The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)

The New Apostolic Reformation holds to the belief in the modern day offices of Apostle and Prophet.

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)
  • The Origin of "Fire Baptism" - Long for Truth

    Have you ever seen professing Christians lose control of their bodies and then attribute their bizarre behavior to the Holy Spirit? Many leaders in the Charismatic Movement call this the "Baptism of Fire". But when did this practice get introduced into the Church? Daniel Long tells the story of B...

  • The Dark Underbelly of the Inner Healing Movement - Long for Truth

    In this episode, Daniel and Robin discuss Agnes Sanford, founder of the Inner Healing movement. Her teachings, based on Jungian psychology and New Thought, have formed the foundation of most inner healing programs (like SOZO) found within many churches today.
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  • Lead by the Spirit - Critical Issues Commentary

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    Romans 8 offers profound, eternal comfort to Christians. In it Paul assures us that all true Christians shall ultimately be glorified and conformed to the image of Christ (Romans 8:29, 30) and that nothing in the entire created universe can separate them from God’s love (Romans 8:31-39). After th...

  • The Dangerous Teachings of Curry Blake - Long for Truth

    Curry Blake is the supposed fulfillment of a prophecy given by John G. Lake in 1931. He is also the General Overseer of John G. Lake Ministries. In this episode, Daniel gives reasons to mark and avoid the teachings of Blake.

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  • Fully Preach the Gospel? - Rick Becker - AG3 Clip

    Does Romans 15:18-20 teach that signs and wonders are necessary to fully preach the gospel? Is the gospel powerless without signs and wonders? What is the power of God for salvation? Rick Becker, from Famine in the Land helps explain the full context of this verse, along with what the rest of Scr...

  • Bethel Sozo: The Disturbing Reality - Long For Truth

    What goes on in a "Sozo session" and is it a Biblical practice? Daniel and Robin expose the history and practices of Sozo to show the harm it can do to your mind and your faith. This is not Christian sanctification.
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  • Apostles 101 - Chris Rosebrough

    These days, there are multitudes of people claiming to be apostles. We need to know what authority they are claiming for themselves and whether or not their claim is true. Pastor Chris lays a Biblical foundation for the qualifications of an Apostle of Christ as well as explaining a distinction co...

  • Deliverance Hits the Big Screen - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    In March 2023, a movie centering on deliverance ministry is set to release in 2,000 theaters across the United States. Featured in this film are some of the popular deliverance ministers in the hyper charismatic church.

    Join me as we discuss this film, the history of the modern deliverance minis...

  • Living Before the Face of God - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    In the hyper charismatic movement, there are countless claims of people seeing Jesus face to face. Whether it be here on earth in a private environment, or before the very throne of God, these experiences are both shared and sought. Is this to be normative in the life of a Christian, or is there ...

  • The Full Gospel, or Gospel Plus? - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    The gospel of Jesus Christ is the foundation upon which our faith rests as believers in Christ. There are some who teach that the gospel pertaining to salvation is a partial gospel if signs and wonders are not present. There are also some who teach that the apostate church consists of those who q...

  • How Women Detox from Ministerial Significance - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    The pressure to be relevant and significant can be overwhelming when part of such a movement as the hyper charismatic movement. Success can be viewed as having a public platform with a massive following or flowing in might and power. It is not exclusive to men or women.

    What happens though to wo...

  • Deliverance Is the Children's Bread - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    The passages from Matthew 15 and Mark 7 concerning the Canaanite woman are used as a prooftext in deliverance ministry to state that deliverance is the children's bread. Recently, a group of professing deliverance ministers declared the church was entering the era of deliverance, echoing the sent...

  • The Curse of Generational Curse Teaching - The Lovesick Scribe Podcast

    Ancestral spirits in the bloodline. Generational curses. Word curses. These types of beliefs and practices are perpetuated in areas of the Charismatic movement. Professing believers are instructed to seek deliverance for demons attached to bloodlines, said to be causing sin in one's life. Is this...

  • Exposing Counterfeit Apostles and Prophets - Daniel Long and Holly Pivec

    Holly Pivec has been researching the New Apostolic Reformation movement for at least 20 years. In this interview with Daniel Long, Holly describes the scope and impact of the NAR and why it should matter to you.
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  • The Lovesick Scribe Podcast - Dawn Hill

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    What began as an outlet for blogging and sharing insights as a follower of Jesus Christ has expanded to a podcast. Join Dawn Hill, a former "prophet" in the New Apostolic Reformation/hyper charismatic movement, as she discusses the Bible in relation to these topics. Be encouraged to grow in lovin...

  • How Bethel Teaching is Ruining People’s Faith - Steve Kozar and Jesse Westwood

    Steve Kozar interviews Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Alumnus, Jesse Westwood. Jesse spent years as a committed follower of the teachings of Bethel Redding. In this video, he describes what it was like to live under the demands of the teachings and the difficult journey of rebuilding his ...

  • The Biblical Tests of Prophets and Prophecy - Chris Rosebrough

    It’s a very serious thing to claim to speak on behalf of God. The Old and New Testament Scriptures are not soft on those who put false words in God’s mouth and misrepresent Him. The Bible gives us clear standards and tests for us to apply to those claiming to be prophetic in the modern Church. In...

  • Breaking Bethel - Jesse Westwood

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    Jesse Westwood "breaks down" the years he spent at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and additional time he spent in Bethel affiliated churches. Brought up in the Charismatic movement, Jesse thought everything Bethel had to offer was normal Christianity. Years later, he reached the bottom of...

  • The New Apostolic Reformation: A Counterfeit Kingdom - Steve Kozar, Holly Pivec

    Holly Pivec and Doug Geivett have written a new book examining the practices of the New Apostolic Reformation movement and how Christianity is affected. Holly joins Steve Kozar to discuss her career in research and the damage the NAR has done to the faith of Christians across the globe.


  • Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth - Long for Truth

    Many Charismatic teachers define the Greek word rhema as a mystical and personal word from God while describing the word logos as only the written word of God. In this video, we discuss what the Bible says about each word.

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  • Counterfeit Kingdom - Chris Rosebrough

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  • Is There Gnosticism in Your Church? - Long for Truth

    "Gnosticism attracts the seeker of unbounded, unhoused, God-outside-the-box spirituality." This episode shows how many teachings in the modern church smell of Gnosticism.

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  • "How Do We Hear From God?" Conference - Bob DeWaay

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    How does God speak to us today—is it guaranteed? Is it through personal revelation or through techniques developed by some in order to contact Him? Is it through a postmodern community in dialogue? Is it through latter-day apostles and prophets? We propose that each of these methods is uncertain ...

  • Manifesting a False Holy Spirit - Chris Rosebrough

    Pastor Chris examines a common Charismatic manifestation to teach what is and what is not genuine fruit of the Holy Spirit. God's Spirit does not cause the Christian to lose control and thrash around. On the contrary, such a manifestation is attributed to demonic activity in the New Testament. Th...