The Church: From a Biblical Perspective - G3 Conference (2014)

The Church: From a Biblical Perspective - G3 Conference (2014)

The church was founded by Jesus Christ and serves the purpose of bringing glory, honor, and praise to God. In our present day landscape of American evangelicalism, the church is being morphed into concert halls, entertainment stages, and country clubs. The younger generation today is being raised without any connection or commitment to the church of Jesus Christ. In fact, many churches are forming Saturday night services and minimizing worship opportunities in order to accommodate the pace of our American families. The culture is trying to change the church into something modern, convenient, cheap, and non-intrusive. In the process, doctrine has taken a backseat to pragmatics and the pulpit has been replaced with entertainment programs. From coffee shop churches to Internet churches – there is a massive problem that must be addressed in our modern culture. Let us not forget that while all of these modern advancements take place that are morphing the foundation of the church, hundreds of thousands of small dying churches are preparing to breathe their last breath. The subject of the church is a vital issue that must be addressed and it must be addressed from the counsel of sacred Scriptures.

The Church: From a Biblical Perspective - G3 Conference (2014)
  • The Church's Call to Biblical Preaching - Dr. Steven J. Lawson (G3 2014)

    In 2 Timothy, we find Paul's last recorded words before his execution in Rome. His final exhortation to Timothy is a solemn command to all preachers to be deadly serious with truth and boldly proclaim God's Word in every season. The Church doesn't need more preachers. It needs better preachers......

  • The Radically Ordinary Life of the Christian - Tim Challies (G3 2014)

    Tim Challies preaches from 1 Thessalonians 4 about the simple and quiet life that God calls His people to live. Living with purity and genuine love for others in a world of sexual perversion and self indulgence is radical yet normal for the Christian. To live this way requires a miracle, and that...

  • The Worshipping Church - Conrad Mbewe (G3 2014)

    Christ’s work on the cross made it possible for people to know God and worship Him in every corner of the earth. We don’t have to make pilgrimages to Jerusalem. We’ve received new hearts and the Holy Spirit, enabling us to worship the Lord rightly in our homes and in our local churches. Our song ...