Fighting for the Faith - Chris Rosebrough

Fighting for the Faith - Chris Rosebrough

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called and about which you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses. (1 Timothy 6:12)

Helmed by our Captain, Pastor Chris Rosebrough, Fighting for the Faith is the program that has been dishing up your daily dose of Biblical discernment since 2008. The goal has always been to help you think biblically, help you think critically, and help you to slow down, stop, and open up your Bible and compare what people are saying in the Name of God to the Word of God.

Fighting for the Faith - Chris Rosebrough
  • The Myth That Christians Can Have Generational Curses - Chris Rosebrough

    Pastor Chris Rosebrough debunks the popular concept of generational curses by going to Scripture to see what God’s Word actually says in context. Jesus Christ became a curse for His people and those who trust in Him become forever blessed, not cursed.

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  • Body, Soul and Spirit? - Chris Rosebrough & Steven Kozar

    Chris Rosebrough is joined by Steve Kozar to answer a matter of much confusion in Evangelicalism. Are we as human beings composed of three parts that all relate to God differently or does the Bible teach something more simple than that? After looking at some examples of this complicated error, Ch...

  • Why Hearing the REAL Voice of God is Important - Fighting for the Faith

    An in-depth look at what the Bible reveals re: the dangers of refusing to Hear God’s Voice and the devastating consequences and symptoms of apostasy.

  • Hearing the Voice of God - Chris Rosebrough

    3 videos

    In this series, Pastor Chris Rosebrough confronts a theology that is ruinous to churches and individuals throughout the world. If you’ve been told that you need to be hearing God’s voice for yourself outside of Scripture then this series is for you. God has spoken to us and it is personal, but it...

  • A Pirate Christian's Guide to the Old Testament - Chris Rosebrough

    7 videos

    Chris Rosebrough's guide to the Old Testament.

  • How to Biblically Critique a Sermon - Chris Rosebrough

    2 videos

    Chris Rosebrough teaches how to biblically critique a sermon.

  • Why Decreeing and Declaring is NOT Prayer - Chris Rosebrough

    What is Biblical prayer? With new prayer techniques becoming popular throughout the American Church, Pastor Rosebrough takes his audience back to the simple teachings of Scripture. 

  • The Five Solas of the Reformation - Chris Rosebrough

    5 videos

  • You Don't Have to Be a Cessationist - Chris Rosebrough

    5 videos

    Chris Rosebrough's series highlighting where where both cessationists and continuationists agree.

  • The Spirit of Truth - Chris Rosebrough

    The Holy Spirit of God does not contradict His Word. He does not empower the ministries of those who rebel against the clear commands of Scripture. This is important to understand when analyzing claims of power and inspiration by leaders of the Charismatic Movement.

    Original video:  https://yout...

  • Encounter Evangelism Exposé - Chris Rosebrough & Steven Kozar

    Chris Rosebrough and Steven Kozar discuss the fundamental issues with the “Encounter Gospel” that is being embraced and promoted in much of the Charismatic Movement. This has led to a new form of evangelism that seeks to give lost people an experience with God that is disconnected from the conten...