The Prosperity Gospel / Word of Faith Movement

The Prosperity Gospel / Word of Faith Movement

The Prosperity Gospel / Word of Faith Movement
  • Why Decreeing and Declaring Can Destroy Your Faith - Long for Truth

    Have you ever been told that you should be decreeing and declaring the things you want to happen in your life? This is not how the Bible teaches us to pray, but multitudes of professing Christians around the world are engaging in this practice. Daniel and Robin outline the dangers of embracing th...

  • Oral Roberts: A Legacy of Contaminated Theology - Long for Truth

    n this episode of Long for Truth, Daniel and Robin give an overview of the life and teachings of Oral Roberts, a pioneer of the prosperity Gospel and Word of Faith movements. Understanding Oral Roberts will aid in understanding much of what we see today in Pentecostal and Charismatic churches.


  • Exposing the Seed Faith Scam - Long for Truth

    Is it God's will that we give so that we can get? Is the principle of sowing and reaping about financial prosperity? Daniel and Robin take apart the unbiblical doctrine of "Seed Faith" to show that it's all a scam designed to profit false prophets. God doesn't bless us because of how much we give...

  • My Direct Personal Plea to Kenneth Copeland - Justin Peters

    Justin Peters gathers together into one video all the major false teachings propagated by Kenneth Copeland over the years. He also calls Copeland to repent and believe in Christ for the forgiveness of his sins.

  • Is Joel Osteen a False Teacher or Just Not Recommended? - Justin Peters

    Many false teachers have orthodox doctrinal statements on their websites that they do not teach from the podium. Justin Peters examines the teachings of Joel Osteen to determine which category he belongs to: False teacher or Christian in error.

  • The Word of Faith Movement: What Every Christian Should Know - Long for Truth

    Do we have the same creative abilities as God? Is faith like a force to be manipulated? What is faith? Justin Peters joins Daniel Long to discuss the doctrines and fruits of the Word of Faith movement that has spread from America to the nations on a massive scale.

  • Do I Have to Give 10%? - Freedom: Episode 3 - Costi Hinn

    Is tithing for the New Testament Christian? Costi Hinn explains the context of tithing from the Old Testament, how this is abused by false teachers today, and how New Testament Christians are called to give.

  • Kenneth Hagin's Destructive Legacy: "The Believer's Authority" - Long for Truth

    "The Believer's Authority" is a destructive doctrine taught within the Word of Faith Movement. In this video, Daniel and Robin show why this doctrine is unbiblical.

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  • Sovereignty in Suffering - AG Roundtable

    Alistair Begg, Don Green, and Emilio Ramos respond to common objections to the sovereignty of God over evil and suffering. Phil Johnson explains how we are to understand God's decrees.

  • Kenneth Hagin Exposed (Part 2) - Digging Deeper: Andreas Wiget

    In this video, I demonstrate that Kenneth Hagin's visions are made-up. The Jesus that visited Kenneth Hagin was not the Jesus of the Bible.

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  • Blessing of Abraham - Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget

    What is the blessing of Abraham mentioned in Galatians 3:14? Many prosperity preachers such as Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin believe this blessing promises wealth to the Christian. But what is the actual content of this blessing? Find out more in this video.

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  • Health and Prosperity: The Context of 3 John 2 - AG Roundtable

    3 John 2 is a verse that launched Oral Roberts’ prosperity gospel ministry, and today is commonly taken out of context to support the teaching that it is always God's will that we are healthy and prosperous.

  • Copeland's "Little Gods" Doctrine Refuted - Digging Deeper: Andreas Wiget

    This is what Kenneth Copeland writes in his book "The Blessing of the Lord," "When God created man, He actually copied Himself. ... In my spirit, I saw God standing up, holding Adam’s body in front of Him. The first thing I noticed was they were the same size. Adam’s form was just like God’s exce...

  • A Refutation of Copeland's Creation Beliefs - Digging Deeper: Andreas Wiget

    This is what Kenneth Copeland writes in his book "The Blessing of the Lord," "When God said, “Light be!” He did more than ignite the “big bang” that would set the universe in motion. He released the very essence of Himself into this material creation because He wanted the family He was about to c...

  • Word of Faith and Longevity Refuted - Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget

    Word of Faith founder Kenneth Hagin believed he will live up to 120 years of age. His successor Kenneth Copeland believes the same way. This assumption is based on a misunderstanding of Genesis 6:3, where the Lord says, "My Spirit will not remain with man forever, because he is also flesh; nevert...

  • Response to Saunders - Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget

    A response to Rod Saunders from Jew and Greek on Kenneth Hagin's post mortem repentance.

  • Hagin Exposed (Part 1) - Digging Deeper - Andreas Wiget

    Exposing Kenneth Hagin's false visit to hell and false glory cloud.
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  • Hillsong Post-Mortem: What Went Wrong? - Chris Rosebrough

    A recent documentary series has been shining a light on the deep rooted issues of the Hillsong megachurch empire. Evangelicals are beginning to distance themselves from Hillsong, but it shouldn't have taken this long. The theological problems that gave rise to the movement are still entrenched wi...

  • Flee From Furtick - Justin Peters

    Steven Furtick is extremely popular among professing believers in Amercia and around the world. His theology has become increasingly Word of Faith and heretical over the years. Justin Peters summarizes the key issues and calls the people of God to flee Furtick and Elevation Church.
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  • The Ugly Truth About the Prosperity Gospel - Anchored North

    In high school, Costi Hinn began to doubt everything he knew about faith, healings, and Benny Hinn Ministries. Though he enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, it wasn’t enough to keep him from asking questions that caused rifts in the family.

    Why won't our family heal those in our lives who are sick? Why...

  • Todd White’s Heart Condition Proves He’s A Deceiver - Chris Rosebrough

    God is once again granting Todd White an opportunity for repentance by allowing him to be afflicted with a severe heart condition. Todd recently informed his followers of the news, yet he sadly doesn’t see how this exposes his false teachings. Todd teaches that it’s always God’s will to heal and ...

  • Word of Faith - Chapter 2: Christ Alone

    The Word of Faith movement (the prosperity gospel) appeals to man's natural sinful desires by promising health, wealth, and happiness to those who come to Christ. This message of "Jesus +" is attractive, but it leaves a person unprepared for the suffering that the true gospel promises.

  • David Crank's Denial of Reality - Chris Rosebrough

    Word of Faith preacher, David Crank, teaches his audience to deny reality. The teaching goes like this: If you are old and declining, don't admit it, but make a positive confession that you are young and healthy and attractive. This is obviously absent from the pages of Scripture but that doesn't...

  • Prosperity Heresy - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    The prosperity gospel is one of the greatest threats to the true gospel in the world today. In this episode, we describe the underlying heresies associated with the prosperity gospel, also known as the word of faith movement. We unpack some of the dangers of the prosperity movement, spend some ti...