The Church

  • The Church - S2:E1 - Wield The Sword - Tom Ascol

    The responsibility of the Church is to honor Christ as its head and to go out and make disciples. It is not a democracy, it is a Christocracy. Everything a Church is to be and everything a Church is to do, needs to be grounded in the Scriptures. In this episode of Wield The Sword, Dr. Tom Ascol a...

  • Church and Culture - E.116 - The Just Thinking Podcast

    We hear that phrase that Christians are ‘in the world, but not of the world’—but do we really understand what is meant by that? Do we have any idea from where that concept is derived in Scripture? In this episode of the Just Thinking Podcast, Darrell Harrison and Virgil “Omaha” Walker look closel...

  • How Do I Find a Good Church? - E.8 - The Rule of Faith - Adriel Sanchez

    How do you find a good church? In the final episode of ‘The Rule of Faith’ Pastor Adriel concludes the series by talking about the distinctive marks of the church. In a day and age where people are choosing churches on the basis of their music programs, or motivational messages, Pastor Adriel hig...

  • The Catholic and Apostolic Church - E.7 - The Rule of Faith - Adriel Sanchez

    In episode 7 of ‘The Rule of Faith’ Pastor Adriel continues his discussion on the attributes of the church. In this segment he covers catholicity and apostolicity. What does it mean that the church is catholic? Pastor Adriel explains that this word highlights the church’s universality with regard...

  • The One Holy Church - E.6 - The Rule of Faith - Adriel Sanchez

    In Episode 6 of ‘The Rule of Faith’ Pastor Adriel begins to discuss the attributes of the church. With all of the divisions and scandals in the church today, how can we confess that the church is both “One” and “Holy”? Watch as Pastor Adriel explains the biblical basis for the church’s unity and ...

  • Church Membership Preserves the Gospel - Defend and Confirm pdcast

    Does your church practice meaningful church membership and church discipline? It should. In this episode, we explain why.

    Also, a glitch with our digital recorder left us with camera-only audio for this episode, so enjoy listening to what sounds like two people talking inside of a tin can.

  • What is a Church? - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    In this inaugural episode, we discuss the scriptural definition of a church, how this definition gives shape to the gospel, some of the ways that the local church can undermine the gospel by deviating from this definition. Being a first episode, we also made sure to have a major technical glitch....

  • The Church: Pillar and Ground of the Truth


    This feature-length documentary designed to help you learn about the true nature of the church and how it is intended to function. The more we understand this, the more we will love the church. The more we learn how the church aids our faith and brings glory to God, the more we will thank God for...

  • Church Planting Movements - Defend and Confirm Podcast

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    This series analyzes and critiques Multiplying Movements. Commonly known as Church Planting Movements or Disciple Making Movements, these missiological paradigms have become the standard in evangelical missions. But are they wise?

  • The Habit of Fellowship - S01.E08 - Redeeming Productivity

    If you want to lead a productive Christian life, it’s impossible to do it alone. You need fellowship. In this episode, Reagan talks about how fellowship with other believers is nothing something we should leave to chance, but rather a habit to be cultivated.

  • Defining “Church” - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    Continuing our discussion of social justice, we begin to hammer out some fundamental terms. In this episode, we define the word "church." If you want to think rightly about social justice, you have to understand the mission of the church. If you want to understand the mission of the church, you h...

  • Celebrityism and the Multisite Church - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    If you’ve listened to our episodes on the biblical definition of a “church”, you’ve probably figured out that we don’t believe the multisite church model is healthy, or biblical. In this episode, we unpack our concern that multisite churches are particularly at risk for developing a culture of ce...

  • Good and Bad Ways to Think About the Mission of the Church - Defend and Confirm

    Much of the current buzz about social justice centers on what the church should be doing in the world. But what is the mission of the church? As we discuss in this episode, the mission of the church is far more specific than many evangelicals believe it to be. When we we add to that mission, even...

  • Elders and Deacons (Part I) - The Whole Counsel

    This week Chuck is joined by Teddy James to discuss the importance of an elder's character. Chuck has been preaching through the qualifications of elders and deacons for several weeks at Christ Church New Albany. 

    Listen to Chuck's series here:

  • Elders and Deacons (Part 2) - The Whole Counsel

    Chuck and Teddy conclude their discussion on the qualifications of elders and deacons in this week's episode. While there are specifics edicts, the principle behind each of them is that an elder and deacons must be a man "above reproach."

    Show Notes:

  • Do I Have to Go to Church to Be a Christian? - The White Horse Inn - #1376

    Many Christians in our time seem to think that church attendance is optional, particularly in an age like ours with so many online options. But is this a healthy outlook? Is it even biblical? On this program, the hosts discuss this question and offer numerous reasons why it is not only important ...