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Law & Gospel - Mike Abendroth

Introduction - Law & Gospel (Ep. 1) - Mike Abendroth

Episode 1 • 25m

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    In episode two of Law & Gospel, Mike Abendroth explores the law of God through five questions:

    1. Is God's law good?
    2. How generally was the law revealed in history?
    3. What are the different functions of God's law?
    4. What are the two relationships people can have to the law Giver?
    5. Wha...

  • The Gospel - Law & Gospel (Ep. 3) - M...

    In episode 3, Mike Abendroth leads us through 1 Corinthians chapter 15, along with 8 questions to help us understand both the content of the gospel message, and how this good news should be communicated.

  • Implications - Law & Gospel (Ep. 4) -...

    Ideas have consequences. In this fourth episode, Mike Abendroth examines the implications of having a correct understanding of the distinction between law and gospel in the areas of hermeneutics, motivations for holiness, assurance, preaching, parenting, marriage, evangelism, and sanctification.