Redeeming Productivity - Reagan Rose

Redeeming Productivity - Reagan Rose

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This is Redeeming Productivity, a podcast where we talk about technology, techniques, and theology in the light of the Bible, to help Christians get more done and glorify God in how they do it.

Redeeming Productivity - Reagan Rose
  • The Christian Approach to Habit Formation - S01.E01 - Redeeming Productivity

    Episode 1

    In this first episode, Reagan looks at the specific instructions the Bible gives for how Christians are to eliminate bad habits and cultivate good ones.

  • The Habit of Prayer - S01.E02 - Redeeming Productivity

    Episode 2

    For some reason just about every Christian struggles to pray. In this episode Reagan discusses why that is, and offers simple steps for how you can ensure that you’re daily doing this essential practice of every productive Christian.

  • The Habit of Planning - S01.E03 - Redeeming Productivity

    Episode 3

    Too many believers flit through life without a plan, wondering why we don’t see growth or success in our endeavors. The problem is that we aren't disciplined in looking ahead; we don’t make planning a habit.

  • Scripture Memorization - S01.E04 - Redeeming Productivity

    Every Christian should make a regular practice of memorizing passages from the Bible. In this episode, Reagan discuses why Scripture memorization is so important and offers some strategies and resources to help you get started.

  • Interview with Joe Barnard - S01.E05 - Redeeming Productivity

    Episode 5

    Joe Barnard of Cross Training Ministries helps Christian men develop habits. In this episode Reagan talks to Joe about the little habits that lead to big transformation.

  • Rest - S01.E06 - Redeeming Productivity

    Episode 6

    When you say, "rest" most people think sleep. But while sleep is important, our need for rest goes beyond just catching Z's. In this episode, Reagan talks about the different kinds of rest we need and how to make each of them a habit so we don’t burn out.

  • Bible Reading - S01.E07 - Redeeming Productivity

    Episode 7

    Many believer struggle be consistent in their Bible Reading. In this episode, Reagan talks about reasons to make Bible reading a daily habit as well as some strategies to stay consistent.

  • The Habit of Fellowship - S01.E08 - Redeeming Productivity

    Episode 8

    If you want to lead a productive Christian life, it’s impossible to do it alone. You need fellowship. In this episode, Reagan talks about how fellowship with other believers is nothing something we should leave to chance, but rather a habit to be cultivated.