Grace to You

Grace to You

As believers committed to God and walking in obedience to Him, we affirm the purpose of Grace to You, which is to teach biblical truth with clarity, taking advantage of various means of mass communications to expand the sphere of John MacArthur’s teaching ministry.

Grace to You
  • Grace to You TV

    1 season

    Grace to You . . . unleashing God’s truth one verse at a time! In each broadcast, John MacArthur brings to the viewers his expert exposition and interpretation of biblical passages, not only to understand the Scripture in its historical and grammatical context, but to grow stronger in the faith.

  • Strange Fire: Truth Matters Conference (2013)

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    Strange Fire, part of Grace to You’s Truth Matters conference series, evaluates the doctrines, claims, and practices of the modern charismatic movement, and affirms the true Person and ministry of the Holy Spirit.

  • The Holiness of God and His People – John MacArthur – Ligonier

    Isaiah 6 gives us a grand vision of the holiness of God and reminds us that He is “holy, holy, holy.” When the prophet Isaiah saw this grand vision, he cried out because he was a man of “unclean lips.” Because of Isaiah’s sinfulness, a seraphim promptly flew to him, touched his lips with a coal, ...