Sanctify - Mike Abendroth

Sanctify - Mike Abendroth

5 Episodes

“Sanctify,” a five part teaching series, presents a biblical, Christ-centered approach to God’s sanctifying work and our response of faith and holy living. This very practical series is sure to motivate you to obey the triune God out of gratitude for your wonderful salvation.

Sanctify - Mike Abendroth
  • Sanctification - E.1 - Sanctify - Mike Abendroth

    Episode 1

    What is sanctification? Who sanctifies? Can you sanctify yourself? Definitions are important and in Episode 1 we carefully lay out definitions, terms and why the doctrine of sanctification is crucial. You will rejoice knowing God is conforming you to the image of Jesus!

  • Pursuing Holiness - E.2 - Sanctify - Mike Abendroth

    Episode 2

    What is the Christian’s response to God’s sanctifying work? The surprising answer is faith. Is there more? Yes. Christians pursue godliness. Christians strive, sweat, toil and fight to obey God’s law as fruit and evidence of God’s sanctifying work.

  • Questions & Clarity - E.3 - Sanctify - Mike Abendroth

    Episode 3

    In Episode 3, Mike answers several questions to help clarify the doctrine of Sanctification and how it relates to Justification. If you appreciate precision, you will like this episode.

  • Motivation for Holiness - E.4 - Sanctify - Mike Abendroth

    Episode 4

    Is sheer determination and trying harder the key for long lasting, Christian obedience? Or, on the other hand, is the key to holiness found in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ? Tune in to find out. Expect encouragement!

  • Errors - E.5 - Sanctify - Mike Abendroth

    Episode 5

    Pastor Mike wraps up the 5 part series on “Sanctify” by addressing a series of errors that should be avoided by all Christians (antinomianism, nomism, perfectionism and more!).