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The Genesis - Biblical Theology with Emilio Ramos

Jesus, Not Darwin - The Genesis (Episode 1) - Emilio Ramos

Episode 1 • 20m

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    The book of Genesis is not typically where people go today in their bible’s to learn about eschatology. In this episode of The Genesis, we will see the extensive nature of the Genesis prologue in the area of eschatology and how that is connected to all of Scripture.

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    Heaven and Earth are created in relationship to one another. We often forget that like earth, heaven had a beginning, God alone is eternal. What we come to find out in Genesis and as Scripture unfolds, is that Earth is patterned after heaven. Earth is presented in Scripture as a copy of the heave...

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    In this episode of The Genesis we explore the theology of the days of creation and how they point us to the themes of redemption, and the person and work of Jesus Christ.