Long for Truth

Long for Truth exists to expose the wacky, crazy, and blasphemous things being said and done by much of the modern Evangelical Church.

  • Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth - Long for Truth

    Many Charismatic teachers define the Greek word rhema as a mystical and personal word from God while describing the word logos as only the written word of God. In this video, we discuss what the Bible says about each word.

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  • Is There Gnosticism in Your Church? - Long for Truth

    "Gnosticism attracts the seeker of unbounded, unhoused, God-outside-the-box spirituality." This episode shows how many teachings in the modern church smell of Gnosticism.

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  • This is NOT the Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Long for Truth

    Are there "super Christians" who have been given an extra power boost through a second blessing of the Holy Spirit? In this episode, Daniel and Robin discuss this controversial topic.
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  • Kenneth Hagin's Destructive Legacy: "The Believer's Authority" - Long for Truth

    "The Believer's Authority" is a destructive doctrine taught within the Word of Faith Movement. In this video, Daniel and Robin show why this doctrine is unbiblical.

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  • 4 Verses False Teachers Take Out Of Context - Long for Truth

    In this episode, Daniel gives simple, Biblical context and correction to four of the most common false teachings prevalent in the Charismatic movement.
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  • The False Apostles and Fake Angels of the Lakeland Revival - Long for Truth

    Major leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation came to Lakeland to lay hands on Todd Bentley and put their apostolic stamp of approval on the movement. The abysmal lack of discernment of Bill Johnson, Che Ahn, John Arnott and others is just one more reason to reject their claims to spiritual auth...

  • Lakeland: The Godless Revival - Long for Truth

    Unlike the Toronto and Brownsville revival meetings, The Lakeland revival was a one man show led by Todd Bentley. Todd pretended to heal people in dramatic ways by kicking and punching individuals "with the power of God". The revival attracted tons of attention throughout the Charismatic world. P...

  • Mormonism and the NAR: What's the Difference? - Long for Truth

    Cults begin with a transfer of authority away from the objectivity and sufficiency of God's Word. It's transferred from Scripture to charismatic personalities who claim to hear directly from God. In this episode, Daniel and Robin compare some concerning and undeniable similarities between the tea...

  • Exposing IHOP Kansas City: Bob Jones - Long for Truth

    The International House of Prayer has trained thousands of young people for a specific calling. Leader Mike Bickle believes it's his job to raise up a group of spiritual warriors who will be instrumental in a coming billion soul harvest. The Billion Soul Harvest idea comes from Bob Jones, a myst...

  • Proof That William Branham Was a False Prophet - Long for Truth

    William Branham is admired by Charismatic and Pentecostal leaders as a true prophet of God. Certain sects within "The Message" cult even worship images of Branham. In this episode, former "Message" member John Collins explains how and why William Branham's prophecies have failed.
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  • False Impartations - Long for Truth

    Do modern day apostles and prophets have the ability to distribute the charismatic gifts through impartation? Daniel and Robin show why the only means of distributing the charismatic gifts were the New Testament Apostles themselves, and why tmodern impartations are false, even dangerous. This is...

  • An Evaluation of the Charismatic Gifts - Long for Truth

    There are certain miraculous gifts that are closely connected to the authority of the New Testament Apostles. Daniel and Robin examine a book by Lutheran author, Douglas Judisch, concerning whether or not this class of gifts continues into the present or if they ceased after the ministry of the A...

  • Spiritualism and the Modern Church - Long for Truth

    Daniel and Robin tackle the history of Spiritualism and discuss connections between Spiritualistic practices and the modern church.
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  • The Dangers of The Enneagram - Long for Truth

    Does the Enneagram have a place in the Church? Many pastors are opening the door to the occult by bringing a New Age tool into their churches.
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  • The Queen of Pentecostalism - Long for Truth

    Aimee Semple McPherson's life was filled with scandals. And yet, she is touted as a woman of enormous faith and fearless resilience by Pentecostal historians. Many don't really know the the other side of Aimee. In this episode Daniel and Robin take an honest look at the life of Aimee Semple McPhe...

  • Charismatic Blasphemy? - Long for Truth

    Many Charismatic Christians are taught that to criticize someone is dangerously close to committing the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. In this episode, Dan is joined by Gerhard Stander (a former Charismatic who left the Movement) to talk about the unpardonable sin.

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  • The Great Prosperity Lie of the New Apostolic Reformation - Long for Truth

    The Word of Faith Movement and the New Apostolic Reformation are tied together in their teachings about prosperity. A good example of this is the false doctrine called "the great transfer of wealth." In this episode, Daniel and Robin show the ties, and compare this erroneous doctrine to the Word ...

  • The False Doctrine of Territorial Spirits - Long for Truth

    New Apostolic Reformation leaders often teach that territorial spirits reign over certain regions of the earth, keeping the Gospel from penetrating the hearts of the people living in that region. In this video, Daniel and Robin discuss the NAR doctrine of spiritual warfare and compare it with Scr...

  • Is the Five-Fold Ministry for Today? - Long for Truth

    New Apostolic Reformation leaders love to quote Ephesians 4:11-12 to claim that a ministry will not be all God wants it to be unless it has a team with all five ascension gifts of Christ, including apostles and prophets. So if you don't have an apostle and prophet in your church, does that mean y...

  • The 7 Mountain Mandate Delusion - Long for Truth

    Do the "seven mountains of influence" need to be conquered before Christ can return to set up His kingdom? In this video, Daniel and Robin discuss the unbiblical 7 Mountain Mandate teaching heard in NAR circles and compare it with Scripture.
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  • The False Prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation - Long for Truth

    The prophets of the NAR movement present us with a very serious problem. They claim to speak on behalf of God. If God has indeed sent them, we are then required to believe and obey their words and write them down as God breathed revelation. If they are not sent by God, then we are commanded to re...

  • The False Apostles of the New Apostolic Reformation - Long for Truth

    The "apostles" of the New Apostolic Reformation are false apostles. In this video, Daniel and Robin compare the definitions between what the leaders of the NAR call apostles and what the Bible says about apostles.
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  • The Religious Spirit of the New Apostolic Reformation - Long for Truth

    According to the NAR, the "Religious Spirit" is an actual demon that hates doctrine and tries to squelch out the "new wine" of the New Apostolic Reformation. In this video, Daniel and Robin look to the Scriptures to see if what the "apostles" of the NAR say about this so-called demon is Biblical....

  • An Overview of the New Apostolic Reformation - Long for Truth

    This begins a series of videos covering the New Apostolic Reformation movement. This overview introduces an enormous topic that has affected a lot of people. God has been shedding light on the errors of the NAR in recent years and many Christians are fleeing it. This information should be helpful...