• Spirit & Truth: A Film about Worship

    When we think about worshipping God, we ask all the wrong questions. What do I like? Or what would non-Christians like? Or what does my Church like? Spirit & Truth seeks to answer the central question that we're so often missing: How does God want to be worshipped?

  • Spirit-Led Worship in a Self-Centered Age - Costi Hinn (G3 2020)

    Dangerous false gospels are creeping into Christian congregations through the Trojan horse of popular worship music. Costi Hinn calls pastors and laymen to pay close attention to the songs we sing and the theology behind them. Not only this, but Biblically faithful Christians should be leading th...

  • Is Professional Music Ministry Biblical? - Defend and Confirm Podcast

    Why do we sing as Christians? Does God care if we sing? Better yet, does He care how we sing? In this episode, we critique how some evangelical churches approach their music-making ministry, and offer some practical advice for how those Christians can more faithfully serve the Lord with the instr...

  • When I Survey the Wondrous Cross - Alisa Childers (LIVE)

    Alisa Childers' live performance of "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" featured in "American Gospel: Christ Crucified." Music by Jared Kraft.

  • The Puritan View of Worship - Joel Beeke (G3 2020)

    The Puritans were marked by the desire to have God’s Word change every area of their hearts and lives. They took sin and salvation seriously. Puritans sought to conform to Scripture in their corporate worship, family worship, and private worship. Joel Beeke beautifully describes this holy passion...

  • All Heaven Breaks Loose - Steven Lawson (G3 2020)

    Steve Lawson here expounds John’s vision of the worship taking place in Heaven. The triune God is worshiped now and forever for His unchanging character and His works of creation and redemption. He is the Sovereign Ruler of all things and He will be praised and loved forever by the people He rede...