Redeeming Productivity - Reagan Rose

Redeeming Productivity - Reagan Rose

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This is Redeeming Productivity, a podcast where we talk about technology, techniques, and theology in the light of the Bible, to help Christians get more done and glorify God in how they do it.

Redeeming Productivity - Reagan Rose
  • How Personal Productivity Relates to the Gospel - S2:E1 - Redeeming Productivity

    Episode 1

    If we want our productivity to really count, it has to be rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Why Productivity Can Never Give You Peace - S2:E2 - Redeeming Productivity

    Episode 2

    For most people, their productivity journey begins with a crisis. They've got too much to do, and not enough time to do it. So they turn to books and podcasts on time management and getting more done. They're looking for something that can help them find peace. But the truth is productivity can n...

  • Habits for Growth with Darryl Dash - S2:E3 - Redeeming Productivity

    Episode 3

    In this episode, Reagan talks to Darryl Dash, pastor and author of 8 Habits for Growth. They discuss the simplicity of spiritual growth, the habits believers should be practicing, and some of the things that get in the way of growing spiritually.

  • How to Curate Your Information Diet - S2:E4 - Redeeming Productivity

    Episode 4

    In an age of unlimited information, proactively choosing what we fill our eyes, ears, and hearts with is more important than ever. The articles we read, the podcasts we listen to, and the videos we consume have a profound effect on our beliefs and how we see the world. Are you being wise in what ...

  • Heart & Habits with Dr. Greg Gifford - S2:E5 - Redeeming Productivity

    Episode 5

    Should we read our Bibles even when we don't feel like it? In this episode, Reagan talks to Dr. Greg Gifford, Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling at The Master's University, about his new book Heart & Habits: How We Change for Good.

  • My Beef with Getting Things Done & David Allen - S2:E6 - Redeeming Productivity

    Episode 6

    If you've been into productivity for any length of time you've probably come across the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. Well, I've got major beef with GTD, and I want to tell you exactly why.

  • Growth, Goals & Greek with Darryl Burling - S2:E7 - Redeeming Productivity

    Episode 7

    In this episode, Reagan chats with Darryl Burling. Darryl has a Ph.D. in biblical counseling and is the creator of Master New Testament Greek, an online program designed to help anyone learn to read the New Testament in the original Greek. We talk about setting spiritual growth goals and the impo...

  • Work-from-Home Integrity - S2:E8 - Redeeming Productivity

    Episode 8

    In the age of remote work, the best way to be the light of Christ to your coworkers is by having a reputation for integrity. In this episode, I share a few tips on how to make sure you’re not cutting corners working from home and actually being a blessing to your employer.