Social Justice

Social Justice

Social Justice
  • The REAL Solution to Racism (You've Been Lied To) - Anchored North

    In this episode of Honest Discourse, we explore racism and opposing perspectives on addressing the issue. At the heart of this discussion is a debate over racism's history, its present impact, and the hope for a solution. Watch as our conversationalists share their stories, respectfully challenge...

  • Why Racism Will Never End (The Shocking Truth)

    Honest Discourse hosts conversations on Christianity between people with diverse viewpoints. This series is produced by Anchored North.

  • Conversations About Race in the Church | Isaac Adams - E.13 - Room For Nuance

    Join Room For Nuance in a conversation with Isaac Adams, Lead pastor at Iron City Church in Birmingham Alabama, and author of Talking About Race: Gospel Hope for Hard Conversations.

  • Reforming Criminal Justice | Matthew Martens - E.7 - Room For Nuance Podcast

    Join Room For Nuance in a conversation with Matthew T. Martens, a trial lawyer, a seminary graduate, and the author of a forthcoming book entitled Reforming Criminal Justice: A Christian Proposal. Gain a better understanding of how our current system operates and consider how the love of neighbor...

  • Debunking White Christian Nationalism (Part 2) - Chris Rosebough

    Another false narrative used by White Nationalists is called “The Curse of Ham”. This false doctrine inserts a racial narrative into the story of Noah that isn’t there in order to justify segregation and slavery of people with dark skin. This twisted thinking has also been used to defend the prac...

  • Debunking White Christian Nationalism (Part 1) - Chris Rosebrough

    Did you know that there are White Nationalists who believe themselves to be Biblical Christians? They twist Scripture to claim that segregation based on skin color is the will of God. They also believe that European ethnicity is the favored “race” in God’s eyes. In this episode of “Fighting for t...

  • And Justice for All - S3:E8 - Road Trip to Truth

    One of the hottest buzzwords of our day is JUSTICE. If anyone should be able to engage helpfully on this subject, it’s Christians.

  • Race Relations & Justice - S2:E2 - Wield The Sword - Harrison & Walker

    What does Scripture say about Race Relations and Justice? Too often we approach this subject from a polemical standpoint. But we must approach it from Scripture. God created diversity for His glory. In this episode of Wield The Sword, Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker discuss God's glorious desi...

  • By What Standard? God’s World, God’s Rules - Founders Ministries


    In 1979 the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) formally entered into the “Battle for the Bible” that was raging within North American evangelicalism. Over the next 15 years, the SBC was returned to its historic commitments on the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture. Many of those who resisted...

  • Friendly Fire & Social Justice - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    It’s important that we clean up our own ranks. Do you oppose critical theory? Good! Do you oppose it in a way that is unbecoming of the Lord’s servant? (2 Timothy 2:24)

  • Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth - Thaddeus J. Williams

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    God does not suggest, he commands that we do justice.

    Social justice is not optional for the Christian. All injustice affects others, so talking about justice that
    isn't social is like talking about water that isn't wet or a square with no right angles. But the Bible's call to
    seek justice is no...

  • The Anti-Christ of Black Liberation Theology - E.114 - The Just Thinking Podcast

    Episode 114 (Live: 2021 G3 Conference)

  • Did God Really Say?! - Online Conference

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    The faith of everyday Christians is being undermined by constant, targeted attacks against the authenticity, veracity and sufficiency of the scriptures. Hence, "Did God really say?" (Genesis 3).

    The ‘Did God Really Say?’ conference is the brainchild of a partnership between:

    No! Apologies in Au...

  • Is Social Justice Biblical Justice? (P.1) - Trending vs. Truth (P.7)

    Is “Social Justice” Biblical Justice? Part 1 – In this sermon Tom Pennington explains how “social justice” is not compatible with biblical justice and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Is Social Justice Biblical Justice? (Pt. 2) - Trending vs. Truth (Pt. 8)

    Is “Social Justice” Biblical Justice? Part 2 – In this sermon Tom Pennington explains how “social justice” is not compatible with biblical justice and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Talking About Social Justice - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    In this episode, we wade carefully into the waters of "social justice." We begin by outlining some of the difficulties that arise when talking about this issue, including the importance of defining our terms carefully.

  • The Language of Social Justice - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    In this episode, we continue to build the foundation for discussing social justice. We talk about the way the English language changes over time, how people intuit the meanings of important terms like “justice", and discuss the importance of looking for the Aristotelian mean during these types of...

  • Defining “Justice” Biblically - Defend and Confirm podcast

    In this episode, we discuss the way the Bible speaks of “justice.” We look at the two Hebrew words translated as “justice” in our English bibles, and use them to build a framework for understanding the use of the word in modern discussion about “social justice”.

  • Is “Social Justice” a Marxist Concept? (Part 1) - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    The term “Social Justice” can be found in almost any discussion about society, politics, and religion, and many evangelicals have fully embraced the word. But what is the history of the term, and how might the ideological origins of “social justice” color its meaning? In this episode, we survey t...

  • Is “Social Justice” a Marxist Concept? (Part 2) - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    Following our analysis of the history and evolution of the term “social justice”, Sean and Russell ask an important question: How should we use this term? We look at the three major conceptions of the term that are popular today, and make the argument that Christians (and especially pastors) shou...

  • Our Critique of Critical Race Theory (Part 2) - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    In this week's episode, Russell and Sean offer their final critique of Critical Race Theory. What would you like to see them cover next? Leave your comments and suggestions below.

  • Critical Race Theory - E.108 - The Just Thinking Podcast

    Critical Race Theory, or CRT for short, is, for many professing evangelicals today, a philosophy that is steeped in confusion and ambiguity. That is by design. In this expanded episode of the Just Thinking podcast, Darrell Harrison and Virgil “Omaha” Walker spend more than three hours unpacking t...

  • Critical Theory Series - Defend and Confirm Podcast

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    In this series take a look at the major tenets of Contemporary Critical Theory (CCT).

  • What is Progressive Christianity? - The White Horse Inn - #1540

    Should we think of Jesus more as a model for living than as an object of worship? Did he die on the cross for our sins, or was he just some kind of martyr? Is life in this world more important than the afterlife? According to Michael J. Kruger, the liberal, progressive, or emergent answers to the...