Freedom - Costi Hinn

Freedom - Costi Hinn

3 Episodes

Costi Hinn's Freedom series is designed to guide those who have been saved out of Word of Faith or NAR teaching, with the goal of pointing people to scripture on key topics like money, God's will, healing, being "slain in the spirit," and more.

Freedom - Costi Hinn
  • New Life, New Challenges - Freedom: Episode 1 - Costi Hinn

    Episode 1

    Costi Hinn introduces the Freedom series with three convictions to guide those who are recovering from Word of Faith or NAR teaching.

  • What is a True Pharisee? - Freedom: Episode 2 - Costi Hinn

    Episode 2

    If you have been saved by God, you will share truth and expose error. But false teachers will attempt to silence you, labeling you a “Pharisee.” In this episode, Costi uses scripture to reveal the marks of a true Pharisee, and encourages those who are passionate about God’s truth to press onward.

  • Do I Have to Give 10%? - Freedom: Episode 3 - Costi Hinn

    Episode 3

    Is tithing for the New Testament Christian? Costi Hinn explains the context of tithing from the Old Testament, how this is abused by false teachers today, and how New Testament Christians are called to give.