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Why is Jesus' Departure Good News? - E.7 - He Ascended - Phill Howell

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A Response to Defenders of Slain in the Spirit - Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget

The Holy Spirit • 5m 46s

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  • Why is Jesus' Departure Good News? - ...

    Would you rather have Jesus above you in heaven or beside you on earth? In John 16:5-14 Jesus explains why His ascension is good news for His disciples and the rest of the world. The big idea of this final episode is that it is better for Jesus to be above you than for Him to be beside you.

  • What is the Way to Worship? - E.5 - H...

    Since Jesus ascended into heaven, what should we be doing now? Should we also be try to “ascend” up to God? This episode looks at Hebrews 10:19-25 because this passage clearly teaches that Jesus’ ascension opened up the only way for humans to meet with God for worship.

  • What is the End of Jesus’ Journey? - ...

    Where is Jesus right now and why did He ascend into heaven? This episode examines Ephesians 4:1-16 in order to answer these two questions. This study will show how the gift of the Holy Spirit maintains the unity of the church and fills the world with the presence of Jesus. Even though Jesus’ resu...