Interpreting Scripture

Interpreting Scripture

Interpreting Scripture
  • The Canon and God's Existence - Don Green

    If witness of creation is enough to leave all men without excuse, how much more should we pay attention to the Holy Scriptures? God has given us, in His Word, all that we need to truly know Him and trust Him.
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  • Why Should We Trust the Bible? - S3:E7 - Road Trip to Truth

    If you are going to stake your life on the God that is revealed in a book, you better know that book is supernatural and reliable. This episode of Road Trip will equip you to do just that.

  • The Old and Objectionable Testament - S3:E10 - Road Trip to Truth

    It isn’t just pagans who object to the Old Testament, even pastors preach we should unhitch the left side of our holy book. But if the Old Testament isn’t defensible, neither is the New Testament.

  • The Importance of Interpretation - S3:E13 - Road Trip to Truth

    If you'd like your church to have more theological harmony, there is a simple solution: share the same interpretive principles. If you have the same hermeneutical rules, you will have the same conclusions.

  • Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth - Long for Truth

    Many Charismatic teachers define the Greek word rhema as a mystical and personal word from God while describing the word logos as only the written word of God. In this video, we discuss what the Bible says about each word.

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  • 4 Verses False Teachers Take Out Of Context - Long for Truth

    In this episode, Daniel gives simple, Biblical context and correction to four of the most common false teachings prevalent in the Charismatic movement.
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  • What Scripture Requires - Don Green

    No one hears God's Word and remains neutral to the truth it reveals. We must respond to the Lord and His Word leaves no middle ground where we can escape its demands. This is the final message of a three part series from Psalm 119 in which Pastor Don Green contemplates what Scripture is, what it ...

  • What Scripture Does - Don Green

    God's Word is living and powerful. The Holy Spirit takes the Word of God and convicts sinners of sin and encourages saints to trust and obey the Lord. If you are a Christian, then Scripture is your daily bread and your spiritual life flourishes or starves depending on your intake of it. This is t...

  • What Scripture Is (Psalm 119) - Pastor Don Green

    What is Scripture? This sermon is the first of three messages in Psalm 119. Pastor Don Green begins with some of the adjectives that describe Scripture. It is true, faithful, and eternal. Nothing is as permanent as God's Word and nothing is more important for us to hear, believe, and act upon.

  • The God Who Speaks
    Movie + 17 extras

    The God Who Speaks

    Movie + 17 extras

    There is a war raging around us – in society, in our churches, and in our homes. It is not a battle over marriage, race, or the sexual revolution. Rather, it is a battle for the truth. Is God real? Does He speak, and if so, how would we know? While many churches are faithfully proclaiming the tru...

  • Health and Prosperity: The Context of 3 John 2 - AG Roundtable

    3 John 2 is a verse that launched Oral Roberts’ prosperity gospel ministry, and today is commonly taken out of context to support the teaching that it is always God's will that we are healthy and prosperous.

  • The Gospel - Law & Gospel (Ep. 3) - Mike Abendroth

    In episode 3, Mike Abendroth leads us through 1 Corinthians chapter 15, along with 8 questions to help us understand both the content of the gospel message, and how this good news should be communicated.

  • Sorting out the Biblical Covenants - Chris Rosebrough

    This episode begins a new mini-series on the different covenants that God has made throughout redemptive history. Learning the covenants and understanding how they work is important for sound Bible interpretation and Christian living. This knowledge also protects individuals from dangerous sects ...

  • How to Study the Bible - The White Horse Inn - #1515

    When it comes to reading and studying the Bible, how are we to properly interpret a given passage, particularly in light of the fact that there are so many interpretations to choose from? On this program Shane Rosenthal and Mike Brown, co-author of Sacred Bond, Covenant Theology Explored, discuss...

  • American Gospel: Christ Alone (Free Chapter)

    This free chapter on moralistic preaching is free and available for non-subscribers to watch. Please share!

    Is Christianity Christ + the American dream? American Gospel examines how the prosperity gospel (the Word of Faith movement) has distorted the gospel message, and how this theology is bei...

  • Has The Bible Been Miscopied or Mistranslated? - The White Horse Inn - #1377

    Many people today make the claim that the Bible has been revised, edited, and miscopied over the centuries, and that the translations we have with us today are not at all faithful to the original manuscripts. But is this really the case? On this program, Michael Horton discusses this important is...

  • A Pirate Christian's Guide to the Old Testament - Chris Rosebrough

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    Chris Rosebrough's guide to the Old Testament.

  • Corporate Promises to Israel - AG Roundtable

    In the Old Testament (Deut. 28) God promises to bless Israel for their obedience. This discussion explains how we cannot take a corporate promise to Israel and turn it into an individual promise for our lives, or a "life verse."

  • Postmodernism - Alistair Begg - AG Uncut

    Alistair explains how postmodern thinking has affected Scotland and the United States.

  • Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament (Part 1) - The White Horse Inn - #1254

    Many Christians were raised to believe that the Old Testament was little more than a collection of morality tales written to inspire us to have the “faith of Abraham” or the “courage of Daniel.” But Jesus taught his followers that the Old Testament actually pointed to himself (Jn. 5:39). In this ...

  • Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament (Part 2) - The White Horse Inn - #1255

    On this program, Michael Horton continues his conversation with Nancy Guthrie about finding Christ in the Old Testament. The focus of this discussion centers on three of Nancy’s books, The Son of David: Seeing Jesus in the Historical Books, The Wisdom of God: Seeing Jesus in the Psalms and Wisdom...