The New Apologetics - Emilio Ramos

The New Apologetics - Emilio Ramos

the new apologetics exist to confront the challenges facing the church in the 21st-century by responding to the emergence of globalism, futurism, transhumanism, pagan spirituality and sexuality with a robust theology that is rooted in the eschatological superstructure of Scripture and the theology of the Image of God in the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ while the earth remains.

The New Apologetics - Emilio Ramos
  • The New Apologetics that No One Talks About - E.1 - The New Apologetics

    Emilio Ramos, founder of Red Grace Media, provides an in depth review of the new apologetics that Christians must know. New Christian apologetics are not to replace the top evidences for the Bible, top evidences for the existence of God, top evidences for the resurrections of Jesus Christ, or evi...

  • The Onslaught of Pagan Spirituality - E.2 - The New Apologetics

    Does a "new apologetic" mean we do away with traditional Christian apologetics? Absolutely not. But, our culture has not only become post-Christian, it has become a "post-everything" culture. Specifically, pagan spirituality has begun to run rampant, leading to the idea that there are no distinct...

  • The New Sexual Movement Is Already Here - E.3 - The New Apologetics

    Christians, there is already a sexual movement that has swept society: pansexuality. If you aren't aware of this new danger and how to address it, you're already losing the battle. In this video, Emilio Ramos shows you what is happening with pansexuality, what it is, and what's at the root of the...

  • A Spiritually Dangerous, Post-Everything World - E.4 - The New Apologetics

    Contrary to popular belief, the world is not getting more secular, it's getting more spiritual. Reason, logic, and argument are going out of the window. Instead, the world is embracing a new spirituality that will reconstruct belief systems. Christians must understand that the suggestive material...

  • Careful Christian: Aesthetics are Not Neutral - E.5 - The New Apologetics

    In this episode of The New Apologetics, Emilio discusses how people are being conditioned by the aesthetics on the screen. We must be careful because aesthetics shape our emotions, our view of reality, the way we think and the way we live.

  • Will There be Eternal Life in the Cloud? - E.6 - The New Apologetics

    The world promises a paradise that can be programmed - a heaven we can realize through a digital evolution leading to an eternal life in the cloud. In this episode of The New Apologetics, we discuss technological singularity and the rise of trans-humanism.

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  • The 9 Marks of Narcissism - E.7 - The New Apologetics

    Narcissism is the ultimate desire to make everything about yourself. It is a raging self-deception that simply causes you to pursue a world that caters to your cravings. In this episode of The New Apologetics, Emilio Ramos covers the narcissistic worldview and it's hurtful impact on human desire ...

  • Christians: Don't Fall for Nihilism - E.8 - The New Apologetics

    Nihilism was the philosophy of Frederich Nietzsche. Today, few are “official” Nihilists, but the attitude of Nihilist invades every facet of our culture. In this episode of the New Apologetics, we look at two extreme examples of Nihilism that recently made headlines. Learn how nihilism works and ...

  • 5 Marks of Fatalism -E.9 -The New Apologetics

    Christians must be aware of false philosophies that the world embraces. In this episode of The New Apologetics, we discuss fatalism—the idea that life has no ultimate purpose and everything is determined by an impersonal force—and how the gospel refutes this unbiblical attitude in our culture.