Justin Peters Ministries

Justin Peters Ministries

Justin Peters Ministries is committed to communicating biblical truth through expository preaching and teaching resources designed to deepen the believer’s knowledge of God and, in turn, his love for God. In addition to his academic research, Justin has attended numerous Word-Faith crusades and has witnessed the exploitation of the poor, sick and desperate.  The greatest concern, however, is that God's name is blasphemed and His Gospel distorted into a different gospel.


Justin Peters Ministries
  • A Clarifying Retraction - Justin Peters Ministries

    A Clarifying Retraction from Steve LeBlanc.

  • The Robert Morris Coverup - Justin Peters Ministries

    Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church has resigned after revelations have come to light that he molested a 12 year old girl over a period of four and half years. At the time, his elders were not aware of this “young lady’s” age (she was a child), and put him through a 2-year restoration process....

  • Was This Woman Raised From the Dead? - Justin Peters

    Friend of Bethel Church and Sid Roth, David Hogan, is lauded as a spiritual giant who has mastered the craft of raising the dead. Justin Peters scours the internet for proof of these miracle claims and instead he finds credible witnesses to David's pattern of lying and cult like manipulation. Hog...

  • Cessationism Interview With Dr. Tom Pennington - Justin Peters

    Dr. Tom Pennington has written a book titled “A Biblical Case for Cessationism”. In this discussion, Justin Peters and Dr. Pennington address some common counter arguments of Charismatics and Continuationists and define important terms regarding the miraculous gifts of the Spirit.

    Cessationist ...

  • My Direct Personal Plea to Kenneth Copeland - Justin Peters

    Justin Peters gathers together into one video all the major false teachings propagated by Kenneth Copeland over the years. He also calls Copeland to repent and believe in Christ for the forgiveness of his sins.


  • Is Joel Osteen a False Teacher or Just Not Recommended? - Justin Peters

    Many false teachers have orthodox doctrinal statements on their websites that they do not teach from the podium. Justin Peters examines the teachings of Joel Osteen to determine which category he belongs to: False teacher or Christian in error.


  • My Direct Personal Plea to Sid Roth - Justin Peters

    In January of 2021, Sid Roth said on behalf of God that 2021 would be the year of the "Golden Global Glory". Billions of souls would be saved and many miracle ministries would rise up. Not only did we not see any of this come to pass, but the year was full of tragedy and awful headlines. Justin P...

  • Flee From Furtick - Justin Peters

    Steven Furtick is extremely popular among professing believers in Amercia and around the world. His theology has become increasingly Word of Faith and heretical over the years. Justin Peters summarizes the key issues and calls the people of God to flee Furtick and Elevation Church.
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  • Jesse Duplantis Says He Went To Heaven. He Didn't (And Here's Proof) - J. Peters

    Jesse Duplantis claims to be a regular honored visitor to Heaven. The details of these wild tales frequently change and they always contradict the clear revelation of God's Word. Justin Peters helps us recognize the fraudulence of all claims like these.

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  • Interview with Former Roman Catholic, Mike Gendron - Justin Peters

    Justin Peters interviews Mike Gendron, a convert to Protestant Christianity who spent over 30 years in Roman Catholicism and now works to preach the good news to Roman Catholics. Mike reminds us of the importance of the Reformation and details some of the heresies of Rome.

    Original video:

  • Answering Roman Catholic Objections - Justin Peters and Mike Gendron

    This interview answers some common objections that are raised by Roman Catholics against Protestants. Mike Gendron is a defender of the Faith who evangelizes Roman Catholics with the Gospel of Salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

    Original video:

  • Social Justice Train: Economic and Racial Cars - Justin Peters

    This is the 2nd Lecture of the "Did God Really Say?!" Conference.
    It is presented by Justin Peters of Justin Peters Ministries.
    Find Justin's YouTube Channel Here:


  • Social Justice Train: Egalitarianism, Homosexuality & Entitlement Cars - Peters

    This is the 8th Lecture of the "Did God Really Say?!" Conference.
    It is presented by Justin Peters of Justin Peters Ministries.

    Find Justin's YouTube Channel Here:

  • Todd White Should Step Down - Justin Peters

    Justin Peters reviews a shocking clip in which Todd White teaches that Jesus literally became specific sins such as sex trafficking and child abuse. This woeful misunderstanding of 2 Corinthians 5:21 fails to account for the rest of Biblical teaching on atonement for sin. Jesus did not literally ...

  • Clouds Without Water II - Justin Peters Ministries

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    This seminar is a fair, comprehensive, biblical critique of the modern Word-Faith
    and New Apostolic Reformation Movements. It allows people to see and hear for
    themselves what the Prosperity preachers are actually teaching. Word-Faith/N.A.R.
    theology dominates Christian satellite and cable tel...

  • A Form of Godliness But Denying Its Power - AG Roundtable

    In 2 Timothy 3:5, Paul describes a people who have a "form of godliness but denying its power..." Bill Johnson uses this verse to label anyone who is discerning about the supernatural encounters or manifestations that are often experienced at Bethel Church, as having an "antichrist spirit." Chris...

  • Interview with John Samson: Former Word of Faith Preacher & TBN Host

    Justin Peters interviews former Word of Faith preacher, John Samson, to discuss his time in the movement and how God brought him to the solid ground of His Word. A proper understanding of God's sovereignty turned John's theology upside down and led him to repent of misrepresenting the Lord.


  • Salvation, Healing, Miracles, and the Sovereignty of God - Pastor John Samson

    Justin Peters and John Samson discuss the sovereignty of God and how His almighty power relates to salvation, physical healing, miracles, and more. Though this is a longer video, it is well worth the time and will encourage believers who want to strengthen their faith in the Sovereign Lord and Sa...

  • Health and Prosperity: The Context of 3 John 2 - AG Roundtable

    3 John 2 is a verse that launched Oral Roberts’ prosperity gospel ministry, and today is commonly taken out of context to support the teaching that it is always God's will that we are healthy and prosperous.

  • Justin Peters Interview with Steve Kozar

    Steve Kozar and Justin Peters talk about discernment ministry and other matters that will be an encouragement to those who used to be deceived by false teachers.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrIDVvJqh7Y

  • 2020: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year for the Prophets

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    A 6-part series with Justin Peters, reviewing the false prophecy of 2020.

  • Is Repentance a Work? - Justin Peters - AG Uncut

    Justin Peter's explains his struggle understanding the true nature of repentance. Does calling someone to repentance contradict the truth that we are not saved by our good works?

  • Reaching Those in Deception - AG Roundtable

  • Will They Submit to God's Word? - AG Roundtable