The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

The person and work of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit
  • Conversion (John Blair) - The Whole Counsel

    What happens when God gives spiritual life to a rebellious sinner? What do we mean by the word conversion? John Blair helps us answer these questions, and gives us many more questions to ask regarding the rescuing of fallen people in this week's sermon.

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  • Are You A Second Class Christian? - BEZELT3

    Pentecostals and many Charismatics believe that baptism in the Holy Spirit is subsequent to conversion and is conditional based on the total surrender of the individual. Does this view pass the test of the whole counsel of God's Word? No, we receive the Holy Spirit in the new birth and it is a fr...

  • A Case for Cessationism - Tom Pennington

  • The Work of the Holy Spirit (George Whitefield) - The Whole Counsel

    Who is the Holy Spirit and what is His role in turning someone from a person who hates the law of God to someone who loves to meditate on it night and day? George Whitefield explains that while spending a great deal of his time pleading with sinners to cry out to the Holy Spirit to do the work th...

  • Regeneration - The Whole Counsel

    Richard Owen Roberts says regeneration is one of the most important doctrines American Evangelicalism must reexamine. That is a bold statement, but it bears much truth. This week's sermon by Jonathan Dickinson, "The Nature and Necessity of Regeneration" is a prime example of how much understandin...

  • Roundtable Discussion: Prophetic Standards Statement - Peters, Johnson, & Osman

    This is an extremely important and helpful breakdown of the Prophetic Standards Statement that was signed by many Charismatic and New Apostolic Reformation leaders in 2021. Justin Peters, Phil Johnson, and Jim Osman discuss the top theological concerns and what Scripture teaches about the real gi...

  • 2020: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year for the Prophets

    6 items

    A 6-part series with Justin Peters, reviewing the false prophecy of 2020.

  • A Look at Healing - Don Green

    Faith healers today travel the globe healing invisible maladies such as headaches and back pain. They claim greater miracles but rarely if ever offer evidence. So what is the gift of healing according to Scripture and how did it operate in Biblical History? Don Green takes a hard look at these cl...

  • A Look at Prophecy - Don Green

    The Church landscape across the world today is full of those who claim to speak new revelation on behalf of God. These self appointed prophets have created very low standards for themselves, but say that their standards are Biblical. Don Green lays out the clear and unwavering standard that God h...

  • God's Guidance Today - Don Green

    Dreams, visions, and whispers from Heaven dominate the bookshelves in many so-called Christian bookstores today. Do believers have all they need in Scripture to know the will of God and carry it out? Pastor Don Green wraps up his series on the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts with the all-importan...

  • A Look at Tongues - Don Green

    Few things have caused as much confusion in the Body of Christ as has the question of speaking in tongues. Pentecostals believe you will speak in tongues if you have received the Holy Spirit. Charismatics believe that speaking in tongues reveals a deeper connection to God. But does Scripture supp...

  • When the Healing Doesn't Come - Don Green

    How we think about sickness has a lot to do with how we think about life in general. In this sermon, Don Green encourages his hearers to step back and think about the big picture with an eternal perspective. All of life is meant to be lived for the glory of God, to love and trust Him more. Sickne...

  • Should We Pray in Tongues? - Don Green

    Charismatics and Pentecostals believe that God wants to give individual believers their own personal prayer language. It is claimed that nothing fosters intimacy with God like praying in the spirit. Pastor Green holds up these contemporary claims to the plumb line of God’s Word to see how they li...

  • The Holy Spirit & The Church Today - Don Green

    What is the work of the Spirit in the corporate gathering of believers? Pastor Don Green explores the Scriptures to see how God’s Spirit works in the local church. The Church would wither up and cease to exist if not for the ongoing ministry of the Holy Spirit. He brings Christians together in un...

  • A Biblical History of Sign Gifts - Don Green

    Both Old and New Testaments record specific periods of time when miraculous signs were prevalent. What is a true miracle and what is God’s purpose in it? Pastor Don Green explores the Biblical narrative regarding supernatural phenomena to answer these questions and debunk common misunderstandings...

  • The Finality of the Apostles - Don Green

    There’s a growing belief that God is restoring the office of Apostle to the church worldwide and that we can’t accomplish the will of God without them. But is this true, or were Apostles only those directly appointed by Christ during the early days of the Church? Pastor Don Green details why He b...

  • The Apostles & Sign Gifts - Don Green

    It is crucial in these days of widespread spiritual deception to have a foundational understanding of the ministry of Christ’s Apostles. With thousands around the world claiming to be Apostles today, we must rediscover what the Bible teaches about the office of Apostle. The true Apostles had uniq...

  • Supernatural Schools Commit the Sin of Simony - Chris Rosebrough

    You Don't Have to be a cecessionist to know that supernatural schools of ministry are committing the sin of Simony.

  • Scripture Forbids Speaking Tongues Without an Interpreter - Chris Rosebrough

    Scripture Forbids Speaking Tongues Without an Interpreter

  • Tongues is NOT for Every Believer - Chris Rosebrough

    You don't have to be a cessationist to know that the gift of tongues is NOT for every believer.

  • Giving a False Prophecy Makes You a False Prophet - Chris Rosebrough

    You don't have to be a cessationist to know that giving false prophecy makes you a false prophet.

  • The Holy Spirit Won't Contradict the Written Word - Chris Rosebrough

    You don't have to be a cessationist to know that the Holy Spirit won't contradict His written word.

  • The Spirit of Truth - Chris Rosebrough

    The Holy Spirit of God does not contradict His Word. He does not empower the ministries of those who rebel against the clear commands of Scripture. This is important to understand when analyzing claims of power and inspiration by leaders of the Charismatic Movement.

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