Hymnology - Songs of Praise

Hymnology - Songs of Praise

4 Seasons

Melding beautiful melodies with eternal truth, learn the historical stories and drama behind hymns that focus on God, His Word, and the Gospel story. Hymns of Grace exist to assist believers in their corporate and private worship of God. The mission of Hymns of Grace is to provide resources that focus on God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit as revealed in the Word of God. For more information, visit: https://hymnsofgrace.com

Hymnology - Songs of Praise
  • The Secret Place (Hymn #51) - S2:E1 - Hymnology

    Episode 1

    1. Who dwells within His most secret place
    Is never far from His blessed grace.
    ’Neath His great shadow all will be well;
    No better place now for us to dwell.

    The secret place of God most high,
    The shadow of our mighty King,
    The dwelling place where angels cry
    Is where our praise will f...

  • Begin My Tongue Some Heavenly Theme (Hymn #134) - S2:E2 - Hymnology

    Episode 2

    1. Begin, my tongue, some heav’nly theme,
    And speak some boundless thing,
    The mighty works, or mightier name
    Of our eternal King.

    2. Tell of His wondrous faithfulness,
    And sound His pow’r abroad;
    Sing the sweet promise of His grace,
    And our redeeming God.

    3. His very word of grace is strong
    As ...

  • O Thou In Whose Presence (Hymn #173) - S2:E3 - Hymnology

    Episode 3

    1. O Thou, in whose presence my soul takes delight,
    On whom in affliction I call.
    My comfort by day and my song in the night,
    My hope, my salvation, my all.

    2. Where dost Thou, dear Shepherd, resort with Thy sheep,
    To feed them in pastures of love?
    Say, why in the valley of death should I weep,

  • Love Incarnate - S2:E4 (Hymn #257) - Hymnology

    1. With a pray’r You fed the hungry,
    with a cry You stilled the storm;
    With a look You had compassion
    on the desp’rate and forlorn.
    With a touch You healed the leper,
    with a shout You raised the dead;
    With a word expelled the demons,
    with a blessing broke the bread.

    Love incarnate, Love...

  • My Hiding Place (Hymn #191) - S2:E5 - Hymnology

    1. Against the God who rules the sky I fought with hands uplifted high;
    Despised the mention of His grace, too proud to seek a hiding place!
    But an eternal counsel ran: “Almighty love, arrest that man!”
    I felt the arrows of disgrace and found I had no hiding place.

    My Jesus is my hiding...

  • My Ransom (Hymn #208) - S2:E6 - Hymnology

    1. What fear can overtake my vision?
    What doubt can overcome my faith?
    What strife can silence all my singing?
    Lord, Your wounds have paid my ransom.

    And what unspeakable mercy has emptied heaven’s reserve?
    And what Redeemer so worthy has covered sin with such love?
    And what unsearchabl...

  • I Run to Christ (Hymn #166) - S2:E7 - Hymnology

    1. I run to Christ when chased by fear
    And find a refuge sure.
    “Believe in Me,” His voice I hear;
    His words and wounds secure.
    I run to Christ when torn by grief
    And find abundant peace.
    “I too had tears,” He gently speaks;
    Thus joy and sorrow meet.

    2. I run to Christ when worn by life
    And find ...

  • See He Comes (Hymn #422) - S2:E8 - Hymnology

    1. See, He comes upon the clouds, Jesus Christ our King appears.
    All the saints bought by His blood will rise to meet Him in the air.
    Earth and sea shall flee away, all creation waits and groans,
    For the Lord redeemer comes to take His longing exiles home.

    Halelujah, halelujah, come, O ...

  • Hallelu Jah! My Redeemer (Hymn #200) - S2:E9 - Hymnology

    1. Let me ponder perfect mercy,
    Like a fountain filled with grace!
    My Redeemer came and found me!
    In His death stood in my place!

    Hallelu Jah! My Redeemer!
    My Redeemer and my King!
    Hallelu Jah! What a Savior!
    For His love my praise I sing!
    For His love my praise I sing!

    2. I was blind ...

  • Depth of Mercy (Hymn #189) - S2:E10 - Hymnology

    1. Depth of mercy! Can there be mercy still reserved for me?
    Can my God His wrath forbear, me, the chief of sinners, spare?
    Whence to me this waste of love? Ask my Advocate above!
    See the cause in Jesus’ face, now before the throne of grace.

    2. I have long withstood His grace, long provoked Him ...

  • God, Moves in a Mysterious Way (Hymn #88) - S2:E11 - Hymnology

    1. God moves in a mysterious way!
    His wonders to perform;
    He plants His footsteps in the sea
    and rides upon the storm!

    2. Deep in unfathomable mines
    of never-failing skill,
    He treasures up His bright designs
    and works His sov’reign will.

    God of mercy!
    God of grace!
    Give us eyes to see!...

  • Ah, Holy Jesus (Hymn #183) - S2:E12 - Hymnology

    1. Ah, holy Jesus, how have You offended,
    That mortal judgment has on You descended?
    By foes derided, by Your own rejected, O most afflicted!

    2. Who was the guilty? Who brought this upon You?
    It is my treason, Jesus, hath undone You.
    ’Twas I, Lord Jesus, I it was denied You; I crucified You.


  • Arise My Soul Arise (Hymn #291) - S2:E13 - Hymnology

    1. Arise, my soul, arise; shake off thy guilty fears;
    The bleeding sacrifice in my behalf appears;
    Before the throne my Surety stands,
    Before the throne my Surety stands,
    My name is written on His hands.

    2. Five bleeding wounds He bears, received on Calvary;
    They pour effectual prayers, they str...

  • Compassion Hymn (Hymn #163) - S2:E14 - Hymnology

    1. There is an everlasting kindness You lavished on us,
    When the radiance of heaven came to rescue the lost.
    You called the sheep without a shepherd to leave their distress,
    For Your streams of forgiveness and the shade of Your rest.

    What boundless love, what fathomless grace
    You have s...

  • Benediction & Doxology (Hymn #439) - S2:E15 - Hymnology

    1. May the peace of God our Heav’nly Father,
    and the grace of Christ the risen Son,
    And the fellowship of God the Spirit
    keep our hearts and minds within His love.

    And to Him be praise for His glorious reign,
    from the depths of earth to the heights of heav’n;
    We declare the name of the L...

  • I Asked the Lord that I Might Grow (Hymn #63) - S2:E16 - Hymnology

    1. I asked the Lord that I might grow
    In faith and love and ev’ry grace,
    Might more of His salvation know
    And seek more earnestly His face.

    2. ’Twas He who taught me thus to pray,
    And He, I trust has answered prayer,
    But it has been in such a way
    As almost drove me to despair.

    3. I hoped that i...

  • Join All the Glorious Names (Hymn #113) - S2:E17 - Hymnology

    1. Join all the glorious names
    Of wisdom, love, and pow’r,
    That ever mortals knew,
    That angels ever bore:
    All are too poor to speak His worth,
    Too poor to set my Savior forth.

    2. Great Prophet of my God,
    My tongue would bless Thy name:
    By Thee the joyful news
    Of our salvation came,
    The joyful ne...