Gospel Assurance - Mike Abendroth

Gospel Assurance - Mike Abendroth

5 Episodes

This 5-episode series can best be summarized by Martin Luther’s famous saying, “When I look to myself, I don’t know how I could be saved. But when I look to the Lord Jesus Christ, I don’t know how I could be lost.” Christian, if you are struggling with assurance, you’ll want to want to checkout this teaching series.

Gospel Assurance - Mike Abendroth
  • Introduction - E.1 - Gospel Assurance - Mike Abendroth

    Episode 1

    Episode 1: In this first episode on assurance, Mike answers some very important, introductory questions like:
    1.    What Is gospel assurance and can Christians have it?
    2.    Is there a difference between security and assurance?
    3.    Do many Christians struggle with assurance?
    4.    Is there a ...

  • Objective Gospel Assurance - E.2 - Gospel Assurance - Mike Abendroth

    Episode 2

    Objective gospel assurance is balm for the troubled soul because its focus is Love incarnate, the risen Lord Jesus. It is also the certain stabilizer for mature believers. Jesus is directly related to gospel assurance!

  • Subjective Gospel Assurance - E.3 - Gospel Assurance - Mike Abendroth

    Episode 3

    After focusing on object of your faith (objective Gospel assurance) in Episode 2, this episode focuses on the Holy Spirit dwelling in the Christian. Subjective gospel assurance recognizes the work of the Holy Spirit in two ways:
    1. The Holy Spirit bears witness to every Christian that he or she i...

  • Practical Application - E.4 - Gospel Assurance - Mike Abendroth

    Episode 4

    In this episode, Pastor Mike walks through the relevancy of Gospel Assurance. Could Gospel Assurance be the most practical doctrine of the Christian faith?

  • Questions & Answers - E.5 - Gospel Assurance - Mike Abendroth

    Episode 5

    Pastor Mike wraps up this series with critical clarifying questions (and answers)! You can have Gospel Assurance!