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  • How God Set Us Free From Psychic Curses - E.6 - New Age to New Heart

    The world calls psychic abilities a “gift,” but we now know they are a curse. Doreen Virtue, Jenn Nizza, and Jac Marino Chen discuss how God empowered them to abandon being “psychic” and trust in the Lord. We hope you enjoy this episode of New Age to New Heart



  • Charismatic Fakes: What's the Big Deal? - Sam Storms & Michael Brown

    Steve Kozar addresses Todd White's leg lengthening, and the responses of Sam Storms and Michael Brown to this evidence of fake miracles.

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  • Adam: First and the Last - Simon Turpin - Exposit the Word

    Without the First, There Would Have Been No Need for the Last.

    The First...
    Supernaturally created by God, given dominion over Creation, enjoyed a brief, unique, unbroken relationship with the Creator, but his disobedience to the Creator’s command brought sin into the world, and he and his wife ...

  • Covenant Theology VS Dispensationalism - Theocast

    What are the major differences between covenant theology and dispensationalism? That’s a question we get a lot. Jon and Justin sit down to discuss the differences under three main headings: Christ in all of Scripture, law/gospel distinction, and the covenant of works (active obedience of Christ).

  • Was this Biblical Repentance or Rebranding? - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    Numerous self-professing prophets declared to know the results of the 2020 election before it occurred. However, not one of them prophesied accurately, resulting in much confusion and a massive blemish on the prophetic movement. A few of these individuals made public statements concerning their e...

  • Are We Living in the Last Days? - Bryan Chapel

    Will Jesus's return be preceded by a single world government? Will every person have a government-issued ID or mark? Does Christ return once or twice? Will believers go through a Great Tribulation? Will there be a literal battle of Armageddon? Does it even matter what we believe about future even...

  • The Kindness of God - Nate Pickowicz - Exposit the Word

    Kindness has fallen on hard times. Almost daily, we witness or experience cynicism, impatience, or incivility. And it begins to wear on a soul. Overall, we’re not doing well. We need hope. We need truth. We need God.

    In The Kindness of God, pastor and teacher Nate Pickowicz shows how our lives m...

  • Reckless Christianity - Holly Pivec

    Bethel Church in Redding, California, is one of the most popular and polarizing churches in America. Home to the award-winning Bethel Music label, its songs are among the most used in churches. Thousands of people visit the church each year, drawn by reports of miraculous healings, the manifestat...

  • God's Kingdom Is Not of This World - Grace To You TV

  • Dangerous New Age Healing Methods - E.5 - New Age to New Heart

    The new age offers many healing modalities for trauma and health, but do they really work? Join Doreen Virtue, Jenn Nizza, and Jac Marino Chen as they discuss their experiences with “healing” in the new age and expose the danger behind these methods.

    We hope you enjoy this episode of New Age to...

  • Former Kathryn Krick Church Member Speaks Out! - Chris Rosebrough

    Pastor Chris continues to warn about the cult leader behavior of "Apostle" Kathryn Krick. This time, he shares the recent testimony of a young man who attended her gatherings for several years. He then takes the opportunity to look at Scripture's teaching on the topic of false teachers.


  • Copeland is Wrong: God Did NOT Create the Universe by Faith! - Chris Rosebrough

    Believing that God created the universe by using His faith is a foundational doctrine to Word of Faith theology. Teachers like Kenneth Copeland encourage people to view faith as a force that can be wielded to create the life they desire. Scripture teaches nothing close to this as Pastor Chris Ros...

  • The Charismatic Hamster-Wheel of Chasing After Signs - Long for Truth

    Charismatic pastors, teachers, and leaders are constantly telling their people to seek after signs, visions, dreams, tongues, and prophecy. Some even go so far to say that if you're not doing this, you may not even be a Christian.

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  • The Power of the Gospel (w/ Chris Gordon) - Theocast

    Paul declares to the church, "I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God." He urges us not to feel ashamed because the gospel embodies a power that transcends our universe – God's power. This concept often perplexes modern Christians. How can mere words encapsulate God's power? Th...

  • Stop Believing Their Lies About the Gospel! - Long for Truth

    Daniel Long addresses a specific error about the Gospel being spread by highly influential Charismatics. They claim that you preach an incomplete Gospel if you aren't also performing signs and wonders. Not only is this an attack on the nature of the Gospel but these leaders simply cannot practice...

  • Theonomy & Engaging with Culture | Ligon Duncan - E.16 - Room For Nuance

    Join Room For Nuance in a conversation with Ligon Duncan as they discuss Theonomy, the state of modern evangelicalism, how we are to engage with modern culture as Christians, and how we should approach disagreements with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

  • Cessationism Is Heresy? - Long for Truth

    Are Cessationists heretics? Is Cessationism a doctrine of demons? Daniel and Robin discuss the slanderous misrepresentations of Cessationism in this first in a series on the topic.

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  • The Generational Curse Fallacy - Long for Truth

    Are you having trouble getting married? Do you struggle with chronic illness? Are your finances constantly dwindling? Perhaps it's because you have a generational curse. Join us as we debunk, from the Scriptures, the fallacy of generational curses.

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  • When Charismatic Teachers Get Christ & the Trinity Wrong - Long & Rosebrough

    Daniel Long is joined by Pastor Chris Rosebrough to review and address some examples of serious Christological and Trinitarian errors being taught by popular Charismatic leaders. In doing so, Pastor Chris gives extremely helpful clarifications that are easy to understand.

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  • Disorders & Biblical Counseling | Deepak Reju - E.15 - Room For Nuance

    How should Christians think about mental disorders like ADHD, OCD, Depression, and Anxiety? Does the Bible have a category for these people? How can we best help those who suffer from these disorders through biblical counseling? How can we help someone who is struggling with addiction to some sor...

  • Spiritual Warfare Practical Biblical Advice - E.4 - New Age to New Heart

    On this episode of New Age to New Heart, Doreen Virtue, Jenn Nizza, and Jac Marino Chen share their experiences with spiritual warfare, discuss the biblical reasons for it, and share practical tips and encouragement on standing firm in the midst of attacks. Join us on this episode of New Age to N...

  • IHOPKC Prophetic History: A Response to Sam Storms - Steven Kozar

    Steve Kozar responds to Sam Storms, and helps explain the context of his original video critiquing the prophetic history of IHOPKC through weather records.

  • The Sins of Martin Luther - Chris Rosebrough

    Chris Rosebrough offers more context into the sins of Martin Luther, in light of Dr. Michael Brown's presentation in the roundtable discussion with Justin Peters and Jim Osman.

  • Roundtable: Peters & Osman vs. Brown & Storms

    3 seasons

    Every book in the New Testament, with the exception of Philemon, contains warnings about false teachings. Wolves in sheep's clothing pose a real threat to believers, and Scripture teaches us to mark and avoid them (Romans 16:17-18). However, there is substantial disagreement within the church reg...