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We Preach Not Ourselves - The White Horse Inn - #920

The White Horse Inn - Radio Program • 47m

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    In the last episode (Creed or Chaos - #915) the hosts defined the boundaries of the Christian faith, but this week they will spend some time examining the substance of true faith and practice, specifically taking a look at the marks of a true church. How is one to tell a true church from a false ...

  • Creed or Chaos? - The White Horse Inn...

    What is orthodoxy, and what beliefs are "beyond the pale?" Is there really such a thing as heresy? On this edition of the White Horse Inn the hosts take a look at the boundaries of orthodoxy, and the crucial role that creeds play in forming our understanding of the Christian faith.

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    Dr. Michael Horton answers, "How can we read and interpret the Bible correctly?"

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