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Wretched TV

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Wretched TV is hosted by Todd Friel. On the show you will see and hear live witnessing encounters and discussions of tough theological issues and various topics in the Christian community. Select episodes from the more than 2,000 episodes of Wretched TV.

Why is “Wretched” so fitting for us?
• Some would argue that the program itself is downright wretched.
• The host is fully aware of his wretchedness.
• Wretched is at the very core of the Gospel: that God would save wretches like us.
Some days are more wretched than others, but our desire is to proclaim Amazing Grace as often as possible.

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Wretched TV
  • Social Justice vs. Biblical Justice - Wretched TV

    Episode 1

    In today's episode, Todd, with the help of Voddie Baucham, seeks to explain the differences between social justice and Biblical justice so we can understand what true justice really is.

  • You And Your Reeking Pride - Wretched TV

    Episode 2

    Pride is the foundation of all sin and we all struggle with it. In today's episode, Todd outlines many ways in which pride rears its ugly head and, with the help of John MacArthur, shows us from the Word of God how to combat our pride.

  • Stop Being a Coward - Wretched TV

    Episode 3

    In today's episode of Witness Wednesday, Todd continues to dive into "Terrified 2" to show us how to effectively share the Gospel with others. You can get your copy of Terrified 2 at https://store.wretched.org/product/terrified-2/terrified-2

  • Stop Being a Wee Little Baby - Wretched TV

    Episode 4

    GROW UP! In today's episode, Todd, with the help of Alistair Begg, urges us to commit to a local church which is essential for spiritual growth and calls on pastors to take their position seriously in regard to the edification of the saints.

  • Stop it! - Wretched TV

    Episode 5

    Todd digs into the mailbag to answer your questions (sent to [email protected]), such as: How do we balance our emotions about sin and salvation in a healthy way? Do blessings and curses apply today? And is it wrong to sing a theologically sound song written by a dead Mormon?

  • Do You Yelp or Help Your Church? - Wretched TV

    Episode 6

    Are you quick to be a critic of your local church? In today's episode, Todd urges us to be contributors, not critics, of our local church and recognize the importance the church body plays in our spiritual edification.

  • It's Time For The Church To Slam The Door - Wretched TV

    Episode 7

    Is Critical Race Theory compatible with the church? The Bible says "NO!" Sadly, this divisive ideology is infiltrating the church and causing quite a bit of division. In today's episode, Todd, with the help of Neil Shenvi, seeks to show from a Biblical perspective how Critical Race Theory and Ch...

  • The "R" Word, "Repentance" - Wretched TV

    Episode 8

    In today's Witness Wednesday episode, Todd continues to dive into Wretched's resource "Terrified 2" to show us how repentance and faith are the end goal of every witness encounter.

  • How to Finally Have Assurance That You're Saved - Wretched TV

    Episode 9

    In today's episode Todd shows us how to know for sure if we are saved by taking attention off of ourselves and remembering what Jesus said in His Word about being secure in our salvation.

  • Confronting Contradictions in the Bible - Wretched TV

    Episode 10

    Today's episode is all about how to deal with apparent contradictions in the Bible as Todd digs into the mailbag to answer your questions sent to [email protected]