Long for Truth

Long for Truth exists to expose the wacky, crazy, and blasphemous things being said and done by much of the modern Evangelical Church.

  • Beware of Jenny Weaver - Long For Truth

    Daniel and Robin look into the phenomenon of Jenny Weaver's "Core Group". Thousands of women pay a monthly fee to receive Weaver's content along with group meet ups and online fellowship. Jenny is an apostle in the NAR and some tell her she has the mantle of Kathryn Kuhlman or Aimee Semple McPher...

  • Exposing Greg Locke - Long for Truth

    Greg Locke is a key leader among Charismatics who are fixated on "Deliverance Ministry". Daniel Long looks at Greg's antics and associations that make it clear we need to mark and avoid him in the Church.

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  • The Charismatic Hamster-Wheel of Chasing After Signs - Long for Truth

    Charismatic pastors, teachers, and leaders are constantly telling their people to seek after signs, visions, dreams, tongues, and prophecy. Some even go so far to say that if you're not doing this, you may not even be a Christian.

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  • Stop Believing Their Lies About the Gospel! - Long for Truth

    Daniel Long addresses a specific error about the Gospel being spread by highly influential Charismatics. They claim that you preach an incomplete Gospel if you aren't also performing signs and wonders. Not only is this an attack on the nature of the Gospel but these leaders simply cannot practice...

  • Cessationism Is Heresy? - Long for Truth

    Are Cessationists heretics? Is Cessationism a doctrine of demons? Daniel and Robin discuss the slanderous misrepresentations of Cessationism in this first in a series on the topic.

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  • The Generational Curse Fallacy - Long for Truth

    Are you having trouble getting married? Do you struggle with chronic illness? Are your finances constantly dwindling? Perhaps it's because you have a generational curse. Join us as we debunk, from the Scriptures, the fallacy of generational curses.

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  • When Charismatic Teachers Get Christ & the Trinity Wrong - Long & Rosebrough

    Daniel Long is joined by Pastor Chris Rosebrough to review and address some examples of serious Christological and Trinitarian errors being taught by popular Charismatic leaders. In doing so, Pastor Chris gives extremely helpful clarifications that are easy to understand.

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  • The Rise and Fall of a Faith Healing Showman - Long for Truth

    A. A. Allen was known as "God's man of faith and power" in Pentecostal circles. But Allen was a scam artist and a showman. In this video, Daniel and Robin talk about his life and false teachings.

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  • The Dangerous Legacy of Sarah Young: Jesus Calling - Long for Truth

    On September 1, 2023, Sarah Young passed away. The legacy that she left behind was her controversial best-seller Jesus Calling and the empire resulting from that book. In this video, Daniel takes a look at why this book is so dangerous.

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  • The Harmful Impact of Norman Vincent Peale - Long for Truth

    Norman Vincent Peale was not a Christian but he sought to smuggle a theology of positive confession into Christianity. He redefined faith in a dangerous way and taught a form of universalism. His message appealed to those seeking worldly pleasure and spiritual enlightenment outside of Scripture. ...

  • Who Are the Real Modern Day Pharisees? - Long for Truth

    Leaders in the New Apostolic Reformation and Word of Faith movements love to silence their critics by labeling them as hateful Pharisees. But when you take a closer look at the false teachings of the Pharisees, you'll find that they share more in common with the modern apostles and prophets of NA...

  • Beyond the Scriptures: Chasing After God's Voice -Daniel Long & Chris Rosebrough

    Pastor Chris joins Daniel Long to discuss the trend of Christians seeking new revelation to feel close to God. The scriptures were given to us that we might learn about God and come to love and trust Him. We go to the Bible to hear God speak to us.
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  • Andrew Wommack Perverts the Gospel - Long for Truth

    Word of Faith star, Andrew Wommack teaches a lot about money. His mockery of the Gospel is unreal yet millions believe such lies. Daniel and Robin offer a response to this attack on the Gospel.

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  • Help! I've Lost My Healing! - Long for Truth

    Daniel and Robin expose the fake-ness of modern day faith healers as they compare the work of con artists with the true miracles of Scripture.
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  • Trips to Heaven: A Lucrative Business - Long for Truth

    For the past few decades, there’s been a large appetite among professing Christians for sensational stories about Heaven. These tourists of Heaven are frequently the guests of popular televangelists and they write best selling books about their tall tales. Don’t be deceived!


  • The Origin of "Fire Baptism" - Long for Truth

    Have you ever seen professing Christians lose control of their bodies and then attribute their bizarre behavior to the Holy Spirit? Many leaders in the Charismatic Movement call this the "Baptism of Fire". But when did this practice get introduced into the Church? Daniel Long tells the story of B...

  • The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity - Long for Truth

    Modern Progressive Christianity is a reiteration of early 20th century liberalism. Progressive "Christians" value questions over answers and treat doubt as virtuous. Open mindedness is their chief value and they believe the truth claims of Scripture cannot be taken literally. Daniel and Robin mak...

  • The Dark Underbelly of the Inner Healing Movement - Long for Truth

    In this episode, Daniel and Robin discuss Agnes Sanford, founder of the Inner Healing movement. Her teachings, based on Jungian psychology and New Thought, have formed the foundation of most inner healing programs (like SOZO) found within many churches today.
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  • Angels in the Charismatic Movement: A Huge Distraction - Long For Truth

    In this video, we look at the overemphasis today's church has with angels, from unbelievable angelic encounters to unbiblical teachings.

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  • The Real Deal: How to Identify Revival - Long for Truth

    People have asked Daniel and Robin to give their opinion of the Asbury revival meetings. Instead, they take a look at the Toronto blessing to contrast true and false revival.

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  • The Dangerous Teachings of Curry Blake - Long for Truth

    Curry Blake is the supposed fulfillment of a prophecy given by John G. Lake in 1931. He is also the General Overseer of John G. Lake Ministries. In this episode, Daniel gives reasons to mark and avoid the teachings of Blake.

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  • Why Decreeing and Declaring Can Destroy Your Faith - Long for Truth

    Have you ever been told that you should be decreeing and declaring the things you want to happen in your life? This is not how the Bible teaches us to pray, but multitudes of professing Christians around the world are engaging in this practice. Daniel and Robin outline the dangers of embracing th...

  • Oral Roberts: A Legacy of Contaminated Theology - Long for Truth

    n this episode of Long for Truth, Daniel and Robin give an overview of the life and teachings of Oral Roberts, a pioneer of the prosperity Gospel and Word of Faith movements. Understanding Oral Roberts will aid in understanding much of what we see today in Pentecostal and Charismatic churches.


  • Exposing the Seed Faith Scam - Long for Truth

    Is it God's will that we give so that we can get? Is the principle of sowing and reaping about financial prosperity? Daniel and Robin take apart the unbiblical doctrine of "Seed Faith" to show that it's all a scam designed to profit false prophets. God doesn't bless us because of how much we give...