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  • Deliverance Deception Exposed - Doreen Virtue

    Doreen interviews former NAR prophetess Dawn Hill and two pastors about the teachings of the popular Deliverance movement. Is there such a thing as the "Jezebel spirit"? Do believers have the authority of Jesus to cast out demons in all circumstances or does the context of the Gospel passages tea...

  • Heresy Hunters Or Just Good Bereans? - Steve Kozar & David Lovi

    Steve Kozar of "The Messed Up Church" and David Lovi, creator of the "Cessationist" movie, team up to discuss their motivations for their work in discernment and the backstories of what brought them to this kind of ministry. They address many common misunderstandings about discernment and advocat...

  • There Is No Power in the Law - Theocast

    Some of you are probably really concerned about this title, thinking we've gone too far. Well, we're here to defend not ourselves, but to show you from Scripture that all power remains in Christ and Him crucified. The law is only here to guide or convict us. We're going to talk about the differen...

  • NAR: Myth or Movement? - AG Roundtable

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    Is the New Apostolic Reformation a real movement that promotes dangerous false teachings that have subjected countless people to spiritual abuse and manipulation? Or is the label "NAR" being used by critics to misrepresent the beliefs of faithful leaders?

    Michael Brown, Holly Pivec, and Doug Gei...

  • Why Self Help Doesn't Heal - E.23 - New Age to New Heart

    Is self-help secretly harming you?

    Self-help's dark side: Is self-help secretly harming you? 🚫

    Doreen Virtue, Jenn Nizza, and Jac Marino Chen unpack the deceptive nature and false promises of self-help movements, and uncover why self-help doesn’t bring true healing.

    God’s Word, the Bible, is ...

  • THE PATH OUT OF DECEPTION - Famine in the Land

    In this episode we'll take a brief look at the various stages we may go through during our path out of deception.

  • Wretched TV

    1 season

    Wretched TV is hosted by Todd Friel. On the show you will see and hear live witnessing encounters and discussions of tough theological issues and various topics in the Christian community. Select episodes from the more than 2,000 episodes of Wretched TV.

    Why is “Wretched” so fitting for us?
    • ...

  • Spirit Animals and Guides Exposed - E.22 - New Age to New Heart

    🚨 Former New Agers reveal the truth about spirit animals, guides, and power animals!

    Join Doreen Virtue, Jenn Nizza, and Jac Marino Chen as they uncover the dark reality behind seemingly innocent New Age practices and expose why seeking guidance from spirit guides leads to bondage and deception....

  • Reaching and Teaching | Ryan Robertson - Room For Nuance

    Join Room For Nuance in a conversation with Ryan Robertson.

  • What Does America Need? - Theocast

    People often criticize us here at Theocast, saying that we are not concerned about society, the culture in which we live, or even the country of which we are citizens. So today, Jon and Justin are going to address that. We're going to discuss the gospel and what the Lord is doing in building His ...

  • The REAL Solution to Racism (You've Been Lied To) - Anchored North

    In this episode of Honest Discourse, we explore racism and opposing perspectives on addressing the issue. At the heart of this discussion is a debate over racism's history, its present impact, and the hope for a solution. Watch as our conversationalists share their stories, respectfully challenge...

  • Psalm 1 Is NOT About You - Theocast

    One of the most famous Psalms that nearly everyone reads is Psalm 1. Jon and Justin want to highlight the distinction between the law and the gospel in Psalm 1, showing that it is not about how God blesses those who obey Him. Psalm 1 is not about you! You don't appear until Psalm 2, and that is w...

  • Why Racism Will Never End (The Shocking Truth)

    Honest Discourse hosts conversations on Christianity between people with diverse viewpoints. This series is produced by Anchored North.

  • Modern Prophetic Sin of Simony - Dawn Hill, Doreen Virtue, & Chris Rosebrough

    There are various online prophetic schools and e-courses available for those who want to "activate" the prophetic gifts and even become "certified" as a Prophet. Is this practice Biblical, and if not, what are the concerns with this teaching?

  • Popular Stores Selling Shocking New Age Items - E.21 - New Age to New Heart

    Caution for your shopping cart! Exposing hidden dangers in products sold at your local stores including Target, Michaels, and Barnes and Noble.

    In this episode, Jenn Nizza, Doreen Virtue, and Jac Marino Chen go shopping and are shocked to discover the new age and occult items and messages being ...

  • Missing the Gospel in John 3 - Theocast

    In listening to a lot of preaching today, it's clear that it's possible to talk about the gospel or even about the work of God without actually getting around to preaching the gospel itself—preaching Jesus Christ for sinners. This can happen with any number of passages, but today Jon and Justin a...

  • A Clarifying Retraction - Justin Peters Ministries

    A Clarifying Retraction from Steve LeBlanc.

  • Raw Answers to Your Questions - E.20 - New Age to New Heart

    Join Doreen Virtue, Jenn Nizza, and Jac Marino Chen for a no-nonsense Q&A about the New Age movement and its practices. This episode answers YOUR questions:

    💗 Should we try to remove our Reiki powers from within us?

    💗 What is cranial sacral therapy?

    💗 How can I bring up a conversation about...

  • The Robert Morris Coverup - Justin Peters Ministries

    Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church has resigned after revelations have come to light that he molested a 12 year old girl over a period of four and half years. At the time, his elders were not aware of this “young lady’s” age (she was a child), and put him through a 2-year restoration process....

  • Review of a Crazy Service at Bethel - Famine In The Land

    Bethel church hosts a different spirit (2 Cor 11:4). Deception is rife at Bethel church - mysticism, unbiblical practices, and false teachings flourish under the leadership of a false apostle, false prophets, and BSSM "revivalists." This service is but one example of why Bethel must be marked and...

  • The Old Testament Preaches the Gospel - Theocast

    Many Christians struggle with reading and understanding the Old Testament. They know it's supposed to be about Jesus, and they've read the New Testament, but they're just disconnected from the Old. Today's podcast is our attempt to give you reasons why you should read your Old Testament. By doing...

  • Kingdoms Unveiled

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    How do angels, demons, deities, and giants contribute to the biblical storyline? Kingdoms Unveiled is a weekly podcast dedicated to unveiling the obscured aspects of the Bible, which have left many ignorant and veiled to the reality of their surroundings.

  • Reincarnation and Past Lives Debunked - E.19 - New Age to New Heart

    The New Age falsely teaches that we live multiple lifetimes through reincarnation. Borrowed from Hindu mythology, the New Age proclaims that our problems can be blamed upon our past lives. But what does the Bible say?

    In this episode of New Age to New Heart, Jac Marino Chen, Jenn Nizza, and Dor...

  • A look at The Courts of Heaven (P.2) - Lovesick Scribe

    Have you ever heard the teaching that in order to break the legal rights of the devil in your life, you must understand how to enter the courts of Heaven in order to plead your case? This teaching has been popularized by Robert Henderson, a self-professing apostle who claims to disciple and empow...