• Manifestation vs. Christian Prayer - E.7 - New Age to New Heart

    What is the dangerous difference between new age manifestation and Christian prayer? In a world of the law of attraction, vision boards, and self-help gurus, Doreen Virtue, Jenn Nizza, and Jac Marino Chen expose manifestation as a demonic counterfeit to Christian prayer.

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  • Why Decreeing and Declaring Can Destroy Your Faith - Long for Truth

    Have you ever been told that you should be decreeing and declaring the things you want to happen in your life? This is not how the Bible teaches us to pray, but multitudes of professing Christians around the world are engaging in this practice. Daniel and Robin outline the dangers of embracing th...

  • Teach Us How to Pray - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    What does Biblical prayer look like? Is the authority for what takes place on this earth in the control of professing believers and their declarations, or does Scripture say otherwise? This episode will take a look at two different sermons on the topic of prayer while considering some thoughtful ...

  • The Lord's Prayer - AG Sermon Series - Sean DeMars

    1 season

    "The Lord's Prayer" is an expository sermon series by Pastor Sean DeMars that takes us through the account of the Lord's Prayer in Matthew's gospel in hopes to strengthen our understanding of the intimate and continuous prayer life God intended for all of His children to have with Him.

  • The Habit of Prayer - S01.E02 - Redeeming Productivity

    For some reason just about every Christian struggles to pray. In this episode Reagan discusses why that is, and offers simple steps for how you can ensure that you’re daily doing this essential practice of every productive Christian.

  • Is the Lord's Prayer Vain Repetition? - Chris Rosebrough

    Jesus taught His disciples not to pray like the pagans by heaping up many words just to pray longer. But some believe this would also apply to repeating the Lord's prayer daily. Wouldn't it just become vain repetition and lose it's meaning if you do it every day? Chris Rosebrough looks at Matthew...

  • The Need for Prayer - Alistair Begg

    Paul did not hide his vulnerability to the Enemy's accusations, to pride, or even to depression. In his letters, however, the apostle's main concern was not for his personal battles. Instead, he continually asked his readers to pray that he might have utterance and boldness to proclaim the Gospel...

  • Should We Pray in Tongues? - Don Green

    Charismatics and Pentecostals believe that God wants to give individual believers their own personal prayer language. It is claimed that nothing fosters intimacy with God like praying in the spirit. Pastor Green holds up these contemporary claims to the plumb line of God’s Word to see how they li...

  • Why Decreeing and Declaring is NOT Prayer - Chris Rosebrough

    What is Biblical prayer? With new prayer techniques becoming popular throughout the American Church, Pastor Rosebrough takes his audience back to the simple teachings of Scripture. 

  • Our Eyes Look to Thee (Psalm 123) - Don Green

    When we pray, the important thing is not how long we pray or how intensely we voice our requests, but rather our focus should be on the Lord Himself. His character, His word, His promises. We look to Him, for He is all our hope and He will be gracious to those who wait on Him.

  • Bold Prayers? - Chris Rosebrough

    Many popular teachers today would have you think that God looks down on His people praying for little things. Jenzen Franklin is one such megachurch leader that scorns "get by prayers" and "prayers for daily bread". Is God looking for audacious and brash prayers for success, wealth, and glory, or...

  • Prompt Prayer - Steadfast Hope - Dr. Steven J. Lawson - 5/5/21

    Steadfast Hope, with Dr. Steven J. Lawson, livestreams today at 8:00 AM (CT) on AGTV! (M-T-W-F 8:00 AM CT)

  • Constant Prayer - Steadfast Hope - Dr. Steven J. Lawson - 5/4/21

    Steadfast Hope, with Dr. Steven J. Lawson, livestreams today at 8:00 AM (CT) on AGTV! (M-T-W-F 8:00 AM CT)

  • Thankful Prayer - Steadfast Hope - Dr. Steven J. Lawson - 5/3/21

    Steadfast Hope, with Dr. Steven J. Lawson, livestreams today at 8:00 AM (CT) on AGTV! (M-T-W-F 8:00 AM CT)

  • Answered Prayer - Steadfast Hope - Dr. Steven J. Lawson - 4/5/21

    Steadfast Hope, with Dr. Steven J. Lawson, livestreams today at 8:00 AM (CT) on AGTV! (M-T-W-F 8:00 AM CT)

  • A Request for Prayer - The Bible Study - Dr. Steven J. Lawson - 3/25/21

    The Bible Study, with Dr. Steven J. Lawson, livestreams on Thursdays at 7:00 AM (CT).

  • Daniel's Prayer - Alistair Begg

    Daniel 8 describes another difficult and disturbing vision that the prophet experienced. To help us understand these apocalyptic pictures, Alistair Begg reminds us that their purpose is to comfort believers’ hearts during times of trouble. God wants His people to know that the hardships and perse...

  • MTD and True Prayer - Don Green

    Our culture encourages prayer to the god of convenience whenever we need help or desire something that will make us happy. Many think they are praying to the One True God. But this view of prayer and this view of God are opposite to what the Bible actually teaches.