Road Trip to Truth (Season 2) - John Fabarez

Road Trip to Truth (Season 2) - John Fabarez

It’s time to hit the road-again! Road Trip to Truth is back with another season of student interactions and expert interviews.

Travel along as host John Fabarez covers the dangers of agnosticism, the deadly impact of porn, progressive sexuality, historical objections to Christianity, environmentalism, social-Darwinism, and much, much more.

With 13 jam-packed episodes, Road Trip equips you and your kids to defend the Christian faith at school, work, and everywhere in between.

Don’t miss a stop…on the Road Trip to Truth!

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Road Trip to Truth (Season 2) - John Fabarez
  • Christianity On Trial - S2:E1 - Road Trip to Truth

    If you share your faith with an unbeliever, you better be prepared to defend your faith because the world loves to put Christianity on trial. This episode of RTTT will equip you to do just that.

  • Agnosticism: Not A Middle Road - S2:E2 - Road Trip to Truth

    The fastest growing religious sect in the West is: agnosticism. This episode of RTTT dismantle the agnostic worldview and reveals it for what it is: an unsupportable faith system.

  • Religious Systems Failure - S2:E3 - Road Trip to Truth

    There are three major monotheistic religions in the world: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This episode of RTTT carefully examines all three to determine which monotheistic religion is true.

  • Everyone is a Philosopher - S2:E4 - Road Trip to Truth

    The world would love to have you and your kids exchange Christianity for one of these philosophical systems. This episode of RTTT scrutinizes these philosophies and concludes that Christianity is the only truly coherent worldview.

  • The Green Religion - S2:E5 - Road Trip to Truth

    The Left tells us to love the Mother. The right would tell you to drill, Baby, drill. But what does the Bible have to say about the environment? This episode of RTTT answers that question.

  • How Good is the Good News - S2:E6 - Road Trip to Truth

    MOST Christians lack joy, confidence, and assurance because they have never dived deep into the staggering truths of the Gospel. This episode of RTTT takes you on a deep dive into the glorious (and often unknown) truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • The Prologue to All Existence - S2:E7 - Road Trip to Truth

    Quick! Name one book that cogently explains: why we have two genders, multiple skin colors, different languages, borders, and court systems. This episode of RTTT reveals that the book of Genesis answers all of these questions.

  • The Fight of the Century (Part 1) - S2:E8 - Road Trip to Truth

    If you want to win the argument of abortion, this episode of RTTT will give you the tools to win. Every. Single. Time.

  • The Fight of the Century (Part 2) - S2:E9 - Road Trip to Truth

    Pro-choicers believe their position is defensible because of several basic arguments: privacy, bodily autonomy, women’s rights. This episode of RTTT dismantles all the pro-choice arguments to reveal that the pro-life position is defensible logically, scientifically, and theologically.

  • Loving Pornography = Loving Death - S2:E10 - Road Trip to Truth

    Do not be deceived, there are men in your church who consume pornography. Anyone with a cell phone has access to filthy images. This episode of RTTT will equip you to explain to men who struggle with this sin, why it is so harmful. Those reasons will surprise you.

  • Social Darwinism - S2:E11 - Road Trip to Truth

    What do the following names have in common? Theodore Roosevelt, Oliver Wendall Holmes, Karl Marx, Adolph Hitler. This episode of RTTT explores Charles Darwin’s profound influence on the entire 20th century.

  • Escape from Darwin’s World - S2:E12 - Road Trip to Truth

    Shopping, marketing, business, psychology, justice, government, sex. This episode of RTTT reveals Charles Darwins undeniable influence on all of these spheres.

  • Is You Sexuality on the Right Side of History? - S2:E13 - Road Trip to Truth

    Christians are accused of being on the wrong side of history because we believe there are two genders, and marriage is designed for a man and women. This episode of RTTT goes back in time to reveal just who exactly is on the right side of history.