismatic movement, and affirms the true Person and ministry of the Holy Spirit. https://www.gty.org/library/topical-series-library/325