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  • Roundtable: Peters & Osman vs. Brown & Storms

    3 seasons

    Every book in the New Testament, with the exception of Philemon, contains warnings about false teachings. Wolves in sheep's clothing pose a real threat to believers, and Scripture teaches us to mark and avoid them (Romans 16:17-18). However, there is substantial disagreement within the church reg...

  • Jesus Played a Saxophone? - Roundtable Teaser

    Every book in the New Testament, with the exception of Philemon, contains warnings about false teachings. Wolves in sheep's clothing pose a real threat to believers, and Scripture teaches us to mark and avoid them (Romans 16:17-18). However, there is substantial disagreement within the church reg...

  • How to Feel Christ's Love? - Theocast

    Here is the reality for Christians: the one we love the most is the one we’ve never seen. There are times we have a hard time comprehending what God is like. We have a hard time feeling his love for us. And so, God can feel distant from us. It is hard for us to feel safe approaching him. Jon and ...

  • Our Weirdest New Age Experiences - E.3 - New Age to New Heart

    What was your strangest experience while in the New Age / Occult? Jenn Nizza, Jac Marino Chen, and Doreen Virtue share their raw experiences, explain how they justified them in the New Age, and compare the experiences to the Bible.

    This video includes in-depth conversations about mediumship, rit...

  • New Age to New Heart - Doreen Virtue, Jenn Nizza, & Jac Marino Chen

    1 season

    Why did a professional psychic, a new age teacher, and an occultist practicing ritual magic renounce it all to follow Christ?

    With first-hand understanding of deception, three ex-New Agers expose the hidden dangers of the New Age and equip Christians to stand firm against this present darkness a...

  • He Gets Us - Theocast

    Many of you watched the Super Bowl and saw the “He Gets Us” ad. Many of you are aware of the controversy surrounding Alistair Begg in recent weeks. There is a lot of concern amongst Christians about wokeness and liberalism and condoning sin. In today’s episode, Jon and Justin have a conversation ...

  • The Demands of the Gospel? - Theocast

    People like to talk about the "demands of the gospel." But does the gospel make demands of us? Must we forsake sin in order to come to Christ? Do we need to make Jesus Lord of our lives?

  • Be Honest... Are You Scared of Jesus Coming Back? | Chris Gordon - Theocast

    Are you afraid of the second coming of Jesus? You might have been taught a fearful eschatology. The book of Revelation should not be a scary thing for the Christian. Instead, we should find ourselves encouraged and our hope strengthened by our study of it. Join Jon and Justin in a conversation wi...

  • Leaving the Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement - Theocast

    Growing up and serving in the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement led me to believe things about the Bible and theology that were not consistent with the scriptures. Mainly, the large emphasis on one's own ability to keep or maintain their salvation by their piety, also known as, their own r...

  • Our King Will Not Be Mocked - Grace To You TV

  • The Bible, the Spirit, and You - Don Green

    How is it that you, as a Christian, are able to comprehend and cherish the truths of Scripture while the majority of people cannot? It's not because you are smarter or wiser. Rather, God chooses the foolish and weak to shame those who are proud. The only reason you have eyes to see is because of ...

  • Wretched TV

    1 season

    Wretched TV is hosted by Todd Friel. On the show you will see and hear live witnessing encounters and discussions of tough theological issues and various topics in the Christian community. Select episodes from the more than 2,000 episodes of Wretched TV.

    Why is “Wretched” so fitting for us?
    • ...

  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness - Don Green

    When the tragedies and trials of life in a fallen world are too sorrowful for words, Scripture speaks to us of the faithfulness of God. His promise of eternal life with Him is our anchor in the storm and our motivation to press on. Our first breath in the life to come will be more than enough to ...

  • Unparalleled Humility of Christ - Grace To You TV

  • How to Know Jesus Is Lord - Don Green

    The New Testament heavily relies on the prophecies and promises of the Old Testament to confirm the truthfulness of Jesus' claims. A first century Jew seeking to test the claims of Jesus simply needed to refer back to the Law and the Prophets to see that he was telling the truth. This should be o...

  • Suffering & The Hope of Christ's Return - Theocast Conference (2024)

    7 items

    Join Chris Gordon, W. Robert Godfrey, Justin Perdue, and Jon Moffitt as they lead sessions studying God’s covenant faithfulness throughout history.

    Explore how we can find hope amidst trials, reform our view of the law and the gospel, deal with ongoing sin, and keep an eternal perspective, so we...

  • Fighting Lies with Gods Word | Rosaria Butterfield - E.14 - Room For Nuance

    Join us for a conversation with Rosaria Butterfield, former professor of English and Women’s Studies at Syracuse University, and author of Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age. In this episode, learn how Christians can protect themselves from anti-Christian influences by holding fast to God's Word.

  • Why Doctrine Can Feel Cold - Theocast

    Do you ever feel like you know a lot about Jesus--but you can’t remember the last time you felt that he loves you? Has doctrine ever felt cold to you? Have you ever been tempted to pit doctrine and experience against each other? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, today’s podcast is ...

  • The Burden of Bible Reading - Theocast

    For many people, reading the Bible can feel like a burden. It seems that the whole conversation around Bible reading is riddled with guilt and shame. It shouldn’t be that way. It is good that we would know and love the Word of God! It is important that we, as Christians, be regularly engaging wit...

  • T.B. Joshua and His Influence on the Demon Slayers - Chris Rosebrough

    Some of the guys who call themselves "demon slayers" have a lot of glowing words to say about Nigerian false prophet T.B. Joshua. Pastor Chris highlights a new documentary exposing the truth of how Joshua faked miracles to create his cult following. It appears many rising stars in the deliverance...

  • Kathryn Krick Receiving Worship - Chris Rosebrough

    The true Apostles never allowed other Christians under their care to worship them, but false apostle Kathryn Krick loves to receive praise from her followers. Pastor Chris contrasts this concerning behavior with examples given to us in the New Testament.
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  • Proof Mike Bickle was Always a False Prophet - Chris Rosebrough

    As more testimonies come out about Mike Bickle's predatory and manipulative behavior, Pastor Chris reminds us that Bickle has always been a verifiable false prophet and should have never been allowed to have a ministry platform.

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  • Invisible Unity Made Visible - Grace To You TV

  • Sanctification Honorable Obsession - Grace To You TV