Wield the Sword - Pastoral Courage in Perilous Times

Wield the Sword - Pastoral Courage in Perilous Times

4 Episodes

We have confessed the Bible as inerrant. We have held the Bible to be sufficient. We have spoken of the authority of Scripture. But we have not wielded that Word right here in the world God made.

The inerrant Word sits encased in glass on the mantel, well-lit and plenty sharp. But it is time for pastors to lay hold of that sword and employ it in the battle as God commands. Doing so is costly. Doing so hurts. Doing so is dangerous. And courage is required.

The sons of Isachar lived in tumultuous times. They knew two things. They
understood the times and they knew what Israel ought to do (1 Chronicles 12:32). We’re convinced that a coming generation of pastors and Christians need to know the times, and they need to know how to “do the word.” In a phrase, they need to wield the sword.

Founders Ministries is now producing a series called Wield The Sword: Pastoral Courage In Perilous Times. It is a call to arms. By God’s grace we hope to encourage and equip pastors and Christians to take up the sword of the Spirit and wield it with courage.

Wield the Sword - Pastoral Courage in Perilous Times
  • The Church - S2:E1 - Wield The Sword - Tom Ascol

    Episode 1

    The responsibility of the Church is to honor Christ as its head and to go out and make disciples. It is not a democracy, it is a Christocracy. Everything a Church is to be and everything a Church is to do, needs to be grounded in the Scriptures. In this episode of Wield The Sword, Dr. Tom Ascol a...

  • Race Relations & Justice - S2:E2 - Wield The Sword - Harrison & Walker

    Episode 2

    What does Scripture say about Race Relations and Justice? Too often we approach this subject from a polemical standpoint. But we must approach it from Scripture. God created diversity for His glory. In this episode of Wield The Sword, Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker discuss God's glorious desi...

  • Culture - Voddie Baucham - S2:E3 - Wield the Sword

    The Bible doesn't just speak about culture, it starts with culture. Genesis 2 gives us the cultural mandate. We cannot separate the culture from the Bible. It is not neutral in God's world. In this episode of Wield The Sword, Voddie Baucham talks about the Biblical foundation and mandate for cult...

  • Missions - Chad Vegas - S2:E4 - Wield the Sword

    Missiology has been given over to sociologists and cultural anthropologists and it's no longer something the average pastor thinks he can understand. It's as if all of our theology falls apart when we go international. We are no longer qualified to go teach the Gospel to the unreached people grou...