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  • For the Cause of Truth - Don Green

    Many people today think that truth is unknowable or irrelevant. It's thought that individual perception of truth is all that matters. Pastor Don Green begins a series on the importance of contending for absolute truth. The truth is knowable and God has spoken clearly concerning it. We go to His w...

  • Exposing the Seed Faith Scam - Long for Truth

    Is it God's will that we give so that we can get? Is the principle of sowing and reaping about financial prosperity? Daniel and Robin take apart the unbiblical doctrine of "Seed Faith" to show that it's all a scam designed to profit false prophets. God doesn't bless us because of how much we give...

  • Fully Preach the Gospel? - Rick Becker - AG3 Clip

    Does Romans 15:18-20 teach that signs and wonders are necessary to fully preach the gospel? Is the gospel powerless without signs and wonders? What is the power of God for salvation? Rick Becker, from Famine in the Land helps explain the full context of this verse, along with what the rest of Scr...

  • How to Shine the Clear Light of Scripture Pt A - Grace To You TV

  • Witchcraft and God - S8:E34 - The Way of the Master

    Witchcraft is still a thing, and it's still an abomination to God.

  • Though He Slay Me - E.10 - Breaking Bethel

    Jesse talks about his recent health diagnosis through his new theological understanding of God's will and healing, compared to his old theology from Bethel.

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  • Road Trip to Truth (Season 3) - John Fabarez

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    Buckle up! We’re back with a third season of Road Trip to Truth.

    Follow host John Fabarez as he tackles the existence of aliens, tests the authenticity of the Bible, reveals the true purpose of sex, explores the effects of social media, and so much more!

    Thirteen brand-new episodes of Road Trip...

  • The Letter of Jude - Alistair Begg

    The book of Jude is a brief letter written by one of Jesus’ half brothers to urge the early church to keep the faith and to warn them about false teachers. But before broaching those subjects, Jude begins by establishing several truths that are vital for God’s people everywhere to understand. Ali...

  • Teach Us How to Pray - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    What does Biblical prayer look like? Is the authority for what takes place on this earth in the control of professing believers and their declarations, or does Scripture say otherwise? This episode will take a look at two different sermons on the topic of prayer while considering some thoughtful ...

  • A Life that Matches Your Faith Pt 2 - Grace To You TV

  • Repent and Believe - S8:E33 - The Way of the Master

    The Living Waters team continues to evangelize the lost in Huntington Beach, CA.

  • Is the Asbury Revival a True Revival? - Chris Rosebrough

    In February of 2023, continuous revival meetings at Asbury University Chapel went viral across social media. Revival seekers from across America and some from overseas came to see the excitement for themselves. Since then, many have been asking about the genuineness of the event. Pastor Chris Ros...

  • Psalm 139 - Alistair Begg

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    Sermons from Psalm 139.

  • Do Christians Need Demons Cast Out of Them? - Chris Rosebrough

    Are indwelling demons the reason behind all of our problems in the Christian life? Many in the Charismatic movement believe so. In this episode, Pastor Chris Rosebrough responds to a teaching by Isaiah Saldivar, a self professed “demon slayer.” Many people have been abused by this erroneous pract...

  • The Jesus of History - E.12 - The Humble Skeptic Podcast

    Shane Rosenthal was raised in a Jewish home but became an atheist at a very early age. Some years later, however, he ended up losing faith in atheism and converted to Christianity. On this podcast he talks with people from a wide variety of worldviews and perspectives in order explore the beliefs...

  • Life Matches Your Faith Pt 1 - Grace To You TV

  • Biblical Greek Refutes Modern Glossolalia - Digging Deeper

    Sam Storms and Wayne Grudem are respected scholars who promote modern glossolalia. Storm's book “The Language of Heaven” is considered to be one of the best apologetic defenses. In this video, however, I would like to demonstrate how Biblical Greek refutes modern glossolalia. Thereby, the researc...

  • A Message for Isaiah Saldivar's Followers - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    Recently, Isaiah Saldivar released a video in reaction to a few topics, including a reaction to the extended trailer for the upcoming docuseries, American Gospel: Spirit and Fire.

    This video will be a reaction video to his reaction video, with the intention of providing information not provided ...

  • A Tale of Revival and Super Bowl Prophecy - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    On February 8, 2023, a normal chapel service on the campus of Asbury University turned into a days long and ongoing revival. Many people from all over the country are now flocking to this very location, seeking revival. Other reports are coming out where students at other colleges are gathering t...

  • Fake or Authentic? (Part 2) - E.11 - The Humble Skeptic Podcast

    How can we tell whether a painting signed by Claude Monet is authentic or not? Similarly, how can we know for certain that the New Testament Gospels aren’t fictional stories, but real historical accounts of the life of Jesus? On this episode, Shane Rosenthal continues his conversation of this sub...

  • The Asbury Revival & More - E.8 - Breaking Bethel

    Jesse's thoughts on the Asbury Revival, Brian & Jenn Johnson's interview, and cessationism.

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  • Apostles 101 - Chris Rosebrough

    These days, there are multitudes of people claiming to be apostles. We need to know what authority they are claiming for themselves and whether or not their claim is true. Pastor Chris lays a Biblical foundation for the qualifications of an Apostle of Christ as well as explaining a distinction co...

  • Bethel Sozo: The Disturbing Reality - Long For Truth

    What goes on in a "Sozo session" and is it a Biblical practice? Daniel and Robin expose the history and practices of Sozo to show the harm it can do to your mind and your faith. This is not Christian sanctification.
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  • Marriage Saved - S8:E32 - The Way of the Master