Roman Catholicism: Through the Lens of Scripture - Mike Gendron

Roman Catholicism: Through the Lens of Scripture - Mike Gendron

10 Episodes

Many Christians do not know if the Roman Catholic Church is a Christian denomination made up of brothers and sisters in Christ, or an apostate church that represents a huge mission field. The doctrinal distinctions between Catholics and Christians were very clear until 60 years ago. However, since then the Vatican has been trying to unite all of Christianity under the power and influence of the papacy. Its strategy has been very effective in persuading highly influential evangelical leaders to sign unity accords with Roman Catholics that declare a common faith in the Gospel. Needless to say, the exclusivity and purity of the Gospel has been compromised such that many Christians cannot discern the true Gospel from a false gospel.

In this ten part series, evangelist Mike Gendron will look through the lens of Scripture to identify and expose the many doctrinal errors of the Roman Catholic Church. As a former devout Roman Catholic of 35 years, Mike knows the religion from personal experience. Since becoming a born-again Christian 40 years ago, he has directed a world-wide evangelistic outreach to the 1.3 billion Catholics who are in bondage to religious deception. This series will give you an understanding of the history of the Catholic Church as well as its future in Bible prophecy. Most importantly, you will learn how to effectively evangelize Roman Catholics using the supreme authority of God’s Word to proclaim our Lord Jesus Christ as the all-sufficient Savior who finished His perfect work of redemption. The series will also encourage you to contend earnestly for the faith for the glory and honor of Christ and the sanctity of His Church, as well as the purity and power of His Gospel.

Roman Catholicism: Through the Lens of Scripture - Mike Gendron
  • Establishing Scripture as the Supreme Authority - E.1 - Roman Catholicism

    Episode 1

    The Roman Catholic Church does not submit to the supreme authority of Scripture in matters of faith and practice. Yet, we must inform Catholics there is no higher authority than our almighty God and Creator, who reveals objective truth through His inspired, inerrant Word. Throughout Scripture we ...

  • Declaring the Sufficiency of Christ in Salvation - E.2 - Roman Catholicism

    Episode 2

    Did you know that Catholics worship and trust a false Christ who returns everyday to continue the work of redemption on an altar that the true Christ finished on the cross? In this episode evangelist and former Catholic, Mike Gendron looks through the lens of Scripture to contrast the Eucharistic...

  • Biblical Justification vs. Catholic Justification - E.3 - Roman Catholicism

    Episode 3

    The doctrine of justification declares the only way a sinner can become right with God. It reveals the inflexible righteousness of God as the Judge who cannot allow the guilty to go unpunished. The only way condemned sinners can be justified is through faith in the sin-bearing, substitutionary de...

  • How Different Are Evangelicals and Catholics? - E.4 - Roman Catholicism

    Episode 4

    Many people are confused about the faith of Roman Catholics. They don’t know if the Roman Catholic Church represents a huge mission that needs to be evangelized or if Catholics and Evangelicals are brothers in Christ. In this episode, Evangelist Mike Gendron looks through the lens of Scripture to...

  • The History of Roman Catholicism's Drift into Apostasy - E.5 - Roman Catholicism

    Episode 5

    Roman Catholicism’s drift into apostasy began when it no longer submitted to the authority of God’s Word. By elevating its religious traditions to be equal in authority to Scripture and declaring its bishops to be only valid interpreters of Scripture, they departed from the faith of the apostles....

  • The Papacy & the Catholic Church in the End Times - E.6 - Roman Catholicism

    Historically, Roman Catholicism has always strived for complete religious control of the entire planet and yet most people are unaware of the Vatican's aggressive agenda to unite all people under the power and influence of the papacy. This should not surprise us because the Bible reveals the end ...

  • Evangelizing Catholics Effectively - E.7 - Roman Catholicism

    Episode 7

    As we witness to Roman Catholics, we need to speak the truth in love and ask probing questions to challenge them in their unbelief. We need to know how the god of this world has blinded their eyes from the light of the Gospel and the glory of Christ. In this episode, evangelist Mike Gendron share...

  • Contending for the Faith Against the Ecumenical Movement - E.8 - R. Catholicism

    Episode 8

    The ecumenical unity movement between Roman Catholics and Evangelicals has been a direct assault on the purity and exclusivity of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this episode, evangelist Mike Gendron identifies the highly visible and influential evangelicals who have dishonored Christ by ...

  • Why Was the Reformation Necessary? - E.9 - Roman Catholicism

    Episode 9

    Many evangelicals have forgotten why the Reformers were brutally tortured and burned at the stake. Some are even calling the Reformation a mistake that divided the church. Others are trying to reverse the Reformation by signing unity accords with the Roman Catholic religion. Where do you stand on...

  • Responding to Common Objections - E.10 - Roman Catholicism

    Episode 10

    For over 30 years of ministering to Roman Catholics, evangelist Mike Gendron has heard numerous objections from Catholics who try to defend the false teachings of their apostate religion. In this episode, Mike uses the supreme authority of God’s Word to to defend the glory and honor of the Lord J...