Spiritual Warfare

  • Exposing Greg Locke - Long for Truth

    Greg Locke is a key leader among Charismatics who are fixated on "Deliverance Ministry". Daniel Long looks at Greg's antics and associations that make it clear we need to mark and avoid him in the Church.

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  • Spiritual Warfare Practical Biblical Advice - E.4 - New Age to New Heart

    On this episode of New Age to New Heart, Doreen Virtue, Jenn Nizza, and Jac Marino Chen share their experiences with spiritual warfare, discuss the biblical reasons for it, and share practical tips and encouragement on standing firm in the midst of attacks. Join us on this episode of New Age to N...

  • The Generational Curse Fallacy - Long for Truth

    Are you having trouble getting married? Do you struggle with chronic illness? Are your finances constantly dwindling? Perhaps it's because you have a generational curse. Join us as we debunk, from the Scriptures, the fallacy of generational curses.

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  • Alexander Pagani Fraudulent Generational Curses Teaching - Chris Rosebrough

    Alexander Pagani is a self proclaimed apostle who teaches that Christians are suffering from generational curses. Not surprisingly, he’s written a book containing the secret to breaking these curses in your life. Pastor Chris demolishes this false doctrine by untwisting the Scriptures and preachi...

  • How Do I Put on the Armor of God? - Theocast

    What is the armor of God? It is hard to put something on if you don’t first know what it is. Jon and Justin first help identify what Paul was using as the armor of God and then explain how the believers use the armor for their protection in their daily lives. The most important part of the armor ...

  • Angels in the Spiritual Outfield - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    Angelic visitations and visions are routinely claimed by leaders and followers in the hyper charismatic movement. These claims at times are sensational and awe inspiring to a captive audience. Some leaders in the New Apostolic Reformation rely heavily on angelic visions for guidance to the masses...

  • Up and Out - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    Last week's release of the film, Come Out in Jesus' Name, resulted in countless videos being posted, claiming that demons were cast out of people during a mass deliverance simulcast following the movie. Teachings surrounding Christian deliverance ministry have been around for decades, and they ar...

  • Do Christians Need Demons Cast Out of Them? - Chris Rosebrough

    Are indwelling demons the reason behind all of our problems in the Christian life? Many in the Charismatic movement believe so. In this episode, Pastor Chris Rosebrough responds to a teaching by Isaiah Saldivar, a self professed “demon slayer.” Many people have been abused by this erroneous pract...

  • Deliverance Hits the Big Screen - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    In March 2023, a movie centering on deliverance ministry is set to release in 2,000 theaters across the United States. Featured in this film are some of the popular deliverance ministers in the hyper charismatic church.

    Join me as we discuss this film, the history of the modern deliverance minis...

  • The Curse of Generational Curse Teaching - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    Ancestral spirits in the bloodline. Generational curses. Word curses. These types of beliefs and practices are perpetuated in areas of the Charismatic movement. Professing believers are instructed to seek deliverance for demons attached to bloodlines, said to be causing sin in one's life. Is this...

  • The Dishonoring of God in Popular Spiritual Warfare Teaching - Bob DeWaay

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    Many popular teachers question God's sovereign rule over His own creation. Their unbiblical scenario goes like this: God made Adam the ruler of the world; Adam committed "treason" and turned the rightful dominion of the earth over to Satan; and Christ's atonement was to regain this lost dominion....

  • Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory? - Jim Osman

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    “Spiritual warfare!”

    What is it and how do we wage it? Many “experts” on spiritual warfare teach a methodology for battling demons, taking territory, and canceling curses that sounds like something you would expect to find a Harry Potter novel. Practices such as binding and rebuking Satan, canc...

  • True and False Spiritual Warfare - Bob DeWaay

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    Spiritual warfare is a popular theme in many Charismatic and Evangelical churches, but look closely and you’ll see it’s very different from what the Bible describes. This “strategic level spiritual warfare” paradigm is about Christians learning complex and extra-biblical practices to do battle in...

  • Intro & Sufficiency - E.1 - Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory? - Jim Osman

    An introduction to biblical spiritual warfare and the doctrine of the sufficiency of scripture.

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  • Truth or Territory? - E.2 - Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory? - Jim Osman

    Looking at 2 Corinthians 10:3-6, Jim Osman contrasts two views of spiritual warfare: the truth view and the territory view.

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  • Hedges & Hexes - E.3 - Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory? - Jim Osman

    Have you ever heard someone “pray a hedge of thorns?” What is that? Is it biblical? What about generational curses? Does God curse children for the sins of their ancestors? Must those sins be renounced for the curse to be cancelled? Many think these practices constitute real spiritual warfare. In...

  • Binding & Rebuking - E.4 - Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory? - Jim Osman

    You have probably heard well-meaning Christians exercise their authority in Christ by rebuking the devil or binding him and his evil spirits. In this episode we look at these practices and the proof texts often used to support them.

  • Spiritual Mapping - E.5 - Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory? - Jim Osman

    Spiritual mapping is the practice of identifying Satan's hierarchy, naming demons, and doing battle against them. Some teach that this is necessary to claim cities, regions, and nations for Christ. In this episode we look at the practice and the biblical texts used to support it.

    This episode fe...

  • Demon Possession & Sanctification - E.6 - Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory?

    Modern spiritual warfare experts teach that exorcisms are something Christians should be performing today. Others believe that exorcisms are essential for our growth in sanctification. Are these things biblical? In episode 6, we take a look at what the Bible says about exorcisms and Christian san...

  • Authority & Exorcisms - E.7 - Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory? - Jim Osman

    Many mistakenly believe that Christ has granted us a near unlimited authority over the spiritual realm. They believe that this authority can be used to perform exorcisms to claim people back from Satan’s power. However, Scripture teaches that exorcisms are a miraculous sign that accompanied Jesus...

  • Ephesians 6 - E.8 - Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory? - Jim Osman

    In this final episode, we look at an often misused and misunderstood passage of Scripture - Ephesians 6. The Armor of God section of Ephesians is often treated in isolation from its context and used as a list for mantra style prayers. We will see how the Armor of God section is a fitting conclusi...