The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)

The New Apostolic Reformation holds to the belief in the modern day offices of Apostle and Prophet.

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)
  • Was This Woman Raised From the Dead? - Justin Peters

    Friend of Bethel Church and Sid Roth, David Hogan, is lauded as a spiritual giant who has mastered the craft of raising the dead. Justin Peters scours the internet for proof of these miracle claims and instead he finds credible witnesses to David's pattern of lying and cult like manipulation. Hog...

  • A Critique of the Seven Mountain Mandate - Critical Issues Commentary

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    Bob DeWaay and Eric Douma discuss the book Invading Babylon by Lance Wallnau and Bill Johnson (published by Destiny Image Publishers). Johnson uses the parable of the leaven to support his dominion theology. Bob and Eric discuss the text in Matthew 13 and show that the path is narrow in every gen...

  • Charismatic Fakes: What's the Big Deal? - Sam Storms & Michael Brown

    Steve Kozar addresses Todd White's leg lengthening, and the responses of Sam Storms and Michael Brown to this evidence of fake miracles.

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  • Reckless Christianity - Holly Pivec

    Bethel Church in Redding, California, is one of the most popular and polarizing churches in America. Home to the award-winning Bethel Music label, its songs are among the most used in churches. Thousands of people visit the church each year, drawn by reports of miraculous healings, the manifestat...

  • Former Kathryn Krick Church Member Speaks Out! - Chris Rosebrough

    Pastor Chris continues to warn about the cult leader behavior of "Apostle" Kathryn Krick. This time, he shares the recent testimony of a young man who attended her gatherings for several years. He then takes the opportunity to look at Scripture's teaching on the topic of false teachers.


  • The Charismatic Hamster-Wheel of Chasing After Signs - Long for Truth

    Charismatic pastors, teachers, and leaders are constantly telling their people to seek after signs, visions, dreams, tongues, and prophecy. Some even go so far to say that if you're not doing this, you may not even be a Christian.

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  • Stop Believing Their Lies About the Gospel! - Long for Truth

    Daniel Long addresses a specific error about the Gospel being spread by highly influential Charismatics. They claim that you preach an incomplete Gospel if you aren't also performing signs and wonders. Not only is this an attack on the nature of the Gospel but these leaders simply cannot practice...

  • The Generational Curse Fallacy - Long for Truth

    Are you having trouble getting married? Do you struggle with chronic illness? Are your finances constantly dwindling? Perhaps it's because you have a generational curse. Join us as we debunk, from the Scriptures, the fallacy of generational curses.

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  • Kathryn Krick Receiving Worship - Chris Rosebrough

    The true Apostles never allowed other Christians under their care to worship them, but false apostle Kathryn Krick loves to receive praise from her followers. Pastor Chris contrasts this concerning behavior with examples given to us in the New Testament.
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  • The Rise and Fall of a Faith Healing Showman - Long for Truth

    A. A. Allen was known as "God's man of faith and power" in Pentecostal circles. But Allen was a scam artist and a showman. In this video, Daniel and Robin talk about his life and false teachings.

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  • Testing Kathryn Krick's Prophetic Message for the Church - Chris Rosebrough

    Kathryn Krick is an up and coming "apostle" in the NAR movement and she wants the entire body of Christ to know it. She recently delivered a "word of the LORD" claiming that we'd all better acknowledge her and her friends as the representatives of God. If older pastors don't pass the baton to you...

  • The Apostles and New Testament Authority - Don Green

    The Apostles hold a very special place in the Christian Faith as the directly appointed representatives of Jesus Christ who witnessed His ministry. Their role in the establishing of the Church is crucial to understand with so many claiming to be apostles today and others pointing to their suppose...

  • The Finality of the Apostles - Don Green

    The ministry of Christ's Apostles is unrepeatable. No modern day "apostle" can meet the qualifications those men met. Their authority was directly from Christ and the Holy Spirit led them in a unique way for the writing of Scripture and the formation of the doctrines of the Faith.

  • Alexander Pagani Fraudulent Generational Curses Teaching - Chris Rosebrough

    Alexander Pagani is a self proclaimed apostle who teaches that Christians are suffering from generational curses. Not surprisingly, he’s written a book containing the secret to breaking these curses in your life. Pastor Chris demolishes this false doctrine by untwisting the Scriptures and preachi...

  • "Christian Psychics" Shawn Bolz and Chris Reed - Long for Truth

    Shawn Bolz and Chris Reed are well known in some Charismatic circles as anointed prophets who get words of knowledge from God. But the messages they receive from Heaven are conveniently available on social media. Steve Kozar shows how these counterfeit prophets are scamming Christians around the ...

  • Who Are the Real Modern Day Pharisees? - Long for Truth

    Leaders in the New Apostolic Reformation and Word of Faith movements love to silence their critics by labeling them as hateful Pharisees. But when you take a closer look at the false teachings of the Pharisees, you'll find that they share more in common with the modern apostles and prophets of NA...

  • Beyond the Scriptures: Chasing After God's Voice -Daniel Long & Chris Rosebrough

    Pastor Chris joins Daniel Long to discuss the trend of Christians seeking new revelation to feel close to God. The scriptures were given to us that we might learn about God and come to love and trust Him. We go to the Bible to hear God speak to us.
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  • Cindy Jacobs Botches "For Such a Time as This" - Chris Rosebrough

    The story of Esther is about the faithfulness and providence of God, not about your personal destiny for greatness like Cindy Jacobs would have you believe.
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  • Should You Lead Worship Songs By Bethel Music? - E.12 - Breaking Bethel

    Should we lead worship from Bethel Music?

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  • Dangers of Bad Theology - E.11 - Breaking Bethel

    Matt of "Learn to Discern," sits down with Jesse to discuss the dangers of bad theology. They discuss prophecy, healing, the gospel, and leaving the faith entirely.

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  • Open Theism and the NAR - Chris Rosebrough

    Chris is joined by Dr. Bruce Ware and two of his students to discuss the a false doctrine of God called Open Theism and how the New Apostolic Reformation has developed its own version of Open Theism.
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  • Ken Copeland’s Bogus American Covenant - Chris Rosebrough

    Pastor Chris reminds us of the real covenant that impacts the Christian: the New Covenant of Jesus Christ. Kenneth Copeland and other Charismatic leaders claim that America is a Christian nation in a special covenant with God. But God never entered such a covenant and Christianity is not tethered...

  • John Lindell and the Pseudo Supernatural Life - Chris Rosebrough

    Hyper-Charismatic Churches strongly emphasize the need for all Christians to be living a life of miracles that looks like the Book of Acts. Chris Rosebrough exposes the Bible twisting that is used to burden Christians with such impossible demands. The Book of Acts is a descriptive narrative of wh...

  • Leaving the New Apostolic Reformation & Finding the Gospel - Steve Kozar

    Steve interviews an Ex-NAR Christian to find out what God did to pull him out of the cult like New Apostolic Reformation. This episode will be very encouraging to those who are seeking to rebuild on a Biblical foundation after suffering spiritual abuse at the hands of Scripture twisters.