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  • Revivalism (with Ken Jones) - Theocast

    For today’s episode, Jon and Justin are joined by Ken Jones (pastor of Glendale Baptist Church and host of Saints and Sinners Unplugged). The guys talk about revivalism. There are two distinct traditions within American Protestantism: one is the confessional/ordinary means of grace tradition; the...

  • The Real Deal: How to Identify Revival - Long for Truth

    People have asked Daniel and Robin to give their opinion of the Asbury revival meetings. Instead, they take a look at the Toronto blessing to contrast true and false revival.

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  • Is the Asbury Revival a True Revival? - Chris Rosebrough

    In February of 2023, continuous revival meetings at Asbury University Chapel went viral across social media. Revival seekers from across America and some from overseas came to see the excitement for themselves. Since then, many have been asking about the genuineness of the event. Pastor Chris Ros...

  • The Asbury Revival & More - E.8 - Breaking Bethel

    Jesse's thoughts on the Asbury Revival, Brian & Jenn Johnson's interview, and cessationism.

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  • Lakeland: The Godless Revival - Long for Truth

    Unlike the Toronto and Brownsville revival meetings, The Lakeland revival was a one man show led by Todd Bentley. Todd pretended to heal people in dramatic ways by kicking and punching individuals "with the power of God". The revival attracted tons of attention throughout the Charismatic world. P...

  • Isaiah Saldivar’s Claim that Signs & Wonders are Required - Chris Rosebrough

    Isaiah Saldivar is an up and coming “revivalist” in the Charismatic world. He claims that you cannot preach the full Gospel without signs, wonders, and miracles. Chris Rosebrough shows how Saldivar mishandles Scripture to get to these conclusions. Chris then reminds us where the power of God actu...

  • The False Apostles and Fake Angels of the Lakeland Revival - Long for Truth

    Major leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation came to Lakeland to lay hands on Todd Bentley and put their apostolic stamp of approval on the movement. The abysmal lack of discernment of Bill Johnson, Che Ahn, John Arnott and others is just one more reason to reject their claims to spiritual auth...

  • Lou Engle: All That Glitters Is Not Gold - BEZELT3

    NAR prophet Lou Engle is obsessed with revival. He is a leading "revivalist" known for gathering thousands in huge stadiums to call down revival. But the revival he works tirelessly to create is counterfeit.

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  • Is Revival Something That Can Be Manufactured? - Core Live - 9/27/22

    Is Revival Something That Can Be Manufactured?
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  • Revivalism (Part 5) - E.8 - Steve & Paulette’s Place

    In this episode, Steve and Paulette talk about the role of marketing and promotion in Revivalism. Also, we will dissect some (really) bad modern revivalism videos from Bill Johnson and others. Plus, we’ll delve into the topic of Billy Graham, The CCM industry and the prominent place that nostalgi...

  • Revivalism (Part 4) - E.7 - Steve and Paulette’s Place

    In this episode, Steve and Paulette go through an old hymnal from the church they attended as teenagers. They examine the effects of emotionalism, mysticism, and of course, Revivalism in some very popular hymns and compare those lyrics to hymns that are older and more theologically grounded. Ther...

  • Consider Revival III: God’s Response to the Enemy’s Lies - The Whole Counsel

    *The audio this week is a little “off.” Due to a technical difficulty we had to use our secondary audio. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Hezekiah, as John and Steve discussed last week, was not a perfect king. But he was faithful. He trusted in the Lord and His hand. He destroyed the idols a...

  • Consider Revival IV: Repenting Leaders - The Whole Counsel

    After three weeks of looking at Old Testament accounts of God’s nearness—what we would call “revival” today—John Snyder and Steve Crampton begin this week to examine a historical revival mentioned earlier in the series.

    This revival took place in Scotland in the 17th century. Before it began, ...

  • Consider Revival V: Seeking Revival Practically - The Whole Counsel

    This is the fifth and final episode of John Snyder and Steve Crampton discussing revival. Last week they introduced a little book called *The Causes of the Lord’s Wrath against Scotland Manifested in His Sad, Late Dispensations.* In that book, Presbyterian pastors across Scotland joined together ...

  • Consider Revival II: Hezekiah's Repentance - The Whole Counsel

    The story of Hezekiah is one of God's faithfulness. The king came from a line of wicked fathers who abandoned God. But Hezekiah's heart was turned toward God and He drew near to His people. We would call that a revival. In this episode, John and Steve Crampton discuss this Old Testament revival a...

  • Consider Revival I: Nineveh - The Whole Counsel

    We are all aware of the story of Nineveh, but how many of us ever looked to this story to learn how we should pray for revival? John is joined by Steve Crampton, a member of Christ Church New Albany, to see what we can learn from Jonah and the pagans of Nineveh.

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  • Revivalism (Part 3) - E.6 - Steve & Paulette's Place

    In this third installment of the series on Revivalism, Steve and Paulette talk about the most influential preacher from the Second Great Awakening, Charles Finney. This is the man whose message truly altered the state of Evangelicalism up until this very day. What’s amazing to learn is that Finne...

  • Revivalism (Part 1) - E.4 - Steve & Paulette's Place

    In this episode, the big topic of “revivalism” is addressed. The modern Evangelical movement began in the 1730’s with a series of revivals that came to be known as “The Great Awakening.” The immense influence of George Whitefield is still being debated today, and this video tries to explain why a...

  • Revivalism (Part 2) - E.5 - Steve & Paulette's Place

    This is the second episode on the big topic of “revivalism.” The modern Evangelical movement began in the 1730’s with a series of revivals that came to be known as “The Great Awakening.” The immense influence of that movement is still being debated today, and this video continues to delve into th...

  • Charles Finney & Evangelicalism - The White Horse Inn #206

    What happened to Evangelicalism? Why are doctrines such as justification by faith alone absent from the pulpit? Why is American Christianity so obsessed with their experiences? On this episode of the White Horse Inn our usual hosts will look at one of the main influences in American Christianity,...

  • The Situation Is Dire When A Revival Is Based On Fire - BEZELT3

    Charismatic leaders today work hard to create expectation of revival and call on Christians to work harder to make it happen. But who brings revival? The people of God or God Himself?

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  • The Toronto Blessing 2021: The Oily Residue of a Counterfeit Revival - BEZELT3

    The Toronto Blessing: It was quite the thing back in 1994 with animal noises and people rolling on the floor. Incredibly, there are those who are desperately trying to keep the flame alive. They completely ignore the words of Jesus, "An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign...

  • Altar Calls: The Lingering Stench of the Anxious Bench - BEZELT3

    Do you understand how altar calls became a thing? Do you know who Charles Finney was? God has brought some of His children to faith in altar call situations, but the concept is not Biblical and has caused a lot of damage over the years.

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