The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)

The New Apostolic Reformation holds to the belief in the modern day offices of Apostle and Prophet.

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)
  • David Edwards’ Legalistic Mysticism - Chris Rosebrough

    Some within the Charismatic Movement have been experimenting with mysticism in order to experience God. Only a select group of special leaders do “enough” to earn these experiences. David Edwards is one such leader who claims to burn with desire for these mystical phenomena. Pastor Chris Rosebro...

  • “Dangers of the Passion Translation” - Gervase Charmley

    There is a new Bible growing in popularity which is marketed as a legitimate translation but really isn’t. The Passion Translation by self appointed Apostle, Brian Simmons, is a horrible paraphrase masquerading as a novel translation. Claiming to have traveled to Heaven and to have received speci...

  • A Form of Godliness But Denying Its Power - AG Roundtable

    In 2 Timothy 3:5, Paul describes a people who have a "form of godliness but denying its power..." Bill Johnson uses this verse to label anyone who is discerning about the supernatural encounters or manifestations that are often experienced at Bethel Church, as having an "antichrist spirit." Chris...

  • Roundtable Discussion: Prophetic Standards Statement - Peters, Johnson, & Osman

    This is an extremely important and helpful breakdown of the Prophetic Standards Statement that was signed by many Charismatic and New Apostolic Reformation leaders in 2021. Justin Peters, Phil Johnson, and Jim Osman discuss the top theological concerns and what Scripture teaches about the real gi...

  • Interview with Phil Johnson RE Prophetic Standards Statement - Chris Rosebrough

    Dr. Michael Brown led a group of Charismatic leaders and New Apostolic Reformation prophets in developing a statement on their theology of the gift of prophecy. The statement ignores some extremely important issues and clear passages of Scripture. Chris Rosebrough and Phil Johnson discuss these p...

  • Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory? - Jim Osman

    1 season

    “Spiritual warfare!”

    What is it and how do we wage it? Many “experts” on spiritual warfare teach a methodology for battling demons, taking territory, and canceling curses that sounds like something you would expect to find a Harry Potter novel. Practices such as binding and rebuking Satan, canc...

  • Debunking Andrew Wommack on How to Become a Water Walker - Chris Rosebrough

    Pastor Rosebrough reviews a popular teaching of Andrew Wommack about becoming a water walker. Wommack says it’s not about literal walking on the water but living a life of miracles. According to him, God needs us to have faith so that he can release the miraculous, and he uses the account of Pete...

  • Justin Peters Interview with Steve Kozar

    Steve Kozar and Justin Peters talk about discernment ministry and other matters that will be an encouragement to those who used to be deceived by false teachers.

    Original video:

  • Conversation with Costi Hinn on “Defining Deception” - Chris Rosebrough

    Costi Hinn, nephew of Benny Hinn, grew up in the lavish world of prosperity preachers and worked alongside his uncle on several global crusade tours before God brought him to the knowledge of the truth. Chris Rosebrough interviews Costi about his journey out of the Word of Faith movement and abou...

  • 2020: The Mount Carmel Moment of the Charismatic Movement - Chris Rosebrough

    Pastor Rosebrough teaches on the events at Mount Carmel from 1 Kings 18, drawing parallels between the folly of the prophets of Baal and the false prophets of today. The events of 2020 have been used by God to expose the corruption and lies of self appointed prophets. Though God may tolerate thos...

  • Why Decreeing and Declaring is NOT Prayer - Chris Rosebrough

    What is Biblical prayer? With new prayer techniques becoming popular throughout the American Church, Pastor Rosebrough takes his audience back to the simple teachings of Scripture. 

  • The Holy Spirit Won't Contradict the Written Word - Chris Rosebrough

    You don't have to be a cessationist to know that the Holy Spirit won't contradict His written word.

  • Tongues is NOT for Every Believer - Chris Rosebrough

    You don't have to be a cessationist to know that the gift of tongues is NOT for every believer.

  • Giving a False Prophecy Makes You a False Prophet - Chris Rosebrough

    You don't have to be a cessationist to know that giving false prophecy makes you a false prophet.

  • Scripture Forbids Speaking Tongues Without an Interpreter - Chris Rosebrough

    Scripture Forbids Speaking Tongues Without an Interpreter

  • Supernatural Schools Commit the Sin of Simony - Chris Rosebrough

    You Don't Have to be a cecessionist to know that supernatural schools of ministry are committing the sin of Simony.

  • The Spirit of Truth - Chris Rosebrough

    The Holy Spirit of God does not contradict His Word. He does not empower the ministries of those who rebel against the clear commands of Scripture. This is important to understand when analyzing claims of power and inspiration by leaders of the Charismatic Movement.

    Original video:  https://yout...

  • Encounter Evangelism Exposé - Chris Rosebrough & Steven Kozar

    Chris Rosebrough and Steven Kozar discuss the fundamental issues with the “Encounter Gospel” that is being embraced and promoted in much of the Charismatic Movement. This has led to a new form of evangelism that seeks to give lost people an experience with God that is disconnected from the conten...

  • Body, Soul and Spirit? - Chris Rosebrough & Steven Kozar

    Chris Rosebrough is joined by Steve Kozar to answer a matter of much confusion in Evangelicalism. Are we as human beings composed of three parts that all relate to God differently or does the Bible teach something more simple than that? After looking at some examples of this complicated error, Ch...

  • Sovereignty in Suffering - AG Roundtable

    Alistair Begg, Don Green, and Emilio Ramos respond to common objections to the sovereignty of God over evil and suffering. Phil Johnson explains how we are to understand God's decrees.

  • New Life, New Challenges - Freedom: Episode 1 - Costi Hinn

    Costi Hinn introduces the Freedom series with three convictions to guide those who are recovering from Word of Faith or NAR teaching.

  • What is a True Pharisee? - Freedom: Episode 2 - Costi Hinn

    If you have been saved by God, you will share truth and expose error. But false teachers will attempt to silence you, labeling you a “Pharisee.” In this episode, Costi uses scripture to reveal the marks of a true Pharisee, and encourages those who are passionate about God’s truth to press onward.

  • Slain in the Spirit? - Freedom: Episode 4 - Costi Hinn

    Does the true Holy Spirit cause people to fall backwards at the wave of a hand? Does He electrocute people, causing convulsions, "holy laughter," or the lack of self-control? Costi Hinn examines the scriptures that are commonly used to defend the practice of being "slain in the Spirit," giving us...

  • In Memory of James Bynum - AG3: Spirit & Fire

    James Bynum, one of our interview subjects for "American Gospel: Spirit & Fire," went home to be with Christ in February 2021. This is a preview of some of his interview, describing his 2014 encounter with people outside of a Benny Hinn event.